Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Review--Turn That $#!+ Off!

Daniel Solzman gives his hilarious take on pop culture in this hilarious, contemporary book.  Solzman, a stand up commedian and  apiring screen writer turns his sharp wit toward sports, politics, and TV entertainment.  A great read as Solzman uses his Seinfeld like analysis and Don Rickles like wit to slice and dice the issues of our time. You can also read Daniel Solzman on his blog The Kentucky Democrat by clicking here.  Solzman's book is available on  Amazon.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Democrats Meet In Harmony

The Washington State Democrats met in Shelton at the Little Creek Casino last weekend and did something you seldom hear Democrats doing, they agreed to agree.   There was very little or no debate as the meeting streamed along.  All four representatives to the Democratic Central Committee were reelected by acclamation after being nominated (in one case from a former opponent) and seconded from the floor. One time Congressional candidate, George Fearing, spoke on how the state's Democrats were the finest in the nation.  An impassioned Roger Erskine,  spoke of  Washington AG and Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Rob McKenna attending a meeting of ALEC, a right wing PAC.  No doubt reelecting the President was at the top of everyone's agenda.
Aziem "The Dream" Underwood defeated Jennifer Sutton for 8th Congressional District e-board rep.  The newly realigned 8th district now stretches across the Cascades into the more conservative Eastern Washington, making it a real challenge to defeat sitting Congressman Dave Reichert.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What A Week!

First came snow, then more snow, then ice, then branches snapping, trees falling, and in some places, electricity out for days.  It was the  Maple Valley Snowstorm of 2012. It started on Sunday January 15th.  We were lucky, although Maple Valley was somewhat remote, our power stayed on and none of our property was damaged.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Barers Of Maple Valley Learns Of Loss

In the world of blogging, basically, free form journalism, nothing can be more satisfying that the approval from a member of the family of someone that you are writing about.  I was very fortunate to receive a comment from the son of former KLSY "Lights Out" host Randi Thomas.  It was very touching when I read that the comment was in past tense.  A Google search confirmed what I had feared, that Randi (above right) is gone.
Randi (her radio name), started about the same time that I did at KYYX, the early 80s.  We were board operators playing music for the Seattle on-air personalities, who taped their shows.  Randi also had an on air gig with KJUN, a country station out of Puyallup.  Over time, working the odd hours that encompass working in radio, we would go out for drinks usually with Rosemary Smith, another good friend.  With the burden of her other job, Randi would often call me to fill in for shifts that she was unable to or too exhausted to pull off.  She was a happy, outgoing girl with a deceivingly sharp sense of humor and an undying devotion to her craft.
Many years later, I crossed paths with a colleague who, by coincidence knew of her. He told me that she was working at KLSY, an adult contemporary station in Bellevue.  My friend Garry and I went over to the station and joined her for breakfast at The Keg.
My wife is an AC radio fan and when we were dating in the early 90s, we would listen to "Lights Out" on KLSY, which Randi was hosting at the time, she would play love songs and read listener dedications, I believe it was the show that earlier rocketed Delilah to radio fame.    I think my last contact with her was by e-mail sometime in the late 90s. I told her that I had gotten married and she e-mail the reply "you should have me dedicate a song to your wife". 
Randi, who actually left us in May of 2011, was dedicated to her craft and will be missed.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dangerous Ice Storm Hits The Area

People in the Maple Valley area awoke to snap and crack as freezing rain made the snow crunchy and icycles formed on the trees. The above picture was taken from the front door of our house.  Driving and walking became super hazardous as branches snapped, trees fell and roads became even more slippery.  Thousands of people in the area have no power, so far, we have been lucky.

Did KING 5 Break Up The Party?

An angry inner tuber suprises KING 5 reporter Meg Coyle by interrupting her report to accuse her of   causing the police to  show up at Queen Anne Hill to stop the sledding.  The video was posted on you tube and facebook generating passionate comments from both sides of the fence.  Others thought it was just funny.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Three days of steady snowfall, including a pile on of several inches this morning have pretty much shut down the Seattle area.  I snapped this picture from our front door in Maple Valley.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Backyard

Snow covers the ground and the trees.  More expected today and tomorrow.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Remembering Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mullet Will Challenge Pflug For Senate Seat

In 2009, Mark Mullet was elected to the Issaquah City Council without opposition, now Mullet would like to represent the new drawn 5th Legislative District in the State Senate and will have to face a twice elected incumbant.
The Issaquah Press reports that Mullet, a Democrat, has announced that he will challenge two term Senator Cheryl Pflug.   Pflug is a Republican in what is widely considered a conservative leaning rural district.  It will not be the first time that Pflug a Maple Valley resident and an RN, has faced an elected official.  In 2004, Pflug defeated Sammamish Mayor Kathy Huckabay.  Sammamish will no longer be part of the 5th if the state's new redistricting plan is implemented. 
Mullet is the owner of a Zeek's Pizza Franchise in the Issaquah Highlands, he also owns a Ben And Jerry's. He is  a former manging director for the Bank Of America.  His Father, Steve, was formerly the mayor of Tukwila.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

WSU's Glenn Johnson To Begin Retirement

Spokane TV station KHQ reports that after 30 plus years, veteran Communications Professor Glenn Johnson will begin retirement. The reports says that Johnson will remain on campus to teach a Broadcast Management class and to advise students.
There is little doubt that Johnson, who arrived on campus in the fall of 1979, revolutionized the already heralded department.  Bringing real life experience from working as an anchor in Sacramento, Johnson turned classrooms into working news shops.  With tough love and integrity, he earned the respect and lifelong friendship of nearly the entire department.
With a rich "made for broadcasting voice",Johnson became the stadium announcer for the WSU Cougar Football  and Men's Basketball teams.   Some of Johnson's catchphrases like "and another Cougar first down" and "NO GAIN" (in an even deeper voice) are unforgettable. 
He is currently mayor of Pullman as well as doing having a hand in everything in the region.  Some of the more well known Cougar graduates who were in Glenn's class include WLS anchor Kathy Brock and ESPN's Cindy Brunson.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Billy Butler To Receive Hutchinson Award

Kansas City Royal designated hitter Billy Butler has been chosen to receive the 47th Annual Fred Hutchinson Award.  The award goes to the Major League Baseball player who best exemplifies the competitive spirit of the late Fred Hutchinson, a Seattle native and former Cincinnatti Reds manager.  The award will be presented at the annual luncheon at Safeco Field.  Baseball legend Cal Ripkin, Jr will keynote the ceremony.  The luncheon will raise money for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Dr George Ball, Distinguished Whitman Professor Dies

I met Dr. George Ball when he attended High Holiday services at the Shul in Walla Walla, he was not Jewish, but was Professor Of Religious Studies at Whitman College and wanted to get a first hand look at the services. He would attend often in years to come, sitting in the back, barely noticed.   Dr Ball was a familiar sight to townspeople, a balding figure on a bike, not the hippest or coolest of bikes, but something seemingly out of the early 60s, before Sting Rays and 10 speeds would hit the streets.  He was often  seen looking through dumpsters for things to recycle.  According to the Seattle Times, his academic career was rather nomadic, before finding a school that was tolerant of what was seen at the time as radical views.  He landed at Whitman College in 1960 where he established the Religious Studies Department, he would stay for 20 years and after his retirement taught Introductory Religion classes and counseled students.  He can be seen in this video the TLC reality series, A Wedding Story conducting the wedding of Trading Spaces Host Paige Davis and her husband
Dr Ball was featured in this Seattle Times feature 10 years ago.   The Times reported that Dr. Ball passed away last Sunday.