Wednesday, January 05, 2022

High Ranking Kent Police Official Asked By Mayor To Resign Over Nazi Symbol

Dana Ralph, the mayor of Kent, a nearby Seattle suburb, has announced that she has asked for the resignation of assistant chief of police Derek Kammerzell after he posted what is reported to be a Nazi Symbol over his name on his office door (pictured above).  At the time it happened, police chief Rafael Padilla suspended Kammerzell for two weeks without pay.  In addition, it was reported that Kammerzell had made jokes about the Holocaust, was reported to even grow a Hitler mustache.  

The fact that someone with those beliefs would be allowed to serve on a police force let alone, be an assistant chief has rightfully angered many advocacy groups as well as most of the community. 

Last year, it was discovered that a Walla Walla policeman had a tattoo that resembled an SS symbol. In that incident, the officer said it was the insignia of a sniper squad that he had been a part of in the service and the tattoo was to honor a fallen colleague.

At a time when we depend so much on our police force for our safety and there have been so many infractions that have come to light, we better accountability from men in blue.  

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the symbol on the door was just marijuana leafs and the mustache was imitating Charlie Chaplin, and the Nazi jokes were just to illustrate how Nazi jokes are not funny. And maybe he is Norman Mailer's grandson and maybe his name is really Froderick Frankenstein and he had a bit part in Blazing Saddles. Or maybe he is a Nazi. Let's ask him.