Friday, October 28, 2011

St Louis Wins 11th Title

By now you know the St. Louis Cardinals have won more titles than any Major League Baseball team, except the Yankees.  The Cards beat the Texas Rangers 6-2 in the 7th game of the World Series

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cardinals Force A Game 7 In Fall Classic

The Texas Rangers learned a valuable lesson about letting the other team hang around as the St Louis Cardinals staged an improbable comeback to win game 6.  David Freese  hit a lead off homer in the 11th to reverse a two game losing streak.  In both the 9th and 10 innings, the Cardinals were behind and had two outs and two strikes, but they continued to deliver in the clutch.  When people think about tradition in baseball, the Yankees and Dodgers come to mind, but the Cardinals have won 10 titles, second only to the Yankees.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

5 Walla Walla Department Stores From The Past

1. Montgomery Wards (picture above)--on West Main--very similar to Sears, which was down the street.  Men, Women, and Children's clothing, toys and an automotive. Also put out a catalogue, much like Sears. One of the first Department stores to leave.
2. JJ Newberrys  Standard department store offerings, a pet department and a soda fountain (common in the 50s and 60s.), I believe that it was gone by the end of the 60s.  The building was turned into a "Mini Mall" now torn down and made into a park.
3. Gardner's--locally owned, oldest department store in the state.  It was on the  corner of 3rd and Main. It carried groceries as well as the standard department store offerings.  Left in late 70s or early 80s.
4. Drumhellers--Run by a pioneer family, it had hardware, sporting goods, furniture and structural steel. On Second and Alder, it anchored the Drumheller Building, where the elevator was hand run by an attendant. 
5. Griggs Stateline--I believe it was Tri Cities based. Griggs was located south of the Oregon State Line so Walla Walla residents could shop there and avoid the sales tax.

Sandy Koufax Collectable

My friend Joe, a baseball collector, models a yalmulke autographed by Sandy Koufax.  Koufax, a Dodger considered by some the greatest pitcher of all time, refused to pitch in a World Series game on Yom Kippur.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Candidates Forum Held In Newcastle

Eastside voters from both parties had a chance to meet candidates for Washington Governor and Attorney General at the Golf Club At Newcastle this weekend.  The Eastside Candidates Forumn was sponsored by the Municipal League Foundation, The Newcastle Chamber Of Commerce and The Club At Newcastle. 
In spite of the windy, rainy, weather, the remote location, and the early hours on a Saturday,  a decent turn-out was on hand to meet the candidates and hear what they had to offer.  Speeches were giving by Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee (pictured above), Republican  Rob McKenna, Democratic AG candidate Bob Ferguson and Republican Candidate, Reagan Dunn.  Both Dunn and Ferguson serve on the King County Council.  McKenna is the current Attorney General and Inslee represents the 1st District in the U.S. House Of Representatives.
With the 2012 campaign season months away, candidates were relaxed as they spoke and mixed with the crowd.  There were few if any personal attacks. The news that broke earlier in the morning of the sudden passing of Washington State Senator Scott White, added a touch of sadness to the event.

Walla Walla--Do You Remember?

Most Walla Wallans growing up when I did, or I should say, almost all, remember that the High School was located before 1964, between Palouse and Park Streets just off of Birch. But do you remember???

1. Walla Walla Community College  WWCC began in the old high school buildings on Park where it would stay until it moved to the current campus on Tausick Way.
2. A firestation at the corner of Park and Alder
3.  Albertson's located on East Main, near the Whitman College campus, just before Main runs into Isaacs
4. Safeway located on Isaacs, next to the Chevron Station
5. The Public Library located on South Palouse in what would become Carnegie Center

I would like to, once again, thank Joe Drazan for the picture.  More great history at his blog on Bygone Walla Walla.  A few more lists to come before BOMV moves on.  Thank you for the great response!

Friday, October 21, 2011

5 More Walla Walla Businesses Of The Past

1.  B. Barer And Sons  Founded by my Great Grandfather, B. Barer (above with my Great Grandmother) and his brother Ike.  On the corner of 4th and Rose, it began as an animal hide purchasing outlet, evolving to scrap salvage, structural steel, and industrial gases.  Began in the early 20th century, it was run by 4 generations of the family, sold to Oxarc in 2000
2. Ben Hunt Mfg  A manufacturing company located in the Eastgate, one of B. Barer And Sons biggest customers, if not the biggest, it was not unusual for the company to do two or three large deliveries in a single day.  It began as a blacksmith company making horseshoes and what not, evolved into a metal construction factory known for truck bumpers.
3.  Derby Electric   Great place to buy a color TV. Located on Main and Spokane, it became Radio Shack. 
4, Chances R   Owned by the same family that owned Wades, sold clothing that was cool in the 70s.
5. The Liberty  The only indoor theatre in town, movies would show months after their release, annoying the locals.  Although it's architecture was spectacular, it was musty and less then pleasant on the inside.  It was owned by a Seattle firm during it's heyday

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Five More Long Gone Walla Walla Businesses

1.Tum-A-Lum Lumber--Our next door neighbors were involved in this business,  a regional chain of lumber yards with the home office in Walla Walla.  Whitehouse-Crawford, a building supply, was also tied with this company.  Whitehouse-Crawford's mill was eventually shut down and remodeled in a fine dining restaurant.  The Walla Walla Tum-A-Lum yard, on 5th and Main was shut down, even as the home office stayed on East Main.  That was eventually closed.  The company operates currently in Oregon and North California.
2. Jones-Scott,  This company was an interesting combination, a "sand and gravel" company that also sold insurance. It's red cement mixing trucks were a common site around town.
3. Tausick And Kauffman  Also on West Main, sold heating oil, etc.
4. Sherwood And Roberts.  An iconic Walla Walla business, dealt with real estate, insurance,  and finance, it became a chain with offices in the Seattle area, as well as the Tri Cities, Donald Sherwood was also involved with the Union-Bulletin and a major benefactor of Whitman College.  He began this business with Yakima businessman Austin Roberts.
5. Walla Walla Federal Savings And Loan  Was located on 2nd Street across from what was originally Seafirst, then First Federal (now Banner Bank), became Frontier Federal as it expanded regionally.

Sunday Drive Shows Beauty In "Our Own Backyard"


Deb and I, along with the dogs, ventured on a ride around the area. We usually go out to look at the Fall leaves every autumn. So we set the GPS for the nearest park, not more than a couple miles away from our house away from town, we found the Landsburg Dam and Fish Hatchery.  The Dam is part of the Cedar River Watershed providing water for the city of Seattle. We found that volunteers were giving tours of the dam (second picture from bottom), the fish hatchery (bottom picture) is new, we were not able to tour it,  but it's purpose was explained. 
We then drove to nearby Black Diamond to look for a place to walk the dogs (we were watching Deb's parents' dog Karlee as well as our Rusty),  we crossed a one way bridge over the Green River Gorge (middle picture), across the bridge, we found the Green River Gorge Resort (second picture from the top) it looked abandoned, but Deb fed the Goose (top picture) that was across the street.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Former Washington Governor Dies At 101

The man whom I credit my love of politics, former Washington  Governor Al Rosssellini has passed away at 101.  My parents, who were active in the Democratic party, took me to a rally for him in Walla Walla's Pioneer Park in 1964 where I would meet him.  At the time,Rossellini was staging what would be an unsuccessful attempt for a third term in the state house.  Rossellini lost that year to a young Republican state legislator named Dan Evans.  Evans would himself serve 3 terms beating Rossellini in a rematch in 1972   Rossellini was the first Italian-American and first Roman Catholic west of the Mississippi to be elected governor and the oldest living former governor at the time of his death. 
He had the distinction of being governor during the Seattle World's Fair in 1962.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

5 Walla Walla Retail Stores That You May Have Forgotten

1. Wade's  (above) A men's clothing outlet on Main Street downtown, the owner was a neighbor of ours when we lived on Leonard Street and his boys were friends of mine.  Owner turned "Mod" in the early 70s and began wearing long hair and nehru jackets. 
2. Bergman's  A dress shop on West Main, owner left town but the store stayed in business for several more years.
3. Dan Reeders  Toy and hobby shop, was at Main and Spokane Streets,  owner was seriously injured in fireworks mishap
4. Davis Kaisers  A furniture store located on 2nd and Poplar.
5. The Leading Fur Shop  An outlet for Fur Coats and Minks. It was located on Alder and Colville

This is a pretty wide category,  on the next post, I'll come up with some forgotten service and industrial businesses.  I'm also open to suggestions.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Oakland Raider Owner Al Davis Dies

Al Davis, renegade owner of the Oakland Raiders, has died at 82.  Davis seemed to spend as much time in the courtroom as on the football field as he battled the league to relocate his team to Los Angeles, he was successful, but would eventually move them back to Oakland.   Many will compare him to George Steinbrenner in his raw thirst to win, but unlike Steinbrenner, Davis had been a scout, coach, and a general manager. He also was commissioner of the AFL at one time. The Raiders are one of two NFL teams to play in a Super Bowl in 4 different decades. The Raiders, with Davis as owner, have won 3 Super Bowl titles and have more players in the Hall Of Fame than any other team.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Gone But Not Forgotten Walla Walla Neighborhood Grocery Stores

For the most part, 7-11 stole them from us, or was it just father time. The corner groceries where you would run to get milk or bread.  One from my early childhood is still around.  The Short Stop Market at 3rd and Yakima.  The above is Green Park Grocery at Isaac and Clinton. 
1.  Duff's  The only downtown store, with a big freezer stocked with cold beer.  Actually, it was Duff's Dairy.
2. Anderson's Market  A block from Pioneer Park on Division.  A great place to go to get an ice cream cone or a soda after a hot day at the park.
3.  Boys Market  Great location--Alder and Wilbur Actually turned into a 7-11.
4.  Johnny's Market  Down Alder Street from Boys Market
5.  Green Park Grocery  Pictured above  (thanks to Bygone Walla Walla Blog) across from Green Park School.
Also Pioneer Market (formerly Storer's and Fred's Alder Street), Maxson's, Demoss, and The Corner Grocery (a block from Paine School)

So Long Steve Jobs

This clip from the movie "Pirates Of Silicon Valley" does not portray Steve Jobs in
the best light, and may not have actually happened.  However, in tribute to the brains
behind Apple, I present this video.

Entertainment At Issaquah Starbucks

The Starbucks on Gilman in Issaquah has been remodeled and now features beer and wine as well as coffee served in ceramic mugs.  They also have live music in the early evenings on Wednesdays.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Can Jerri Survive A Cooking Competition?

Jerri Manthey is one of the most popular contestants on Survivor, having been on the show three times. Now she is attempting to stretch her reality chops and compete on the Food Network's Next Great Food Network Star.  The winner of the show, which has run for several years, gets their own cooking show on the Food Network. She put this video on "you tube".

Monday, October 03, 2011

Seattle's Heart Nominated For Hall

Seattle based band Heart has been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. The group was nominated along with Guns And Roses, Joan Jett and a few other legendary artists from the 70s and 80s.  The top vote getters will be inducted into the hall in April.
 Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson are considered pioneers for giving women a much more dominating presence in Rock And Roll.  The group burst on the scene in the mid-seventies with "Dreamboat Annie" featuring catchy songs like "Crazy On You" and "Magic Man".  Other great hits are "Straight On", "Barracuda", and "What About Love" They are known as a great band to see live as lead singer Ann Wilson seems to be able to make piercing eye contact with every member of the audience.    I saw them in concert in 1978 at the University Of Idaho Kibbie Dome.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Five Walla Walla Restaurants Gone But Not Forgotten

This picture is of Triple X, a drive up root beer stand near the Plaza Shopping Center in Walla Walla.  Locally owned restaurants can really show the character of the town.  I list right now some of Walla Walla's best remembered restaurants.  A couple of these are chains.  A few only closed recently.

1. The Pastime  A modest unassuming Italian cafe on West Main Street.  Great food and since it was  across from the County Courthouse, you could rub elbows with the town leaders.  Also had a card room and lounge  Closed only 5 years ago.

2.  The Red Apple  This cafe was on Main Street in the center of town.  It eventually became a 24 hour operation, popular with the drinking crowd.  I remember the squeaking front door, which let a cold breeze come in when it opened during the winter months.  A breakfast favorite, it also had a bar in the back with nightly entertainment. Also shut down with in the last decade.

3. Roy's Chuckwagon Most people remember that it was a buffet, very few remember that it had a Western motif.  No bar at this establishment, it was fun and filling for the family.  It was located at the Big Y shopping center (between Walla Walla and College Place) which also no longer exists. 

4. Fancy Dan's  The name is the most memorable thing about this joint, as well as  the prime location on the corner of Main and Spokane.  Not famous for good food, but rather it's bright orange interior.

5. Triple X  By default since it was the picture that inspired this post.  A similar Triple X is still going in Issaquah.

Also Abby's Pizza, Pizza Pete, Lutcher's, Denny's Hi-Spot, and many more.  Which ones do you remember?

Issaquah Celebrates Salmon Days

Issaquah Salmon Days is the year's last outdoor festival, at least in the Greater Seattle Area.  I volunteered to work in the 5th District Democrats booth where state representative Marcie Maxwell (D-Renton) posed with me (bottom picture).  There where also the usual food (top picture), commercial, information boothes as well as entertainment. (middle picture). 
Weather was good, sunny and warm for most of the day until the later hours when rain started to fall.