Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 In Review VIII: August--Sada Jacobson Takes Silver Medal

The US Women's Fencing team sweeps medals in Women's Sabre Event in this year's Summer Olympics in Beijing. My cousin, Sada Jacobson wins Silver and makes headlines when former President George Bush offers her his hankerchief in a teary moment.

2008 In Review VII: July--Arizona Trip

We headed to Arizona in July, spending 5 days in Sedona, on our third day down there, we took the sunset tour of the Grand Canyon, you can see some awesome pictures here.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 In Review V: May--Michelle Malkin Vs Rachael Ray

Dunkin Donuts pulled ads featuring Rachael Ray after Conservative Columnist Michelle Malkin suggested that Ray's scarf promoted "terrorism".

Cardinals Beat Seahawks In Season's Last Game

There was no fairy tail ending to the Mike Holmgren era as the Arizona Cardinals pounded the Seattle Seahawks 34-21. The one bright spot was Seahawk back up quarterback Seneca Wallace who passed for 250 yards on the day with 2 touchdown passes.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

2008 In Review IV:April--NBA Approve Sonics Move

The NBA owners approved the move of the Seattle Super Sonics to Oklahoma City in April of this year.
The Oklahoma Thunder continues the losing ways of the Seattle Sonics, but could show potential if high draft picks allow them to build a winning team around Kevin Durant.

Holmgren Era Closes Tommorrow

The Mike Holmgren era will close tommorrow as the Seattle Seahawks take on the Arizona Cardinals. After struggling to rebuild the team the first few seasons, Holmgren went from zero to hero in 2005 when he lead the Seahawks to their first and so far only Super Bowl appearence. Mike is shown here on a red Harley given to him as a parting gift from his team.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Year In Review III: March-- One Bennett Stays

While it became clear that Seattle Super Sonic Clay Bennett had no intention of keeping the his team in town, WSU's Tony Bennett was denying rumors that he was eying other coaching positions around the country, he had, after all, made history by guiding the Cougs to their second straight NCAA tournament appearance. While Clay and the Sonics are "gone with the wind", Tony Bennett is still in Pullman.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Seahawk Josh Wilson Honored

Seattle Seahawks defensive back Josh Wilson has been chosen as Defensive Player Of The Week for the NFC for his role in last Sunday's victory over the Jets.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Jets Are Grounded, But Snowballs Fill The Air

While Jets were grounded at Sea Tac, the New York Jets could not get their ground game going. It was up to Shaun Ellis to do what Brett Favre couldn't do all afternoon, throw an accurate pass.

2008 In Review: February 2008--I Lead Democratic Presidential Caucus In Maple Valley

Rock Creek Elementary School was loud and boisterous as I presided over hundreds of crazy Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton supporters last February. It almost made me long for the days when a handful of us met in the library. Thanks to everyone to helped me, it was a tough, but rewarding afternoon.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chanucka Song Part III

New Profile Picture

The Maple Valley Public Library

2008 In Review: January 2008--Walla Walla Devastated By Sudden Windstorm

Chanukka Begins Tonight

Holmgren Victor In Snowy Home Finale

No doubt, in spite of the fact that football has only a fraction of the number of games that baseball or basketball have, an NFL season encompasses all seasons. When we went to visit Qwest last August for the 'Hawks second exhibition, the weather was scorching hot and there was talk about fans getting dehydrated. The last game this season, a 13-3 victory over the New York Jets, was played in near blizzard conditions.
The game marked the end of an era as Mike Holmgren coached his last game at Qwest. A last minute interception by Josh Wilson ensured the victory.

Mike Holmgren To Coach Last Game At Qwest Field

Today's Seattle vs. New York Jets games today, will be the last home game that Mike Holmgren will coach as a Seahawk.
I will write more about Holmgren's Seahawk tenure after the last game of the season in a couple of weeks.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Puget Sound Area Hit By Snowfall

Although winter sports are popular here, the mild climate Seattle area does not deal with snow very well as schools and business have closed today due to an ongoing snowstorm. Thank you to Mike Siegel of the Seattle Times for this picture.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

UPS Store Suggestions For The Holidays

If you are mailing packages UPS for the holidays, here are some tips.

1. Do not wrap your package in brown paper--sure Grandma did in the olden days, but with high speed belts, the paper can be torn off the package and there goes the label.

2. Use a sturdy box. The box that the product your sending, most likely came on a pallet on a freight carrier. Box your package in a way that it can take bumps and bruises or better yet--have someone at the UPS Store pack it. They have been trained to pack fragile items and the price is a great value considering time and materials used.

3. No guarantees on "Ground Shipping" . It's always better to pay a little more to have it arrive on time.

4. Have your items organized according to how you want them packed.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Times Music Critic MacDonald Leaves Paper

Seattle Times rock critic Patrick MacDonald announced today that he has left the Seattle Times. MacDonald, who the Seattle Weekly has described as a "Seattle Institution" had written for the Times for 35 years. Before his stint with the Times, he had written for the Seattle PI, the UW Daily and DJed for KOL FM.
24 years ago, while KYYX was up and running, he had written an article in their magazine about his encounter with Jimi Hendrix some 16 years earlier. I don't believe that article is online.

Seahawks Beat Rams

The Seattle Seahawks turned it on in the second half and beat the St.Louis Rams 23-20. In the second quarter, the 'Hawks looked as listless as ever, failing several times to make third down stops. After half time though, the Seahawks were finally able to move the ball, setting a game winning field goal by Olindo Mare in the closing seconds of the game. It was the first Seahawk victory since October 27th in this nightmare of a football season.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

High Ranking For Gonzaga Basketball

This has not been a banner year for Washington sports teams. The Mariners had a dismal season, the Seahawks have been surprisingly bad, and the Cougar and Huskie football teams had a total of 2 victories between them, both by the Cougs. The storied Bellevue High football team even had a little rotten luck on the road.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Seahawk Make Valient Effort--Still Lose

Long given up for dead, former Patriot Deion Branch (above)l caught two touchdown passes, while a healthy quarterback Seneca Wallace passed for 212 yards. Still the Patriots were able to take care of business, beating the 'Hawks 24-21. The Seahawks lead all the way until the final minutes of the 4th quarter, for the 3rd time in 4 weeks, a Seahawk comeback was stopped by a turnover.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Senator Caroline Kennedy?

Reports are surfacing that Caroline Kennedy is interested in succeeding Hilary Clinton in the United States Senate. It would be the first political position held by Kennedy, the daughter of slain President John F. Kennedy. The irony in the appointment is that her early endorsement of Barack Obama may have been the beginning of the end of Clinton's own campaign. Clinton, of course has been tapped by the President-elect to be Secretary Of State. Kennedy would need to be appointed to the seat by New York Governor David Paterson.

Juice No Longer Loose

OJ Simpson will serve prison time for his attempted memorabilia heist in Las Vegas.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Monday, December 01, 2008

Great Anecdotes From My Dad's Blog

My Dad talks about his long time business competitor in this installment of his blog.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Cowboys Go Seahawk Huntin' On Thanksgiving

The Dallas Cowboys easily beat the the Seattle Seahawks 34-9. It was the 5th loss in row for the 'Hawks.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seahawks Lose Another Close One

For the third week in a row, the Seattle Seahawks did just enough to lose, dropping a 20-17 contest to the Washington Redskins. In a game that saw Seahawk legend Jim Zorn come back as head coach of the 'Skins, Seattle seemed to get a handle on star running back Clinton Portis. That is until the second half. In the closing minutes of the game, the Redskins were able to use Portis to take the ball from deep in their own territory to an almost certain touchdown. The Seattle defense made what looked like a game saving play recovering a fumble. Matt Hasselbeck, however, threw right away to Redskin coverage and the ball was picked off by Sean Springs. Maurice Morris (above) rushed for 103 yards in his best effort this year for the 'Hawks.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blogger Is Fine--Computer Not So Much

Blogging has been light lately as I am in the market for a new computer. Thank you for your continued visits to "Barers Of Maple Valley"

Apple Cup Today

The Apple Cup will start shortly. Whereas, in the past, it had bowl significance, this year it stands as a symbol of the state of Washington's frustration with it's athletic programs. It caps off a year where the Sonics left town, the Mariners finished last, the Seahawks cannot buy a win and both the Cougars and Huskies where trounced weekly by their opponents.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's The Don Wakamatsu Show

The Seattle Mariners are expected to name Don Wakamatsu to be it's manager. Wakamatsu, unheard of by most Mariner fans, has never before managed a Major League club. He is currently the bench coach for the Oakland A's.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cardinals Hand Seahawks Another Loss

A late Seattle comeback was thwarted by a Cardinal interception as the Seahawks lost their 8th game of the season,26-20. Next week the Seahawks face the Washington Redskins, lead by ex Seahawk Jim Zorn.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I have seen Steely Dan in concert twice, they did not do this song in either performance. One of my all time favorites.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Transition Begins Obama Meets Bush

Seattle Product Tim Lincecum Wins NL Cy Young

San Francisco Giant pitching Phenom Tim Lincecum won the National League Cy Young award. He joins Mike McCormick who won the award back in 1967, the first year the award was given in both leagues. An interesting fact is that the Giants did not go to the post season in either instance. In fact only Steve Carlton, of the Philadelphia Phillies has won the Cy Young pitching for a worst team Lincecum, attended Liberty High School in Renton, his Father Chris Lincecum, often comes into the UPS Store in Bellevue where I work.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

"Sarah Palin" Speaks To 5h District Democrats

Now here is Josie Jarvis--alias Governor Sarah Palin. From last Tuesday's election party.

5th District Democrats Celebrate Long Hard Campaign

(top State Senate candidate Phyllis Huster with myself, middle 8th district Congressional Candidate Darcy Burner with Bob Scola, bottom 5th District LD Chair Hank Thomas with "Sarah" and another party goer)
There were some tough defeats, but mostly victories last Tuesday as the 5th District Democrats celebrated at the Tibbetts Creek Manor in Issaquah. One of the hits of the night, perhaps since Election Day is so close to Halloween, was a lady who came dressed up as Repubican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin. She not only resembled Governor Palin but had her voice and mannerisms. I'll try to post the video later.

Seahawks Close But Dolphins Prevail

It looked like another blow-out loss for the Seahawks today until a touchdown on a Jordan Babineaux interception. Still dropped passes and a mindless penalty hurt the team as it lost it's second consecutive game, this time by a razor-thin 21-19 to the Miami Dolphins.
Miami raced to a 14-0 lead on it's first two possessions with runs by Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. Babineaux's interception on the Dolphins third possession seemed to finally give the momentum to the Seahawks. However, a drop by Koren Robinson turned what could have been a go-ahead touchdown into a "stay close" field goal. After the 'Hawks scored a touchdown late in the game, they got called for an encroachment penalty and had to attempt the 2 point conversion from the 7 yard line. It did not succeed. Finally what looked like a Seahawk fumble recovery deep in Miami territory, was ruled "down by contact" and so it was another bitter defeat for the 'Hawks.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Dave Reichert Declared Winner In 8th District.

In another Democratic year, Republican Dave Reichert once again pulled a rabbit out of his hat and won another squeaker in Washington's 8th Congressional District. In a previous post from election day, I listed Darcy Burner with the winners, after she was ahead toward the end of the race. Well in my opinion, Darcy Burner really is a winner.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Barers Of Maple Valley Post 1000

This is the 1000th post on this blog.

Dog Trainer Larry Babb

South-County Dog Trainer Larry Babb, we learned today, passed away last month after a bout with cancer. 10 years ago, we brought our new dog, Rusty to Larry's "Paws-abilities" dog-training school. He went in as probably one of the toughest candidates to pass through their doors.
It is not so much that Larry made Rusty a better dog as that he laid a blueprint to give us the confidence to make Rusty the well behaved dog that he is today.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Monday, November 03, 2008

Brandi Carlile joined Sheryl Crow as a surprise guest in a Marymoor Concert last summer.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Palin Fooled By Canadian DJ Duo

Governor Sarah Palin wound up with "egg" on her face when a Canadian Disc Jockey called her office and posed as the president of France.

Eagles Win Battle Of The Birds

The Philadelphia Eagles could have left their punter back home in a 26-7 drubbing of the Seattle Seahawks. After a 90 yard touchdown strike to Koren Robinson on Seattle's first play, the Seahawks were unable to perform much on either side of the ball. Only the previous day's 50something to nothing losses of both the Cougars and the Huskies made the final score look closer than it really was.

Please Support Governor Gregoire

I believe we need Governor Gregoire's steady hand to guide us through this financial crisis. This is not the time for a transition in Olympia. We really don't know what we would get with Senator Rossi and this is not the time for uncertainty. Vote for Governor Gregoire.

Monday, October 27, 2008

James Donaldson May Run For City Council

The Columbia Tower and the Space Needle may not be the only tall things on the Seattle skyline. Former Super Sonic Center James Donaldson is talking about running for Seattle City Council in 2009. The former Coug appeared at the annual Magnuson Awards Dinner at the Westin tonight where Democratic Chair Dwight Pelz introduced him as a candidate. There is no doubt that should he make it, his council colleagues will look up to him, Donaldson is over 7 feet tall.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Little Rock News Anchor Killed In Brutal Attack

Even in Seattle, where most of us have not met her, or seen her on TV, at least until now, we feel the heartache of the tragic loss of Anne Pressly.

Seahawks Pound San Francisco

When two teams having miserable seasons meet, someone has to win and the Seattle Seahawks were able to take advantage of the San Francisco 49ers' woes for a 34-13 victory. Josh Wilson ran his first career interception back 75 yards for a Seahawk touchdown late in the second quarter and Leonard Weaver had two touchdown receptions of 43 and 62 yards in the second half. The Seahawks take on the Philadelphia Eagles next Sunday at Qwest Field.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Darcy Burner--John Ladenburg Appearing In Maple Valley

Washington State Democratic Candidates Darcy Burner and John Ladenburg will be in Maple Valley for a "meet and greet" this Thursday October 30th at 6:30 at the home of Reuben and Arlene Powell. Burner is running against Republican Congressman Dave Reichert for the 8th district congressional seat, and John Ladenburg is running against incumbent Rob McKenna for State Attorney General. To RSVP for this event and to get directions to the home of Reuben And Arlene, call Darcy Burner's office at 425-443-2564 or email at campaign@darcyburner.com

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Politics Can Be Thankless

It seems like going through the last month of a campaign is somewhat akin to walking into torture chamber with the same amount of angry negative commercials playing ad nausea, e-mails from groups you didn't know existed and of course, the ever present robo-dialer on your answering machine.
This story is a little on the lighter side, but it shows how being a political volunteer can be a thankless job where no good deed ever goes unpunished.
Let's back up to my hometown of Walla Walla, back in the 60s as it is today, a very conservative Republican town. It did have a visible Democratic party, seemingly a small coalition of Italian, Southern,Irish, in our case Jewish businessmen, union people and farmers. Not exactly people who were sympathetic to the activists that would come to define the decade. Their hero, who in fact had an appeal that crossed party lines, was the late Washington Junior Senator Scoop Jackson. Jackson was a "straight arrow" representing everything American. He was an established cold warrior and die hard supporter of the Viet Nam War.
In 1970, the Viet Nam protests were growing louder and an African American Spokane attorney named Carl Maxey threw his hat in the ring to challenge Senator Jackson. In the spring, Maxey spoke at Walla Walla's Whitman College campus and was well received. Anti War activism was brewing amongst the students and faculty. Later in the summer, Carl Maxey was scheduled to appear at the Walla Walla County Democratic Picnic.
So the county democratic party has their picnic, it looks like a good year for the area Democrats as sitting Republican Congresswoman Catherine May was facing a very strong opponent in Mike McCormack. There was one problem, Carl Maxey was scheduled to speak. The man picked to Emcee the get-together had no desire to introduce an anti-war activist who was attempting to replace Scoop Jackson, a man whom the Republican party would only send token opposition against. My Dad was the good soldier and volunteered. He has always been loyal to the party and willing to step up in any situation.
So the picnic is taking place in Rooks Park, a very popular place at the time on the East outskirts of town. My Dad is toastmaster and introducing various local candidates who get up to make their speeches. Finally, it is Mr. Maxey's turn. My Dad says something like..."you got to hand it to this man for running against a state Icon." Mr Maxey (an outstanding boxer in school) did not take that well. He gave my Dad a glare that was unmistakable. Then he went on with his speech.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Darcy Burner Appears At Overlake Rotary

I am not a member of Rotary, but my Father-In-Law, Bob is president of the Overlake Chapter and was kind enough to allow me to be his guest as 8th district Darcy Burner was the featured speaker. Darcy grew up in the area in a military family, fascinated by computers. She attended Harvard on Technology and Economic scholarships. She say she wants to be in congress because she wants to fix things. Her speciality, and what she said she did at Microsoft, was analyzing problems. She talked of bringing bi-partisan groups together to solve the economic crisis and figure out an honorable way out of the Iraqi War.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Palin Apears On SNL

No surprise, polititians of every stripe feel the need to show that they have a funny bone. Both Obama and Clinton apeared in the past year and McCain muddled through a poorly written skit..
I wonder if they used a laughtrack or if they just threatened to remove anyone booing Governor Palin. Did any of you boycott the show because of her apearance?

Seahawks Lose Again

The nightmare that is the 2008 season for the Seattle Seahawks continues in a 20-10 defeat. A touchdown in the last 2 minutes of the game on a pass from Seneca Wallace to John Carlson made the final score score at least look respective, but there was nothing to indicate the 'Hawks fortunes would change in the next few weeks.

General Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

One of our nations most respected leaders, Colin Powell, who served as President Bush's Secretary Of State has endorsed Democrat Barack Obama to be our next president. General Powell says that although he feels that they are both qualified to be commander in chief, Senator Obama is more qualified to handle the economic crisis facing our country. In an interview on NBC's Meet The Press, General Powell also expressed disappointment with Senator McCain's campaign tactics.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Record Center

I mentioned "The Record Center" in the article about Dave Cochran. The Record Center was a dark seedy store on Main Street in Walla Walla that specialized in, of course, records. It used to have booth where you could listen to the records before you bought them. This was a "must stop" for teens in Walla Walla. Eventually the Record Center moved to a bigger store down the road, it eventually lost it's mystique. It later changed it's name to "Brumback's House Of Music" and was soon forgotten even by me. Right up to the point that I wrote the Cochran article.

Burner To Speak To Rotary

Democratic Congressional Candidate Darcy Burner will speak to the Overlake Rotary Of Bellevue this Wednesday in one of her last aprearance before the general election. The club has already heard from Burner's Republican rival Dave Reichert and both candidates for governor.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dave "Rockin" Cochran And The Voice Of Thunder

If you were a teenager or a young adult in the late 60s or early 70s and a fan of hit music
growing up in Walla Walla Washington, you would be perfectly happy turning your radio to a scratchy fading in and out station in the Tri Cities,(KALE or KORD depending on the era). If you had a good summer or night job, you could go down to the "Record Center" or later "Hot Poop"(Walla Walla's Hippest Record Store) or "StereoBird"to buy enough records to satisfy your hunger for the hits, as night fell and the Tri Cities stations followed FCC guidelines and broadcast in low power, you could turn on KTEL. KTEL,at 1490 khtz, was one of three local AM radio stations and one of only two that were allowed to operate at night. It was also the only one to play rock and only at night. Dave "Rockin" Cochran was prime time night Disc Jockey. He was actually working in the daytime as well playing country music and what not. Dave Cochran had a voice that would boom into the radio and as such you would think that he could shout from one end of town to the other without benefit of a microphone. The station consisted of a fly and spider infested ramshackle hut under the big radio tower on the outskirts of town, but to listen to Rockin Cochran, you would have thought it was a palace on a hill as you could hear some of the greatest music ever played. His lifestyle was a topic of frequent discussion at schools. Cochran would play teen music from 8:00 until 10:00 and hard core FM style rock from 10:00 until 11:00, I would hear groups like "10 Years After" and "Quicksilver Messenger Service", it is no wonder that I was bitten by the radio bug. Dave was assisted in the hour off that he got for dinner by first Steve Lloid and then Mike Turner. At 11:00, it was time for the Star Spangled Banner and sign off. This was, afterall, Walla Walla.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Seahawks Thrashed At Qwest

The Seattle Seahawks showed they can be just as ineffective at their home field as they can be on the road, losing to the Green Bay Packers 27-17. The game was really not as close as the score would indicate as they were listless on both offense and defense. Matt Hasselbeck sat out the game with a hyper extended knee and his replacement Charlie Frye could not move the ball against a patchwork Green Bay defense.
picture above--Coach Holmgren greets Gary Payton, who raised the 12th man flag.