Sunday, December 30, 2012

So Long To 2012 Part 2

June  June was a pretty busy month, starting with the State Democratic Convention, it wasn't mentioned in the blog, but the evening before, we went to Benaroya to watch Marvin Hamlisch lead the Seattle Pops.  We did not realize that Hamlisch would pass away soon afterward.  We took a trip to Seaside Oregon with my cousin and her husband and of course, an ever growing Dasher.  The 5th District Democrats sponsored a debate between candidates for the 1st District Congressional race.

July  The entire month is encompassed by the remodel at work.  The whole family got to ride on The Big Wheel that was after birthday dinner at The Spaghetti Factory , Seattle's latest tourist attraction, on my birthday.  We hosted the Wagners while Ethan pitched in a Pony League Baseball tournament in Enumclaw. 

August  We watched Kenny Loggins in concert at the Snoqualmie Casino, Seattle TV anchor and WSU classmate Kathi Goertzen passed away.  The King, Felix Hernandez, pitched a perfect game for the Mariners.  First man on the Moon Neil Armstrong died. Also, the Seahawks signed NFL bad boy Terrell Owens in an experiment that went awry and we watched the figure 8 races at the Monroe Fair.

September For the second year in a row, we went to Walla Walla with the Wagners to visit the wineries. Dasher took second place at the Fido Fest at University Village.  The Seattle Seahawks beat Green Bay after Golden Tate made literally a last second controversial catch on Monday Night Football.

October Everything is politics as every high profile race in the state is up for grabs.  1972 Democratic Presidential candidate George McGovern died.  Bob and Robyn Scola sponsored an online debate watch party on Facebook.  The Seattle Times angers the state by offering free advertising to Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna, perhaps dooming his campaign.  We celebrated Dasher's 1st birthday.

November  Big Democratic Sweep.  Obama is reelected, Jay Inslee is elected governor, Mark Mullet becomes the first Democrat in 20 years to represent the 5th district in Olympia.  Debra appeared on New Day Northwest morning TV show to talk about The UPS Store.  Larry Hagman died, just when Dallas is resurrected.

December  Former Walla Walla rock and roll DJ Dave "Rockin" Cochran's death inspired an article in the UB.  Seattle Rock Group Heart is chosen for induction into the Rock Hall Of Fame.  The Seattle Seahawks make the play-offs  The Holidays.

Happy New Year!

So Long To 2012

It's time to look back on 2012, as reported in this blog.

January  Seattle area is hit with a huge snowstorm, making driving to work and back a real chore.  I also learn that my old co-worker from KYYX, Randi Thomas had died a while back.  New York Giants beat New England in the Super Bowl, perhaps signaling the end of Boston professional sports dominance.

February  We get a break from winter, taking a trip with in-laws and nephews to Annaheim, we visit Knotts Berry Farm and Disney California Adventure. We also took a trip to Hollywood and watched the set up for the Academy Awards which would take place soon after we left.  On a sad note, February saw the death of two pop music legends, Whitney Houston and Davy Jones. In addition, word was received that a Seattle native who became a successful financier, was working with the Mayor on a plan to build an arena in the hopes of bringing the NBA back to Seattle.

March  Marshawn Lynch signed a contract for 4 years 31 million dollars with the Seahawks.  The Seahawks also managed to sign Green Bay Packers back up quarterback Matt Flynn.  It seemed at the time that the Matt Flynn era was starting in Seattle, we would soon learn otherwise.  Also, My nephew Ethan turned 13, officially becomming a Teenager.  My friend, Rick and I managed to get up to Snoqualmie pass to do some skiing, the first times that I had hit the slopes in over 10 years.

April  Former WSU quarterback Ryan Leaf caught breaking into houses more than once. American Bandstand Host Dick Clark passes away.  The Space Needle turns 50 and a bear is seen in Maple Valley, prompting a helicopter search.

May Democrat Mark Mullet kicked off his campaign to represent the 5th District in the State Legislature.  KIRO710 announces it will carry Cougar sports. Senator Cheryl Pflug announces she is leaving her state senate position for a spot of the Growth Management Commission, she would later endorse Mullet for Senate.  Fred Meyer opens it's store in Maple Valley.  This blog celebrates it's 7th birthday.

To be continued!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Holiday Trip To Woodinville Wonderland

For the second time in 3 years, we visited the Woodinville Wonderland, a private home that is decorated for Christmas in a spectacular fashion. It has it's own radio station playing Christmas music that syncs to a light show that would put Las Vegas to shame.  Better still, the owner has two golden retrievers. The house is located at 23620 NE 183rd on  a quiet street corner just outside of Woodinville.  For more pictures and info, you can find the web site here.  Donations are requested for Special Olympics.

Seahawk Sherman Will Not Be Suspended

The NFL has ruled that Seahawk star corner back Richard Sherman will not be suspended for using performance enhancing drugs.  The ruling was based on the finding that proper testing procedures had not been followed.  Teammate and fellow corner back Brandon Browner did not wait for his appeal and as such, is serving a 4 game suspension.  Browner's suspension will end as the post season begins.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Seahawks Are In The Mix

The Seattle Seahawks, arguably the NFL's hottest team, will be gunning for it's 2nd Super Bowl Appearance.  The team blew out the San Francisco 49ers 42-13 in front of the entire nation last Sunday to clinch a playoff spot.   Rookie Quarterback Russell Wilson (above) appears ready to take the team toward a possible title.  However there is still plenty of football to be played.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Walla Walla Teen Memories--The Hi-Fi Show

Contests and rock radio go hand in hand, KTEL had a daily contest that was somewhat unusual.  The Hi-Fi Show, I remember from 1970 on.  Hosted usually by Dave "Rockin" Cochran, it started with the Coca Cola jingle (it's the real thing).  Then Cochran would introduce the show and instruct everyone that a Hi-Fi card was needed to play.  For those too young to get a driver's license or a credit card, the Hi-Fi card was a must have for the wallet.  Each card had a number, many cardholders still incredibly remember their number.  My first was 1572-B.  Cochran would tell the listeners how to get the card.  The KTEL offices "high atop the Book Nook Building". Back then, KTEL had a downtown office and studio, while the transmitter and tower were on 2nd and Tietan, the night broadcasts were at the transmitter site.  The contest was usually to name the song and the artist of a song that he played.  When someone would get a correct answer, Cochran would cut in on the record and say "No more calls please, we do have a winner"  The winner would get a six pack of Coca-Cola, but I think some people just enjoyed getting their name on the radio.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fred Meyer Has A Guest

Santa may live at the North Pole, but he does know the way to Maple Valley.  This was taken Saturday at the Fred Meyer store here. 

Union-Bulletin Does Feature On Late Walla Walla DJ

Annie Chernley Eveland wrote a full page piece on Dave "Rockin" Cochran in the Walla Walla Union Bulletin, bringing back memories to Walla Wallans coming of age when he dominated the town's evening airwaves, some excerpts...
"WALLA WALLA — The sound of a prop plane roaring in for a landing at the Walla Walla Airport opened the 1970s Night Flight radio show hosted by local rock ’n’ roll DJ Dave Herbert Cochran, recalled Richard “Rich” Greenwood, who as a teenager caught his broadcasts. Cochran died Nov. 27.
Burial was Friday at Pine Grove Cemetery in Hood River, Ore.
Variously known on air as “Rockin’ Cochran,” “Dynamic Dave” and “Sebastian,” among others, the Hawaiian shirt-clad Cochran was part of area radio activity from the late 1960s into the 1970s. He died at age 62, shortly after Thanksgiving, and was found at his Walla Walla home at 11 E. Chestnut St., said Greenwood, the Walla Walla County coroner.
Despite being a bit of a loner, Cochran reached thousands over the airwaves. Some of his first audience was captive.
It started in his early teens when he built a transmitter. He lived near the Washington State Penitentiary and had a pirate radio station in his basement with a six-block range. “His broadcasts hit the pen and inmates listened to him,” Greenwood said"
The article continues to speak of his KTEL days as well as after radio life in the town he loved.  There were rememberences from family and friends as well as excerpts that I provided from this blog. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Forever In Our Hearts

20 children, 6 adults lost at Sandy Hill Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Seattle Rock Band Heart To Be Inducted

As if the Seahawks 58 to nothing thrashing of the Arizona Cardinals wasn't enough to celebrate, Seattle got word that Heart, the hometown rock band made good has been voted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.   The induction ceremony will be this April 18th at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.  The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is in Cleveland Ohio.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Walla Walla Radio Legend Cochran Dies

Word has been received that former Walla Walla Rock DJ Dave "Rockin" Cochran has died.  Cochran worked for KTEL in the late 60s and early 70s when the station played Rock and Roll at night.  At the time, employees at KTEL were basically "day laborers", the full timers would put in an 8 hour regular shift while taping programs off the network feeds, cutting commercials, etc for a seemingly laughable wage, all in hopes of getting the big break.  For Rockin' Cochran, being on KTEL seemed to be all that mattered. To the listeners, he was bigger than life, to the management,  from what I've pretty much heard, he was a major headache.  His talent and rebellious spirit came really came across on the air.  Much of the music that I've come to love over the decades was introduced to me by listening to Rockin' Cochran. 
Cochran was let go from KTEL towards the mid 70s, he did voice over  commercials on the local cable TV channel and even a Yakima/Tri Cities station before reappearing again in the summer of 1976 as a rock DJ on KUJ, which had recently been purchased by out of town interests, it was a short lived engagement as management there grew weary of Cochran's free form ways. 
Dave Cochran may be gone, but former Walla Walla teens who wanted to be part of the scene, decades ago will never forget him.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

In Fond Memory

Remembering Rusty, who passed away exactly one year ago.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Gasman Leaving KJR

It's said that "all good things must come to an end" and today's Seattle Times announced that Mike Gastineau, known as the Gasman on KJR, is leaving the station.   When KJR, one of Seattle's venerable radio stations became a sports talk station in the early 90s, many of it's on-air personalities were abrasive toward both the players and fans who called in.  Gastineau had a much different approach, fair and even handed. Gastineau had a friendly way of educating his callers, who may not have seen the full picture.  As the station has evolved, there are fewer call-ins and more interviews and commentary.  Gastineau has been afternoon drive at KJR for almost 20 years, almost 3 lifetimes in big market radio.  He has been with KJR  for 21 years.  His community service includes hosting the Fred Hutchinson Award and the KJR Kares-A-Thon Charity Auction..  He has said that he will persue other opportunities.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Seattle AM Station To Host Sports Talk

Sources say that KPTK AM1090 will soon abandon it's Progressive talk format in favor of sports talk.  At this time, the Seattle market has two of it's top tier stations doing sports.  Sportradio950 (KJR) and ESPN710 (KIRO) both stations have deep roots in the community.  Sport broadcasts are not new to AM1090,  the past couple seasons, it has broadcast the Seattle Storm,Seattle's WNBA team.  Whether that partnership will continue beyond contractual obligations remain to be seen. 
It should be noted that KVI, abandoned it's Conservative talk a few years ago, in favor of oldie music hits, it returned to conservative talk recently.  AM1090 is owned by CBS Radio.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kicking And Dreaming--The Story Of Heart

I first heard the group Heart when the song "Crazy On You" was played on the local rock radio station on the night of my high school graduation in Walla Walla.  Although it was on just a silly AM car radio, something really came through, a special kind of charisma that is heard to put into words.   That summer (1976),  I saw them again on the WSU public TV channel, the show was called Second Ending and the true talent of the group came across including Ann Wilson's ability to connect with the audience, I don't think the Second Ending was ever again able to live up to that episode. Ironically, I saw Heart perform live in concert at the University Of Idaho down the road from WSU in 1978.  Bottom picture is Heart's first album, autographed by it's bass player Steve Fossen, who I met at a Seattle after hours party.
"Kicking And Dreaming" is the latest book from Charles Cross, who has written about almost every iconic Rock act to come out of the Seattle area.  The story is actually told by  Ann and Nancy Wilson, the sisters who fronted the group.
Without giving away too much of the book before you read it, the Wilson sister were raised in a military family and moved many times, finding it difficult to make friends, the sister stuck together as a family, perhaps it was a positive for the act that they were unable to assimilate, that they would be able to carve out a niche of their own. 
The family finally settled in Bellevue and Ann was a high school outcast because of her weight issues. The girls were inspired by the Beatles.  They started performing as teenagers, when they played at their family's church, they played a rock song that emptied the congregation, much like John Lennon's famous spoken faux pas.
 The book chronicles the band's meteoric rise, their sudden fall, and how they were able to pick themselves back up and still today, be an act to be reckoned with.  Not always a happy story, they speak about gender discrimination by groups like the Marshal Tucker Band who pulled the plug on them while they were performing as a warm up band and heartache from broken love affairs and school rejection.  Nancy also speaks candidly about hear divorce from Cameron Crowe.
My cousin Burl Barer was listed in the acknowledgements as a contributor to the book as was my old boss Pat O'Day.

The UPS Store Featured on TV

My wife Debra and Karl Kilpatrick, who owns a UPS Store in Puyallup demonstrate packing techniques of The UPS Store on KING 5's New Day Northwest with Margaret Larson. I can be seen in the audience. Deb and I brought a wide array of packing boxes from the store to the studio for the demonstration.  We were at the studio for about an hour before to set up.  While waiting in the Green Room, we met some of the other guests including a group from Northwest Harvest, the president of Bartell Drugs, and a personal trainer.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Debra Back On TV

My wife Debra will be back on TV again tomorrow (Wednesday, November 28th) on KING 5 TV to talk about packing and shipping options for the holidays at The UPS Stores in the Seattle area.  She will be on at 11 am on Channel 5 on the show New Day Northwest.  Margaret Larson will be the host.  Unlike a year and a half when she was on she was interviewed at the store by Penny Legate on Better Northwest, she will be live in the studio. 
For those who may miss the showing, I will try to get a video up soon.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cougs Win Apple Cup

WSU quarterback Jeff Tuell passed for 350 yards as the Cougars overcame an 18 point deficit to stun the bowl bound Washington Huskies 31-28.  The Cougars, in the midst of a nightmare season seemed to be on the way to a 9th straight loss, when they scored 18 straight points to send the game into overtime.  Andrew Furney hit a 27 yard field goal to end the game.
Because of the tradition of the Apple Cup pitting the state's two largest universities, the Cougars end the season on a somewhat happy note in spite of a 3-9 record.  This season, the first under coach Mike Leach, who turned into a polarizing figure with some of his methods of handling players.

Friday, November 23, 2012

So Long, JR!

Larry Hagman, whose iconic character, JR Ewing, invoked everything people dispise about the Texas oil industry, is dead at 81.He had been suffering from cancer.   Hagman originally played astronaut Tony Nelson in the comedy, I Dream Of Jeanie
Hagman's mother was broadway legend Mary Martin.  Hagman had recently been starring in a revival of the Dallas series, with most of the original actors, but featuring the rise of  the next generation of Ewings.  Ironically, Hagman's TV brother, Bobby is depicted in the show as suffering from terminal cancer.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Congratulations To Colin Cosell

Colin Cosell's weekly satire, SNM news, were he picks the hot topics and his favorite social media comments, has just taped it's 40th show.  Congratulations, Colin!

Maple Valley Hosts New Pizza Joint

Farrelli's Wood Fire Pizza opened in Maple Valley on October 31st of this year.  It is a family fun restaurant located by the Fred Meyer at 26642 Maple Valley Black Diamond Rd. SE.  We stopped over for dinner last Saturday and sat in the bar.  Our food server was named Nic, he was well versed on the history of the chain, it was started by the Farrell family in Lacey (near Olympia), there are also locations in Parkland, Tacoma, Dupont, and Sumner The Maple Valley location is the 6th of the chain and the first in King County. We ordered beer from a vast selection that included local micro brews and wines.  Diners can pick one of the Restaurant specialties or create a pizza of their own from the multitude of toppings. Although the place was busy, the food arrived right on time. 
I would highly recommend Farrelli's in Maple Valley.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Breakfast At The Testy Chef

The Testy Chef on the off highway 169 is worth visiting,  breakfast on the deck offers a breathtaking view of the Cedar River.  The food and service are excellent and affordable.  It is a wonderful break from fast food and one of the last remaining establishments that give Maple Valley it's rural character.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yahoo Fantasy Football Suffers Blackout

As you may know, I have participated in fantasy football leagues for a few years.  This year, my team has been pretty successful riding the coattails of Green Bay star quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  Realizing that this last weekend , Green Bay was having a bye, I went to the computer to make some last minute changes before the game.  I noticed that the site was difficult to navigate, thinking it was a computer glitch, I went to my phone with no luck.  I soon got a text from another player and I knew the problem with with the Yahoo site.
Sure enough, the next day, I  received a letter of apology from Yahoo, I assume all the players did, that the site did indeed have an outage.   Possibly players from all over the world trying to find a suitable replacement for Aaron Rodgers.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WSU Football Controversy

When WSU hired Mike Leach as head football coach last year, the school  was hoping to put the program on the national "map".  It now is, but definitely, not the way it wants to be.  Premier wide receiver Marquess Wilson has left the team and shocked the sports world with accusations of "physical, emotional, and verbal abuse".  Reporters were already aware of how Leach handled a loss to Utah, marching selected players into a news conference to explain what he perceived as a lack of effort.  Cougar fans are questioning whether there is a method to the coach's madness or it it just madness.  WSU President Floyd has announced an investigation into Wilson's charges.  WSU football fans have seen their share of unusual coaches, but none as polarizing as Coach Leach.  Time will tell if he is the right player to turn the program around.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Inslee Elected Governor

The 2012 Election cycle for Washington State has all but come to an end as Attorney General Rob McKenna has conceded to Jay Inslee in the state gubernatorial race.  Inslee becomes Washington's 23rd Governor.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Senator Elect Mark Mullet

Issaquah City Councilman Mark Mullet has been a elected to the state senate, he becomes the first Democrat to represent Washington's 5th Legislative district in 20 years. Mullet, a former Bank Of America executive, is owner of  Zeke's Pizza and Ben And Jerry's Ice Cream franchises in the Issaquah Highlands.  He was written about in the Seattle Times a few years ago for being the first Washington resident to purchase a Tesla, an all electric car.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The President Meets Some Barers

Cousins Stan, Alta, and Aaron Barer pose with President Obama.  Thank you to Anea for posting this on the "Barer" Facebook page.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Mark Mullet For State Senate

Mark Mullet is the right choice for State Senator from Washington's 5th Legislative District.  Mark is a small business owner and an Issaquah City Councilman who bill himself as a fiscal Conservative and a social Liberal, those qualities define the make up of the 5th District.  Mark has an across the board apeal that can potentially bring together all sides.  Mark's opponent Brad Toft comes across as an ideologue with no experience of bringing sides together.  He was flung into the process when incumbent Cheryl Pflug left the Senate after taking a job with the State Growth Management Board,  anger by district Republicans at Pflug's sudden departure from the race hardly cannot be seen as confidence in Toft's ability to serve in that position.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Ruderman Endorses Finkbeiner

Laura Ruderman, former legislator from Washington's 45th district has been heard on Robo calls endorsing Bill Finkbeiner for Lieutenant Governor.  Ruderman is known as a staunch Democrat.  Finkbeiner was once elected to the state house in the 45th in '92 as a Democrat, but switched to the Republican party a couple years later in a run for senate, allowing Finkbeiner's Republican opponent in '92, Dr Backlund to regain his seat.  Ruderman defeated Backlund a few years later.
Imcumbent Lt Governor Brad Owens is considered by some a Democrat in name only (Dino).  Many Republicans and Democrats think of Finkbeiner as a Republican in name only (Rino).  In spite of the low profile of the office, the Lt Governor has real power.  He presides over the State Senate and can vote in case of a tie.  He also assumes the governor's position when he/she is out of state.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Wandering The Parking Lot

I stopped to make a phone call last Monday in Issaquah and found this creature feasting on the greenery.

Friday, October 26, 2012

George McGovern Dies

George McGovern will probably go down in history as the "face" of all the unrest of the 60s.  Student activists in the late '60 had grown disenchanted with President Lyndon B. Johnson and America's involvement in the Viet Nam War.  In 1968, a strong challenge by Minnesota Senator Eugene McCarthy,  an opponent of the war.  When Senator Robert Kennedy, another opponent of the war and the brother of slain President John F. Kennedy, joined the race, Johnson dropped out and it looked like America could turn a new direction.  When Senator Kennedy was also assassinated, Johnson's Vice President Hubert Humphrey had already joined the race and the establishment triumphed. Humphrey was beaten in the general election by Richard M. Nixon.
In 1972, supporters of George McGovern put together a challenge to Hubert Humphrey and Ed Muskie, who had run as Humphrey's VP in 1968.  McGovern, a Senator from South Dakota had entered the 1968 race briefly after Bobby Kennedy's assassination as a friend of the Kennedys and also an anti-war candidate.  This time the McGovern supporter were able to gain momentum by organizing in neighborhoods, providing one of the greatest grassroots campaigns in American history.  The fight with the Humphrey forces went right to the Democratic National Convention, leading to a split in the party that is still apparent today.  McGovern had to give his acceptance speech after midnight and had trouble finding someone who was willing to run on the ticket with him.  He picked a Senator from Missouri named Thomas Eagleton, who, it was soon discovered, suffered from depression and had received electro-shock treatments.  After promising to support Eagleton, McGovern finally dropped him from the ticket and the campaign was virtually over. McGovern supporters soon found out that Americans may not have been ready for McGovern's Liberal views and many Democrats turned to vote for  Nixon, even though they despised the man. On the campaign trail, McGovern was reported to be surly.  The McGovern ticket wound up winning one state (Massachusetts) and the District of Columbia. 
When the Watergate Scandal was in the process of taking down the Nixon administration, a common bumper sticker was "Don't blame me, I voted for McGovern".
In later years, McGovern gained a reputation as a man of principal and even struck up a friendship with former President Nixon

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ken Levine Should Be Full Time Mariner Announcer

Two years after the sad passing of  legendary announcer Dave Niehaus, the Seattle Mariners have announced they will begin the search for a full time replacement.  My choice would be the man who had the position in the early 90s.  Ken Levine replaced Rick Rizzs, who departed for a brief time to work for the Detroit Tigers.  Of course Rizzs was chosen to replace retiring Ernie Harwell.  When Harwell was talked out of retirement, Rizzs came back to the Mariners, where he has been ever since.  After the sudden death of Niehaus, the Mariners decided it was not a good idea to replace such an icon immediately, they instead, rotated amongst several former players and announcers, Levine was amongst those in the mix.
Levine is an author, a comedy TV writer and a blogger.  He loves the game of baseball and has a distinct descriptive style.  In a current poll on the Seattle PI web site, Levine is running ahead of other proposed replacements.  But first and foremost, he wants the job.

Monday, October 22, 2012

100,000 Visitors!

Proud that Barers Of Maple Valley received it's 100 thousandth visitor yesterday according to sitemeter.  This blog was started in May of 2005.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Seattle Times Gives Free Advertising To Republican McKenna

In  a move that has outraged everyone in this state who is not a supporter of gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna, the Seattle Times has granted unilateral free advertising to McKenna, who is currently in a neck and neck battle with former Washington Congressman Jay Inslee.  Washington State Democratic Chair Dwight Pelz (pictured above) said he had never seen anything like that in his 35 years in politics.  McKenna is currently Washington's Attorney General. The Times, the state's largest newspaper, also granted free advertising to R-74, the bill for marriage equality.  The Times has endorsed both McKenna and R-74 in it's paper.

Romney-Obama Debate Watch Party

For the 4th time in this campaign season, Bob and Robyn Scola will be hosting an on-line debate watching party on facebook Monday, October 27th.  No one will actually meet in person, but rather will watch on TV with their own friends and express their thoughts about the event by clicking to this facebook page.  Watch parties have already taken place on the first two presidential debates as well as the one between the  vice presidential candidates.  A lively discussion is promised. To reserve your spot, click here!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Dasher Meets Birth Family Member

We took Dasher to the leashfree park in Kirkland yesterday and by coincidence met a dog that with the same birthday, by coincidence we found out it was Dasher's twin brother!  His name is Barkley and the two played together for a long time.  You surely cannot miss their striking resemblance.  Their were many Golden Retrievers there, but Dasher went right up to this one.  We were in Kirkland to have breakfast with my Dad and with my brother Steve and his wife.  Steve was in town for the weekend.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Seattle Seahawks Shock The Patriots

The Seattle Seahawks have continued to "beat the unbeatable" as they overcame a 23-10 deficit and defeated the New England Patriots 24-23.  The team has beaten NFL strongholds Green Bay, Dallas, and New England at home and have beaten Carolina at home.  The Seahawk have usually had trouble winning in the East Coast time zone.  The 'Hawks' two losses have come against conference foes Arizona and StLouis.  In the picture above, Sidney Rice brings in the winning touchdown, a 46 yard pass from quarterback Russell Wilson.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Thiel: Exclusive — Mariners on their arena fight | Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners have taken plenty of heat for their opposition to the proposed NBA arena, considering the hoops that team itself had to jump to get Safeco Field built.  Veteran Seattle sports columnist Art Thiel posted his exclusive interview with Mariner CEO Howard Lincoln concerning the motivation of the baseball franchise.

thiel: Exclusive — Mariners on their arena fight | Seattle Mariners

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Salmon Days Caps Off Festival Season

Sunny skies and near 80 temperatures made the 2012  Issaquah Salmon Days seem like a summer festival instead of a fall one.  Thousands of people crowded the downtown streets for the annual gathering held during the first weekend of October.  Top picture, I'm posing next to an unlimited hydroplane at the Snoqualmie Casino booth.  Bottom picture is local Beatles tribute band Creme Tangerine, who played at noon at the Main Stage.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Seattle Times Endorses Mullet For Senate

Washington's 5th Legislative District, one of the last of the totally red districts in King County, could be electing a Democrat for the first time in almost 20 years.  Incumbent Cheryl Pflug, a Republican, has left the race and endorsed what would have been her Democratic Opponent Mark Mullet, an Issaquah city councilman.  Mullet was also endorsed by the usually right-leaning Seattle Times.
Mullet own's a Zeek's Pizza franchise, along with a Ben And Jerry's Ice Cream franchise in the Issaquah Highlands.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Baseball Has A Triple Crown Winner

For the first time in 45 years, Major League Baseball has a triple crown winner, leading the league in batting average, home runs and runs batted in.  Miguel Cabrera has done it for the first time since Carl Yastrzemski won it leading the Boston Red Sox to the pennant in 1967.  The previous year, Frank Robinson won the triple crown leading the Baltimore Orioles to a World Series championship.   After the back to back winners it took a couple generations until the Cabrera feat. Cabrera's Detroit Tigers are Central Division champions.  The last National League triple crown winner was Joe Medwick of St. Louis in 1937.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Friend's Son Victim Of Attack

This picture was taken by our dear friend Colleen Aylward whom we have met through our store in Bellevue. Colleen, a native of Walla Walla visits her home town regularly.  She was kind enough to take this picture of the  house on Palouse Street in Walla Walla, where I lived with my family from 2nd grade through High School.  She also has brought us Walla Walla onions and wine.
We were sad to find out last week that Colleen's son J.D. had been the victim of an early morning assault in Bellevue  last week and his been in the critical care unit of Harborview for 10 days now. We have been following JD's improving progress since. The Seattle media has since jumped on the story.  The Bellevue Police Department are investigating this horrible act of violence and we wish the best for JD.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Daughter Of Former Walla Wallan Is Red Carpet Sensation

Last week Aaron Paul won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in "Breaking Bad".  I don't watch the show and did not watch the Emmys, but there was a twist to the story.  He is engaged to Lauren Parsekian, the daughter of Debra Kelly Parsekian who was in my French class at Walla Walla High School.  Debra's brother Bill has been a friend of mine since childhood. 
The two (Aaron and Lauren) made a splash in the entertainment blogs when walking the Red Carpet at the Emmy Presentation.  Debra posted the  pictures on her facebook page.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dasher Takes An Autumn Dip

Dasher enjoys a refreshing swim as we finish our walk around the lake at Nolte State Park, near the Green River Gorge. This is our third visit to the former resort, on the last day that it will be open this season.  We discovered the park 3 years ago, when we went on a drive to look at the autumn leaves.  The park is just 8 miles from Maple Valley. 

Huge Pumpkin Greets Shoppers

This pumpkin in front of the Rockridge Orchards  Market near Enumclaw weighs 1246 pounds according to the sign and won first prize at this year's Puyallup Fair.  Deb and I were on a Sunday Fall drive to Nolte Park and made our annual stop at the country store at 40709 264th Ave SE in Enumclaw.