Thursday, March 29, 2007

"Last Call" For Bill The Beerman

Seattle lost one of it's "characters" this week with the passing of Bill "The Beerman" Scott. Bill The Beerman did more than sell beer, he sold professional sports in the Northwest (He also briefly worked for the Trail Blazers in Portland), he was a charismatic engaging hulk of a man who lead cheers and who help build what is known as the Seahawk's "12th Man". When I lived in Eastern Washington, Bill and Rick "the Peanutman" were seen in a Rainier Beer commercial trying to pop the top off a "wild Rainier Beer" bottle.
Danny O'Neil said in the Seattle Times that anyone could start the wave, but Bill "would choreograph tsunamis". That was not far from the truth. Back the early days of major sports in Seattle, Bill was much more entertaining than the teams.

Tony Bennett To Stay In Pullman

It appears that Tony Bennett will be returning as Cougar Men's Basketball coach as ESPN reports the rookie head coach has inked a 7 year deal with the Pullman School. Bennett has just finished his first year after succeeding his father, Dick, leading the Cougs to their first NCAA Post SeasonTournament appearance in over 10 years.

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Apprentice: Yes, It Is Personal

Team Arrow has now won several tasks but somehow does not seem to think it commands the respect that it deserves. Arrow is gathered in the kitchen when Trump calls, James answers the phone and is told that the Kinetic team is "decimated" and by golly that is his favorite team (he didn't say that part, really). James was charged to pick a member to go to the opposite team. It is no secret that he would not mind breaking up the Nicole-Tim thing has it seems to have become somewhat of a drag on the rest of the team members. James sends Nicole over to Kinetic, and she does not go gracefully. She is not only angry at James, she does not think her team fought enough for her, especially Tim.
On Kinetic, it is up to Angela to step up to be PM. Her work has come into question many times but she has always been saved because Trump loves champions and she has a Gold Medal in Olympic Hockey. Nicole joins the team with fire in her eyes. You would almost expect Nicole to be PM.
The two teams meet at Grauman's Chinese Theatre (LA's number one tourist trap). Trump wonders why his name is not on the Walk Of Fame, and while we are at it, where's the "Donald Trump Dr." in Palm Springs? Forget it, what he really wants is the naming rights to the "White House". Basically the project is to use something called Adwalker to sell annual passes to Universal Studios at the site. This will be the first time the two teams have gone head to head on the same "turf".
Nicole pitches her new team on a roller skate gimmick, it allows them to be flirty and sexy. Only trouble is it doesn't quite fit their Conservative sorority make up and flops badly. Arrow brings a kiosk set up plenty of signage and an aggressive attitude and wins the task.
The reward this week is the very tired and much cliched helicopter trip over the city. Tim is working like crazy to patch things up with Nicole but to no avail. Frank is angry that Tim is talking to the other team and everything just isn't that simple anymore.
Kinetic is once again in the boardroom and Donald is distressed. Can Angela dodge another bullet? Trump looks for anyway he can avoid firing her (he really could have canned Nicole), but it is obvious that it is time for Angela to leave. Nicole opens her big mouth, and says she wants Tim to be on Kinetic, it was stupid for her to do that, but Trump just tells her to go away.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Waitsburg Welding Works On Abarer

My Dad has just wrapped up a series on my Grandfather Barer and Uncle Dave's purchase of Waitsburg Welding Works, a 20 some year venture that culminated in selling it to the foreman in the mid 1960s or so. The story was excellently written and brought back lots of memories. The picture above is Main Street of Waitsburg, WA, about 20 minutes east of Walla Walla.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Darcy Burner Is In 8th District Congressional Race

Democrat Darcy Burner came within percentage points of beating sitting Washington 8th District Congressman Dave Reichert last fall. Now she has announced she is ready for a rematch with Dave in 2008. Burner (pictured with son Henry) attended a meeting last night of the 5th district (5th State Legislative district) Democrats with gifts for elected PCOs and a power point presentation on her strategy for winning the seat. The 8th district which comprises most of the East Side of King County has been represented by Republicans since it's inception.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sada Jacobson--My Cousin The Fencer

Through the magic of youtube, I am able to bring video of Cousin Sada Jacobson. Sada and her sister Emily, represented the US in the Sabre Competition, where Sada won the Bronze, the first woman at the time to win a medal in the competition. The Gold Medal was later won by another American. In 2003, Sada was named US Fencer Of The Year.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Apprentice: No Soap For Kenetic

This week's task has the teams `writing a 45 minute Webisode, that is a soap opera to promote a soap. In this case Soft Scrub Obviously something everyone should excel at since this is a reality show and criteria of being on this show is to be able to appear well on camera.
James steps up to be project manager for Kinetic and one week after nearly getting fired, he seems to have emerged as a favorite to win. Especially since there is talk of Trump purchasing Real Estate in his home town of Seattle. The premise to Arrows skit is a bachelor who races to clean his pad so he can propose to his girlfriend.
Kinetic, lead by Kristine has Muna in a Desperate Housewives type skit of infidelity. It is well written but Muna's acting is clouded by her accent (she is a native of Jamaica).
Arrow wins and there reward is to fly by private jet to meet California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. James wants to compare experiences, because Arnold is an immigrant success story.
It seems for a couple of weeks now that Kinetic was tiring of Muna, no need to worry, she was fired.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Clock Strikes Midnight For WSU Cougars

The WSU Cougars' dream basketball season has ended this afternoon with a double overtime loss to Vanderbilt in the second round of the Eastern Regionals 78-74. Derrick Byers lead Vanderbilt with 27 points, Derrick Low scored 21 points to lead the Cougs. Congratulations WSU for a great season!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cougs Beat Oral Roberts

The Washington State Cougars have taken round one of the NCAA Tournament 70-54. Ivory Clark scored 19 points to lead the Cougs.
Vanderbilt will be the Cougar's next opponent in round 2.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Our Little Mountain

The vistas of Mount Rainier from our subdivision in Maple Valley are astounding. Although it is usually only visible on a clear day, sometimes The Mountain is silhouetted within a thin layer of clouds. The picture above was taken from Google Images because our camera would not do it justice.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cougars Are In The Big Dance

The Washington State Cougars are in the NCAA tournament for the 5th time in it's their history. They will play Oral Roberts this Thursday.
The Cougs will fill the 3rd seed in the Eastern Regional, their games will be at 11:30am, in Sacramento. Don't be surprised if I turn up sick on that day.
On a related note, the Washington Huskies, who finished hot beating UCLA, were overlooked in by the NIT, the consolation tournament. That is probably the best thing that can happen to the programs at the stage it is at because they will start next season angry and out to prove themselves.

The Apprentice: Bye Bye Surya

Suryea never was a good fit for Arrow. Perhaps that is why they started winning when he came on board. His presence unified the team. The teams had to come up with a halftime promotion at an LA Galaxy Soccer game for GNC, a company who's vitamins and supplements are commonly sold at health food stores and gyms. We never find out who the Galaxy is playing and most of the viewers probably don't care.
Neither presentation was truly inspirational, but Surya thinks that his team's was just great. Wrong again. Everyone knows that Surya will be fired. He is. Surya, I have one piece of advise, if you want to feel part of the team, don't talk to the opposing team that you just switch from.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Pac 10 Basketball Tournament: Trojans Dump Cougs

Cougs fans barely had enough time to celebrate their 74-64 victory over the Washington Huskies last night when they had to get back on the floor again tonight. Sadly the USC Trojans ended the Cougars quest to win the Pac-10 tournament with a 70-61 victory. Greg Pruit of the Trojans lead all in scoring 26 points. The Trojans go on to face the Oregon Ducks in the Conference finals. The Cougars will move on to the NCAA Tournament.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tony Ventrella--Now A Candidate

Sources tell me that Tony Ventrella is now a declared Democratic candidate for Washington's 8th US Congressional district. Ventrella becomes the second media figure to seek the position. KIRO talk show host Dave Ross sought the then vacant seat in 2004, losing to Sheriff Dave Reichert. Darcy Burner, who lost to Reichert last year is also seeking support for a 2008 run.

Trump Eyes Seattle Properties

Look out Seattle, the king of build now, ask questions later, Donald Trump is looking toward building high rise condo's in the area. In a story in this week's Puget Sound Business Journal, Trump's Real Estate company is attracted by the "lucrative market" here. The thought of Trump building in Seattle has got to send shivers to the City Council, already weary from dealing with Oklahoma City based Seattle Super Sonic owner Clay Bennett.
The Seattle Times ran a story this morning, where they spoke to Trump's daughter Ivanka.

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Apprentice: Wheels Fall Off Kinetic Machine

It is ironic that this week's product of choice was the Lexus LS 460 Luxury Sedan, because the two teams, much like the show at this point seem to be chugging along like an old International pick up truck (remember them?).
Nothing new with the Arrow team (pictured above), Nicole and Tim are hot, heavy, hopefully careful. Suryea is off in another world with charts, writing, and jargon, totally clueless on why he is not reaching his team. Frank on the other hand is still Frank, in more ways than one, probably Arrow's most likable member.
On Kinetic, Derek is happy to throw stones at departed Aimee, he is getting a little too cocky and you know he is going to blow it somehow.
The teams meet in Beverly Hills on the Legendary Rodeo Dr., where if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it. Trump pulls up in the most obnoxious Black Limousine with executives from Lexus. Also Randall is going to monitor the task, Randall was the winner from season 3, who alienating his fans by not hiring his runner up, but that is neither here nor there. The teams must each put on an event to promote the new Lexus LS 460 Both teams will have $50 thousand to spend on the task.
I don't know what Kinetic was smoking but their choice of event was more like a carnival, with go-carts, a very scary illusionist, and a dreadfully unprepared hostess in Jenn.
Arrow, behind what looked like the brains of Stefani and James, had a food spread that you would expect at a luxury event. Their event ran very well and were able to win the task, being rewarded by an evening in the studio with Rapper Snoop Doggy Dog.
In the boardroom, Derek self implodes, with his off the cuff reference of himself as "White Trash", Trump gives him the boot right away, if you have been watching, you would remember that Trump is not a fan of modern slang, especially an expression that is both degrading and racist. In addition, Derek is always in a hurry to point a finger, but never takes responsibility himself. Trump is not through, he can either fire Angela, who is in charge of promotion or Jenn who was in charge of the team. He fires Jenn, who unlike the other candidates, leaves with dignity by wishing her old team luck.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Area Native Brandi Carlile's Star Is Rising

Her music has been used in top rated TV show Grey's Anatomy , she has a brand new CD to be released next month, and a concert appearance in downtown Seattle on March 30th sold out so quickly, another show was added, which promptly also sold out. There is no doubt that Maple Valley native Brandi Carlile is a fast rising star in the music world. I did a short story on her a couple of months back.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cougars Beat Trojans In Thriller

Rebounding from a heartbreaking loss, the WSU Cougars kept their dream season intact by squeaking by the USC Trojans 88-86. A controversial foul call at the end of the first overtime allowed the "Men Of Troy" to catch up, and possibly defeat the Cougs, but a missed free throw sent the game into a second overtime.
The Washington Huskies saved their season by beating UCLA today, the Coug's win prevented an LA sweep in Pullman. Had the Cougars defeated the Bruins last Thursday, they would have shared the Pac-10 title.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sports Radio Listener Exposes Charlotte Mayor

It was a little over a year ago and Seattle was on what would be a journey to the Super Bowl. Wisecracking KJR morning man Mitch Levy was able to get an interview with Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory before a matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and the Carolina Panthers. Levy decided to have a little fun. He asked the Mayor if he wanted to make a friendly wager, if the Seahawks were to win, McCrory would buy Levy 2 tickets to the Duke-North Carolina game. If the Seahawks would have lost, McCrory said that Levy had to pony up 4 first class tickets to fly his family to Seattle as one of McCrory's relatives lives in the area. As you remember, the Seahawks did win. Levy (who has gotten into big trouble over bets before) decided to collect. What then ensued was a cat and mouse game where McCrory was harder to catch than the 2005 version of Saun Alexander. Mitch and his morning show staff made telephone calls, talked to his staff on the air, left unreturned voice mails for months. Finally a Seattle listener trapped the Mayor by pretending to work on the staff of someone he was going to lunch with. McCrory would up with egg on his face, but still would not face the music.

Dang! Bruins Beat Cougs

There have got to be worst things than losing to the nation's number 2 College Basketball team by seven points but right now it's hard to think of what would be.
The Cougs started out ice cold in the second half and spotted the UCLA Bruin a 10 point lead. The Cougs roared back and closed the gap by four, but UCLA would not fold and wound up with a 52-45 win on our home court.

One Last Snow Blast

I will be late today for work as another snowfall has hit the area. Normally, the Greater Puget Sound area gets a light snow fall once in a while in the winter. But this year is absolutely insane.
The Maple Valley Highway was a "parking lot" earlier and I figured it was time to curtail my commute for later in the morning as the temperatures are expected to warm.