Friday, June 29, 2012

Democratic Hopefuls for 1st CD Debate

Five Democratic Candidates for the open seat in the newly formed 1st Congressional District met at the Old Redmond Schoolhouse Wednesday night to debate policy and show why they alone should carry the Democratic Banner.  The debate was the idea of Scott Williams and was sponsored by the 5th, 45th, and 48th Democrats.  Enrique Cerna was the host and Jim Brunner of the Seattle Times and Jerry Cornfield of the Everett Herald were on the panel.  Questions were taken from the audience as well as the two journalists.  While their views on policy were similar, there was plenty of difference in style.  My analysis:

1.  Laura Ruderman  A natural politician, she seems almost destined to serve in congress some day,  She is excellent on articulating the issues.  Served in the Washington State Legislature, so she would seem to have a leg up on making policy.  She is known as a tireless doorbeller.  Her early roots are on the East Coast and many people find her somewhat abrupt.  Healthcare seems to be her favorite issue.

2.  Steve Hobbs  A pleasant surprise, he also has legislative experience, currently serving in the State Senate.  He says that he is a lifelong resident of Snohomish County.  Considered rather Conservative, Hobbs says that he has endorsements from many different sides.  Hobbs was also very comfortable discussing issues.  He received a smattering of boos for saying that he supports charter schools, a stand that may be his undoing.  Hobbs says that Democrats need to have a moderate like him to keep the seat Blue.

3. Suzan Del Bene  A former Microsoft executive and a founder of other high tech companies, she did public service as director of the state Department Of Revenue.  She ran against Dave Reichert in 2010 for the 8th Congressional District, but it was a bad year to run as a Democrat, espessially against an entrenched Republican incumbant.  She is warm and apealing in a "one on one" situation, with excellent eye contact. It should also be noted that she has the endorsement of Governor Gregoire.  Wednesday's debate however was arguably not her best performance.

4. Darcy Burner  Without a doubt, the voice of the disenfranchised.  If you want to "rage against the machine", Darcy is your vessel.  The favorite of a network of political bloggers known as Netroots, she was this year's keynote speaker at Netroots Nation. She ran twice against Reichert in the 8th District, almost beating him on both occasions.

5. Darshan Rauniyar, In a perfect world he would be a great candidate.  A naturalized U.S. citizen from Nepal, he champions himself as the "non politician" saying that the American dream is dying.
He is involved in local business, however, in Wednesday's debate, I did see him as someone who would nescessarily be an agent of change. Although it may be difficult in today's political climate.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Surgery Scheduled For O'Day

Northwest radio icon Pat O'Day is scheduled to go under the knife tommorrow to remove a benign brain tumor.   O'Day traveled by ferry to Anacortes, last Monday to be checked out after memory and motor loss.  At first it was feared that he had a malignant tumor, however tests showed it to be benign.   O'Day is said to be responding well to medications to lessen the effects and should make a full recovery.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Democratic Candidates For !st Congressional District To Debate

The five Democratic candidates vying to replace Jay Inslee in the newly redrawn 1st Congressional District will face each other this Wednesday June 27th in a debate sponsored by 5th, 45th and 48th LD Democrats.  Suzan Delbene, Darcy Burner, Darshan Rauniyar, Laura Ruderman, and Steve Hobbs will spar over the right to carry the Democratic banner into the hotly contested race.  Both Del Bene and Burner have run for Congress in the past, Burner taking on Dave Reichert in the 8th CD in 2006 and 2008 and Del Bene doing the same in 2010.  Ruderman is a fomer member of the State House Of Representatives, while Hobbs in currently in the State Senate. Rauniyar is a newcomer, positioning himself, of course, as the outsider. 
The debate will take place at the Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center at 16600 NE 80th in Redmond from 7:30 until 9pm.  There will be no admission charged but donations will be asked for to cover expenses.

Seaside V

The Gearhart Golf Links is Oregon's oldest golf course.  It is just 2 miles north of Seaside in the town of Gearhart.  According to it's web site, the course opened in 1892.  I did not play on it this time, but have in the past.  The clubhouse contains the pro shop, a bar, a restaurant, and a hotel.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Theatre Crowd Steals Show At Rock Of Ages

We went to see the movie "Rock Of Ages" last night in the Issaquah Movie Theatre and found the crowd more entertaining than the movie.  The movie, a musical salute to '80s "Hair Bands", stars Tom Cruise as an veteran hard partying rock and roller and Alec Baldwin as a struggling Sunset Strip night club owner.  It borrows from High School Musical, Grease, and Bye Bye Birdie.  However, those shows all had an original soundtrack.  Rock only uses popular songs from the 80s. 
A group of viewers made things interesting by wearing 80s garb and antics such as raising up I-phone simulated cigarette lighter during slow songs as kid would do during concerts. Rock Of Ages may be out of theatres soon, but the audience should get "Oscar consideration".

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Trip To Seaside III

The Seaside Golf Course was just around the corner from where we stayed.  I played 9 holes with my cousin the morning after we arrived.  The Course is steeped in tradition, my Grandmother played there when I was little and our entire family would go in the summer.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Seattle Times Editorial Writer Spars With Sports Talk Radio On Sonics Arena

More audio at
The Seattle Time's Bruce Ramsey has some valid opinions, but does not seem to be in possession of correct facts in this interview Mike Salk and Brock Huard on 710 ESPN.

Trip To Seaside II

Tucked away on "U" Street on the far north end of Seaside, Ken and Sons brings back memories of the neighborhood grocery stores that were so common in my childhood.

Pete Nordstrom Was Involved In Previous Sonic Ownership

One of the named partners in the attempt to bring an NBA team back has sports ownership experience, Pete Nordstom said in an interview with KJR morning man Mitch Levy, was in the ownership group led by Howard Schultz that sold the team to Clay Bennett.  Nordstrom said that although there were 58 investors in the Schultz group, a strong board of nine were able in assisting with team decisions.  A "perfect storm" situation took place that prompted the sale of the team to the Bennett group.  Nordstrom said that he voted against the sale, feeling that it would result in the teams relocation. Nordstrom said that the investors voting in favor of the sale thought that Bennett would want to and be able to keep the team in Seattle.
Erik and Pete Nordstrom, along with Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer are partners with Chis Hansen in an attempt to build an arena that would bring an NBA team back to Seattle.

Trip To Seaside

This soda fountain on colorful Broadway in Seaside Oregon, looks like something from an Annette Funicello-Frankie Avalon movie.  Broadway, the Seaside main street has all sorts of tourist delights as it runs from the state highway, to the turnaround at the beach.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hansen Reveals Investment Partners

In an interview with Sportsradio 950 morning personality Mitch Levy, Chris Hansen revealed his partners in the endeavor to build an indoor sports arena in hopes of bringing an NBA team to Seattle.  Hansen said that Microsoft Executive Steve Balmer and Erik and Peter Nordstrom of the well known Seattle based retailing family.
Hansen also said he was aware that Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn was going to New York to meet with NBA Commissioner David Stern despite rumours to the contrary.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ron And Don Drive Seattle Afternoon Radio

It's easy to dismiss Ron and Don.  They can be sophomoric and annoying. It is hard to tell sometimes if they are joking or not.  They had been rumoured to on KIRO's chopping block since they started the afternoon drive time program in 2006.  But they hang in.  If you get beyond their schtick, which includes rimshot sound effects for some silly one-liners, they know what people in the area are talking about.
I think that what works for the pair is their talent for involving listeners  in the show. Several times they have given descriptions of fleeing criminal's cars, allowing for tips that turned into arrests.  Most of their topics deal with local events, and while most talk show invoke politics, Ron and Don are rarely, if ever political.  It looks like Ron Upshaw  And Don O'Neil, who are a well traveled pair are going to be pulling the Seattle afternoon drive for a long time,  perhaps going down in broadcast history as Seattle's guilty pleasure.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

State Convention III

Savings banks in the shape of President Obama's head were on sale at the Washington State Democratic Convention last weekend.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Mariners Make Dodgers Blue

The Los Angeles Dodgers may have the best record in baseball, but they were not able to get a single hit off the Seattle Mariners tonight.  Kevin Millwod (pictured above) pitched 6 innings of no hit ball before leaving the game due to an injury, 5 additional pitchers continued the "no no".  The Mariners winning and only run in  the 7th when Kyle Seager drove in Ichiro with a line shot that the Dodger Shortstop was unable to handle.  It was the 3rd no-hitter in Mariner history as well as the 10th combined no-hitter in baseball history.
Although the Mariners are having a disapointing year so far.  They have fared better while playing the better teams.  Last week the Mariners defeated the AL West leading Texas Rangers in a 21 to 8 laugher.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

State Convention Part II

On Sunday, members of the State Central Committee picked "at large" delegates to the National Convention.With over 200 people vying for just 41 positions, many of the candidates used gimmicks, like the gentleman above who dressed like Uncle Sam.  This session took about 6 plus hours, but fulfilled the dreams of people like the 5th Districts Jennifer Sutton and Erin Cheuvront.  Other delegates chosen were Karen Russell, the daughter of NBA legend Bill Russell and Griffyn Clay, the nephew of Senator Maria Cantwell.  The Democratic National Convention will take place in Charlotte North Carolina in early September.   President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are the presumed nominees.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Washington State Democratic Convention

The Washington State Democratic Convention resumed today at the Convention Center in Downtown Seattle.  
An emotional resolution calling for a halt in U.S. funding of Israel was defeated.  Although the resolution, which was presented at the end of the long arduous day drew passions of two often opposing groups, the cool headed presentation of Dan Lambert of the platform committee, prevented what could been a very damaging battle for the party.  Lambert said in his argument against the resolution that language was crafted in this year's platform that addressed both side's grievances.
Pictured above, Senator Maria Cantwell and myself, Miss Washington 2010 Jacquie Brown singing the National Anthem (middle), and King County Executive Dow Constantine giving the opening greeting to the delegates (below).

Quest To Build Seattle Downtown Arena In Full Swing

The movement to build a winter sports arena in the attempt to lure NBA basketball and the National Hockey league to Seattle now has a website.    You can click here to find the site, which give the argument in favor of Arena Construction, as well as links to supporting facebook and twitter pages and e-mails of city and county government officials.  Back in February, it was reported that Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn has been in negotiations with San Francisco financier Chris Hanson to build a privately funded arena in the Sodo district near where both the Seahawks and Mariners play.