Monday, August 31, 2020

Profile Of Wes Uhlman's Mayoral Years Found

Although he only served 2 four year terms compared to successor Charles Royer's 3 terms as Seattle Mayor, Wes Uhlman may be Seattle's leader.  Like every mayor after him, he was able to navigate some very choppy waters in during his terms, yet, unlike many of his successor's he seemed to always come through unscathed.  

One of my earliest political heroes,  I have blogged about Uhlman several times.  I think Uhlman played a big part in establishing Seattle's image as an upbeat progressive town.  When elected, he was the first Democratic Seattle mayor in three decades,  that's a little hard to believe, in today's Seattle where Liberals seems Conservative and is widely viewed as a one party town.  

Uhlman's last run for public office was in 1976, when he sought the Democratic nomination for Governor of Washington.    He was upset in the primary by Dixie Lee Ray, who would go on to win the election. 

I found an extensive profile on the Washington Secretary of State Website of Ulman's tenure as Seattle mayor, you can find it by clicking here. 

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Jackie Robinson interviewed on Dick Cavett Show

Here is the real Jackie Robinson, a hero and a well spoken gentleman.  Perhaps, the most important figure in sports history.

Chadwick Boseman Who Played Jackie Robinson--Dead Of Cancer

He acted in many different movies, but to me, Chadwick Boseman brought baseball hero Jackie Robinson to life in the movie "42" .  Ironically, Boseman's death occurred on the day Major League Baseball was celebrating Jackie Robinson Day.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Truth Meets Fiction As Gangsterland Author Meets Rabbi With Criminal Past On True Crime Uncensored

True Crime Uncensored Host Burl Barer interviews his nephew (my cousin) Tod Goldberg (pictured below) and LA Rabbi Mark Borovitz (pictured above).  
Goldberg has written a series of books about a gangster who goes in hiding as a rabbi.  Borovitz, actually was a mobster who became a real rabbi.  
This is a very compelling podcast.  
You can listen to the podcast by clicking the arrow above.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Former Seahawk Safety Earl Thomas Cut By Ravens

 Earl Thomas was cut this week from the Baltimore Ravens after a series of  off the field and on field incidents that culminated in a fight with a popular teammate.   Thomas is a 7 time Pro Bowl Safety who helped lead the Seahawks to 2 Super Bowls.

His tenure with the Seahawks ended in ugly fashion when he flipped off his own bench when being carted off the field.  

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Hi From T-Mobile Park

 I have not been to any Mariner games this season and yet, I've been to all the home games.  You can see a cardboard cut out of me about 5 rows up in the orange shirt.  

It was a birthday present from my wife.  If you are one of the fans or if your looking for someone you know, click here.

Here is a closeup 

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Former Sonic Coach Paul Westphal Has Brain Cancer

 NBA great Paul Westphal, has been diagnosed with brain cancer.  Westphal has played for many teams, including the Phoenix Suns (above) and the Seattle Super Sonics in 1980-81.  Westphal coached the Sonics from 1998-2000.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Welcome To Our Town

Maple Valley sign close to our house marks the city limits.  
My friend and I had walked our dogs on the Pipeline Trail when we decided to take this picture, in honor of the town that I have lived in and loved for 21 years.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

True Crime Uncensored--Burl's Daughter Speaks About Walla Walla Murders

Burl does this edition of True Crime Uncensored from Pioneer Square in Seattle, along with his daughter, Anea.  We learn that a former roommate of Anea's was sadly murdered in Walla Walla.  Also an undate on the murder of an elderly woman that made headline in the mid 1980s.  Hit the arrow on the above podcast for the story.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Watch Barack Obama’s Full Speech At The 2020 DNC | NBC News

Former President Barack Obama addressed the virtual Democratic National Convention.  I thought it was a great speech.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Game Changer Book Entertaining.

 Game Changer, written by Rob Angel, an Eastern Washington native who, like me, has transplanted to the Seattle area.  As I have mentioned, Rob and I crossed paths at Camp Solomon Schechter in 1971.  Angel is the creater of one of the most impactful board game developments in the last half century, Pictionary.   While many successful games were probably created by development teams out of corporations, Pictionary was developed by Rob and his buddies having a  great time over beers.

With a great memory for detail, Rob takes you through the genesis of his creation, how he dared to dream big and follow up with pennies to his name and a heart full of hustle.  Full of victories and set backs, it's another example, and I know this is cliché, that truth could be can be more incredible than fiction.  

With his able team of friends and a few connections along the way, Angel has gone from living from living in a ratty apartment and a car running on a wing and a prayer to game changer mogul. Yet, he still found time to answer my personal message.  

If you enjoy the game, Pictionary or just a personal success story, I would recommend Game Changer.  

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Gorton Dies

Long time Washington state Republican leader Slade Gorton has died.  He was 92. 
Gorton, an heir to a New England Seafood family, is probably most remembered for two things, for knocking off the iconic Senator Warren Magnuson and also to helping keep the Mariners in Seattle. 
Gorton served in the state legislature, beating my uncle, Arny Barer in 1964.
In 1968, Gorton was elected Washington State Attorney General.  When the Seattle Pilots, a Major League Baseball expansion team moved to Milwaukee., Gorton sued MLB, and as a settlement, Seattle was granted a second expansion team, the Mariners. 
Gorton would serve 3 terms as AG, then in 1980, he ran against for US Senate against Magnuson.   Magnuson had served 36 years in the senate, but Gorton, bouyed by the Reagan presidential landslide and Magnuson appearing much older than 75, defeated the state's senior senator.  
Gorton was considered a moderate, but Republican politics starting moving to the Right.  Democrats would not forgive Gorton for beating their standard bearer.   Gorton lost his bid for a second term to Brock Adams. 
When Washington's other Senator Dan Evans, announced he would not run for reelection,  Gorton was able to return to the senate by beating congressman Mike Lowry for the former governor's seat.  It was then that he helped save the Seattle Mariners, who were planning to move to Tampa Bay.  After losing the Seattle Pilots, area fans were not ready to embrace a new baseball team,  owners were losing money and it was thought that Seattle would never accept baseball.  Gorton worked to get new ownership for the team.  Then as the team started to improve, he worked to have a new stadium built in what is now considered one of the most divisive issues in Seattle politics. 
In 2000, Gorton lost for the second time to Democrat Maria Cantwell, who still serves in that position. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Michelle Obama’s 2020 DNC keynote address [FULL SPEECH]

A wonderful speech by Michelle Obama to kick off the Democratic election.  I really miss this grace in the White House.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Blazers Earn Playoff Spot

 Portland, who like Seattle, is in need of good news, can be happy that its Blazers secured the 8th spot in this year's NBA playoffs.  The Blazers defeated Memphis 126-122 to edge into the post season.  CJ McCollum (pictured above) scored 8 of his 29 points in the final 3:08 of the game.

The Blazers will face the Western Conference top seeded LA Lakers tomorrow night.    

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Friday, August 14, 2020

Sen. Harris Gives First Speech As Biden's Running Mate: 'I Am Ready To W...

Presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden introduces his choice for running mate, Kamala Harris.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Biden Picks Harris

Joe Biden has chosen California Senator Kamala Harris to be the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Chief Best Will Resign

 Amid the Seattle City Council's vote to cut the police budget, Chief Carmen Best has announced her resignation from the force.

Badfinger - Baby Blue (Kenny Rogers Show 1972)

One of my old favorite songs.

Sunday, August 09, 2020

Mitch To Interview Apolo Ohno

 After a one week hiatus, Mitch Unfiltered, the podcast by Mitch Levy will return Monday August 10th with an interview with Olympic Speed Skater Apolo Ohno.  Ohno, the most decorated US athlete in Winter Olympic History, was raised in Seattle by a single father.   Ohno was also a winner in Dancing With The Stars in 2007.

Levy has expressed his lack of interest in Olympic sports, however, a documentary on mental health problems often faced by Olympic athletes called The Weight Of Gold will soon show on HBO.  Those are issues that Levy has focused on the podcast.  

You can find Mitch Unfiltered on your favorite podcast platform or click here.

Saturday, August 08, 2020

Bar Mitzvah 50 Years Ago Today

 I guess I "became a man" 50 years ago, today.  My Bar Mitzvah was July 8th, 1970 at the old Congregation Beth Israel (top picture) on Rose And Tucannon in Walla Walla.  A reception took place afterwards at the Royal Motor Inn, across the street.  Bottom picture, I'm posing with Grandmother Barer's family at the Royal Motor Inn. 

Friday, August 07, 2020

Fire Too Close For Comfort

A two alarm fire, not too far from our house, brought emergency vehicles to Maple Valley's Daybreak neighborhood.   A grass fire had gotten out of control and would wind up destroying an abandoned house, some building structures and some vehicles. These were near, but not part of  Daybreak.

 KIRO 7 reports 24 units and 50 firefighters responded to the blaze.  The billowing smoke was visible from our yard and a helicopter circled above. 

Thursday, August 06, 2020

Pat O'Day Remembered.

I have spoken a lot about Pat O'Day in this blog.  I was fortunate to work for him.  I remember the excitement of working at a Seattle station.  It was not long after college and I was working for my father, at the same time, my cousin, Burl was working with me in that business in Walla Walla.  Burl was working weekends in Seattle at KYYX, flying back and forth.  Burl had told me about an entry level job at the station, which was owned by Pat.  I went to interview in the Spring, not hearing back from them.  That is until one August day, Burl came out and said, Mike, Elvin (the station manager) is on the phone.  There was a job open at KYYX if I could come up.   Having always wanted to live in Seattle, I enthusiastically accepted.  It was there, that I learned about how big Pat O'Day was.
I have been friends  with Pat's son Garry ever since we worked at the station.  I have been to the family ranch in the San Juan Islands a couple of times.  
Burl and Pat worked together at KJR   and formed a great friendship.  
With KJR bringing such a high share of the radio market, Pat was able to bring many Seattle acts to the national scene.    Pat became a close friend and confident of Seattle based Rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix (pictured with Pat below).  I was touched be hearing about how when Hendrix died in England, O'Day found there were no plans to bring his body back to the States. The record execs had bailed on him and his family couldn't afford to.  O'Day flew to England and paid to have Hendrix's body returned.
Pat was recently famous as the voice of Schick Shadel, the alcohol and substance abuse clinic. 
He was very present on Facebook.  He praised me for a video I posted a few years ago, thanking me for keeping memories alive.  
In a status update about a year ago, he chastised the mayor of Seattle and the city council, ad he felt that they were letting the homeless problem get out of hand.    
Pat had a need for speed and loved Seafair, the Seattle Summer celebration.  He was the voice of unlimited hydroplane racing in Seattle for over 4 decades. Pat died two days after what would have been the Seafair unlimited hydroplane race.  This year's Seafair was cancelled because of the Corona virus. 

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Temple B'Nai Torah To Do High Holidays Online

Rabbi Sydney Danziger announced that all Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services for the Temple will be held online rather than having us congregate.  This will allow the community to worship while being safe.

Shabbat services have been held online only since the Spring when Covid was announced.

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Pat O'Day--Dead At 85

Pat O'Day, one of the last reminders of when Seattle was "the little engine that could", has died.  Known as afternoon drive DJ for KJR.  O'Day helped turn Seattle into a Rock And Roll hot spot. 

Up to the time of his death, he was a sought after guest for radio programs and podcasts. 

So much can be said of his career and legacy, some of the high points can be heard here.  In addition, Pat O'Day stories from years gone by can be read at Puget Sound Media, click here.

Riders On The Trail

This last weekend was warm and sunny. Horseriders took to the Pipeline Trail in Maple Valley.

Monday, August 03, 2020

Missing Maple Valley Teen Found

This city is rejoicing after 18 year old Maple Valley resident Gia Fuda was found alive and well up a steep ravine between Skykomish and Stevens Pass.  Fuda, who had not been seen in 9 days, she apparently had run out of gas, and having no cell reception, began walking to where she could get reception or find help.  She apparently got disoriented.
As of Sunday night, Fuda was in a Monroe Hospital. 

Sunday, August 02, 2020

New Location Makes Maple Valley Farmer's Market Enjoyable

The Maple Valley Farmer's Market is up and running every Saturday from 9am to 2pm until September 26th.  
The location has moved from Rock Creek Elementary School to a brand new location across the street from the school at 25719 Maple Valley-Black Diamond Road S.E.
The new location has more parking, more space, and in my opinion, more aesthetically pleasing.   The market continues to feature the freshest fruits, vegetables, flowers and much more from around the area.
Masks are required and pets, except for service animals, are no longer permitted.

Saturday, August 01, 2020

Mariners Win Home Opener In Front Of Cardboard Crowd

Yes, this is real baseball, just fake people. Mariner fans paid to have pictures of themselves in T-Mobile Park.  I'm in there somewhere in the stands, too.
We will watch for that.
Crowd noise was also pumped in. As crazy as that sounds, it worked for the Mariners as they beat the Oakland A's 5-3.