Monday, July 31, 2006

Football Season Is Around The Corner!

Football season cannot start fast enough, as the Seahawks begin training camp in Cheney. After a summer of inconsistant play by the Mariners and the shocking sale of the Sonics, Seattle sports fans are anxious to welcome back the 'Hawks coming off their first Super Bowl. The first exhibition game is scheduled for Saturday August 12th when the Dallas Cowboys with TO and Drew Bledsoe invade Qwest Field. The Seahawks season begins in the same city that it ended last winter, in Detroit against the Lions on September 10th.
Incidently, the Sea Gals have new uniforms.
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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sadness This Weekend

Friday's tragic shootings at Jewish Federation offices in Downtown Seattle were a grim reminder of the instability in the world. The silver lining to this dark cloud was the support and expression of grief by the Seattle area's Islamic Community. Three women of Moslem faith attended Sabbath services at B'Nai Torah in Bellevue to express condolences. Posted by Picasa

Stan Barer Says Sonic-Storm Deal Made in Good Faith

The outgoing group of Sonics owners, lead by Howard Schultz, and the Oklahoma group that has purchased the franchise have been taking an unbelievable barrage of hits from all fronts, sports fans, opponents of public sports financing and community leaders. In a letter to the editor in the sports section of today's Seattle Times, investor Stan Barer responded,
"The buying group was chosen among many suitors because of their good-faith, legal commitment to try to retain the Sonics in the Seattle area so our community could continue the cultural enhancement and value that sports have always given.
The reception that has been given the new owners as well as the selling group has been rife with a "you are all liars" reaction by the sports reporters...
The letter also outlined the selling group's frustration with city officials.
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Friday, July 28, 2006

Big Concert Tonight

We're off to the White River Amphitheatre (near Auburn) tonight to watch Michael McDonald and Steely Dan in Concert. It should be a great evening! Posted by Picasa

Barkley Chucks Grand Old Party

The Seattle Times reports that Charles Barkley is now a Democrat. The outspoken former NBA star had considered running for public office as a Republican. Barkley's quoted as saying "I was a Republican until they lost their minds." Chuck, they may never find them. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Finally Some Good News From Over There

I think most people deal with the horrible things happening in the Mid-East by ignoring them. I think unfortunately sometimes that I can be included in that category. My lack of confidence in this administration, specifically the abilibity to carry on diplomacy, and the history of that area,does not give me much hope that it could be contained before more tragic events take place.
Israel has finally said that it will not expand it's offensive. That is the most encouraging thing that I've heard since the outbreak.
Israel has, however called up more reserves, hopefully only as a defensive measure.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What Rocked In '76?

With my 30th High School reunion just around the corner. Our intrepid reunion coordinator posed the question on what music would we want to be played. I decided to look up the music from our senior year because that is when the light was visable at the end of the tunnel. Here is what we listened to from fall of 1975 to June of 1976. Actually these are the number one songs according to Ben Fong Torres:

9/26/75 Fame--David Bowie
10/10/75 Bad Blood--Neil Sedaka
11/7/75 Island Girl--Elton John
12/19/75 Convoy--CW McCall
2/6/76 Theme From Swat--Rhythm Heritage
3/5/76 Dream Weaver--Gary Wright
4/9/76 Disco Lady--Johnnie Taylor
4/23/76 Boogie Fever--Sylvers

It apears that music was transitioning from the Glitter Rock period of the mid-seventies to the disco explosion of the late 70s.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Movie Star Drops In

Seattle based actress Josie Bissett was in my store today. Ms Bissett starred in Melrose Place as she corrected me, not Beverly Hill 90210. She seemed like a nice person and very low key. Posted by Picasa

Camping The Old Fashion Way

I would think the folks stay in the lodge while the kids get to stay in the teepee Posted by Picasa

The Landscape At Kah-Nee-Tah

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Maple Valley Barers On The Road

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We spent our anniversary at the Kah-nee-tah resort in Central Oregon. Located on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, about an hour north of Bend, it took a day's drive from Portland to arrive. Of course we made stops at a quilt festival in Sisters and a festival in Bend.
The mountainous desert scenery is spectacular. There are two pools (one with a slide). A golf course, a mini-golf course, spa, casino, and three great restaurants.
Although we stayed in the main building, there are campgrounds and actual Indian tee pees available for boarding.
The gift shop has plenty of Indian artifacts. I would recommend the Kah-Nee-Tah resort to anyone wanting a getaway weekend

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Another Infamous Sports Event On This Date

Exactly 12 years ago today, tiles fell from the roof of the Kingdome canceling the baseball game. The Mariners had to play all the road. The season was eventually cancelled a strike. The coincidence is that the Mariners were on a time limit to come up with a stadium plan our they would leave town. Somehow the Mariners where able to put together a season for the ages the next year and secure funding for a new stadium. That's why I don't think this Sonics situation is hopeless.

Seattle Is Super Sonics Toughest Opponent

Howard Schultz came out swinging in an interview with Mitch Levy this morning on Sportsradio 950KJR. Schultz said that Mayor Greg Nickles was making different statement to the media than what he was told. Schultz also singled out Seattle City Council President Nick Licatta's statement in Sports Illustrated as evidence to him that the city was dealing fairly. The statement was according that the Super Sonics and professional sports were of no cultural value to the city.
Meanwhile the owner of the new ownership group Clay Bennett said in the news conference he will give the area 12 months to come up with a favorable deal. Good Luck!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Just In: Schultz Sells Sonics-Storm

The Seattle Times Reports that the Seattle Super Sonics, Seattle's oldest major professional sports team, along with it's WNBA sister franchise has been sold to a group from Oklahoma City. Since Oklahoma City successfully hosted the New Orleans Hornet in the hurricane Katrina aftermath, this could dampen the chance of the NBA and WNBA teams of staying in the Seattle area. A news conference is scheduled for 3:00 pm today (Tuesday, July 18th)

Fairwood Could Become A City

Fairwood is an area down the road from Maple Valley. Most people passing through think it is part of Renton but it is part of unincorporated King County. The King County Council has passed legislation for Fairwood to become it's own town, much like Shoreline, which incorporated rather than join Seattle. Fairwood residents will vote on incorporation on September 19th according to the Seattle Times.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Kramer Largent: Did Not See This One Coming

Steve Largent, possibly Seattle's best loved athlete touched the world when he talked of the struggles of young son Kramer, who was fighting Spina Bifida. A birth defect that leaves the Spinal Cord exposed. Today we learned that Kramer has new struggles--the Seattle Times reports that Kramer Largent has been indicted in Dover, Delaware on 4 counts of solicitation of a minor under the age of 16. Mr Largent, a resident of Oklahoma, is expected to retutn to Delaware to surrender to authorities.
In spite of the fact that Steve Largent and my philosophical and political views are miles apart, I am very sorry to see this turn of events in his family. I have always been a fan of Steve Largent and he did everything possible to do good works for the community and to build the Seahawks up to what they are today.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Darcy Burner To Bring Stephen Stills To 8th District

Not to be outdone by sitting Congressman Dave Reichert who brought the ever exciting George W. to Medina, Democratic hopeful Darcy Burner is planning her own big name fundraiser. Rock legend Stephen Stills will be apearing at the Robinswood House at 2430 SE 148th in Bellevue on Wednesday July 26th. The show will run from 6:30-8:30 and while the suggested donation is high, the organizors would probably appreciate a large turnout.
Anyone planning to attend should e-mail Thomas Pitchford at
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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

How The Mariners Announcers Stack Up

I think when the tarp is laid over Safeco Field for the last time this season come September, 2006 will go down as a "transitional" year. The Mariners will be much closer to the .5oo mark than in the 2 previous seasons. Jamie Moyer will probably depart the good ship and Felix Hernandez will give us plenty of hope for the next few seasons. As we wrap up the All Star Break, I wanted to focus some attention on the Mariner Broadcasting crew.
As in previous seasons, Dave Niehaus does the first 4 1/2 innings on TV and the last 4 1/2 on radio. Rick Rizzs does the first half of the game on radio and the last on TV. Add a couple of "Daves" who alternate and Ron Fairley and you have a crew.

Dave Niehaus: The Mariners original, began announcing games on KVI with Ken Wilson at the inception of the team. One of the best in the business if not the best, he can bring chills with his "My Oh My" in an exciting moment. He will always be the Mariner's living "Sound Bite".

Rick Rizzs: Excellent straightman for Niehaus, although now they seldom work together. A warm voice with just the right touch of inflection. He is a vet, starting with the Mariners in the 8os with a short departure in an ill-fated gig with the Detroit Tigers.

Ron Fairley: He is probably my favorite. He played baseball in the 60s, about the time that I started following the game. His anecdotes bring memories and he is very articulate. Ron works with Rick and Dave on radio.

Dave Henderson: Just a fun guy to listen to. Always happy and pleasant. An ex Mariner. He gained most of his fame as a slugger with the Oakland A's and Boston Red Sox. I guess you have to take the bad with the good.

Dave Valle: My least favorite. He was a popular catcher and an asset to the community. It's just that when he is paired with Rick, you get 2 straightmen and not much insite into the game. His voice is hard to listen to. I always hope that Dave Henderson is on when I watch.

The second half of the season is starting so Let's Go Mariners!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Wa Hi 30 Year Memory: Graduation Mugs

In the spring of our Senior year, Mr Neher introduced an opportunity to buy a large Mug with the Wa Hi logo on it. Since coffee drinking was not in vogue at the time, I don't believe that the mug was intended for drinking coffee. I think it was intended for 2 things, one was to sit and collect dust on the shelf and remind us of our high school years. The other was to drink non coffee beverages at social occasions. If memory serves me, the mugs were available in either Blue or White, our high school colors.
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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Why 4th Of July Shows Should Be Left To The Pros

This story on my Dad's blog took place in the early 60s. Literally a "Blast from the past"! My Dad narrates:

A crisis for a presidentMike reminded me of a traumatic episode. In the early 1960's I was program chairman for the Marcus Whitman Kiwanis Club of Walla Walla. Part of my duties was to come up with an idea for a fund raiser.Prior to leaving on a vacation I presented some alternatives of packaged shows like Donkey baseball or Globetrotters, etc. I don't remember which was chosen but a vote was taken and action was to begin.When I returned from vacation I found that the format had completely changed. A professional producer had been hired, we had leased Borleske Field for the Fourth of July and we were going to develope our our own patriotic show The KIwanis Old Fashioned Fourth of July Show and Fireworks Display was an overwhelming success...
The stands were designed for 2500. The crowd was estimated at close to four thousand. At dusk skyrockets caused oohs and aahs and beautiful set pieces glowed in patriotic themes.featuring fireworks at the end. Very little expense as all entertainment except the fireworks was to be volunteer..
Next year the Fourth arrived. I was president. Based on the previous years success we scheduled a reprise bigger and better. Fireworks $2200.00...
The show began. The band played. The Lions Club Chorale belted out acapella barber shop favorites. The tumblers did their flips.Dusk arrived and all prepared for the fireworks display. Discreet flashlite beams were seen at the far side of the field as the crew awaited full darkness.A rocket fired arching into the sky and at its apex a loud boom indicating a beginning to the fireworks portion of the show.Then another boom and a series of crackling noises. This was not part of the plan. Someone had thrown a lighted object into one of the boxes of fireworks and a chain reaction caused all of the combustables to ignite over about a two minute span.The crowd was dazed. As president, with great trepidation as to what I would find I charged into the wall of smoke that covered the large football field. As I reached the far side, the crew had counted noses and determined all were accounted for. They were already policing up the mess.I thought I should make some announcement but the crowd was quietly filing out.One of our club members, Dan Reeder, who was helping with fireworks suffered some trauma from schock but fortunatey no one was injured.That was the last Kiwanis Old Fashioned Forth of July Show and Fireworks display.
Walla Walla, as far as I can remember did not see another fireworks show on the 4th for many years afterward.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Monday, July 03, 2006

Father-In-Law Hits The Big Time

Wow, I opened the Pacific Northwest Magazine yesterday and there was Bob, my Father-In-Law. Bob did a photo session for a modeling agency and his picture is feature in an advertisement for the Port Of Seattle. The Port recently expanded the restaurant offerings at the Sea Tac Airport. If you have the July 2 edition of the Seattle Times you will see the ad on page 3 of Pacific Northwest magazine supplement. It is also in Seattle Magazine and Seattle Metropolitan.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mariners Knocking On The Door

Only a couple of weeks ago, the sudden fall of the Anaheim Angels gave the Mariners a sample of what it is like to be out of last place. Suddenly the Mariners have a winning record and are one game out of first in the AL West. It may not last, but we should enjoy it while we can. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Cantwell For Senate

If you'r looking for someone with whom to have a pleasant chat, Senator Maria Cantwell may not be your first choice, but if your looking for someone to do the represent us in Washington DC, then the right pick would be Senator Cantwell. There is no doubt that she can be aloof in public, she brings back memories of Scoop Jackson who represented Washington for so many years. She has angered many of her fellow Democrats with her early support of the war, but has held her own against powerful Senator Ted Stevens on oil drilling in Alaska. Washington needs the one, two punch of Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. Please join me in supporting Maria Cantwell for US Senate. Posted by Picasa