Monday, May 28, 2012

It's Been 7 Years

On May 29th, 2005, Barers Of Maple Valley was launched. In honor of my 7th "Blogaversary, here is my very first blog post.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

An introduction

Hello--when I told my wife that I was interested in having a blog, she said "what are you going to say in it?" My dog Rusty, in his own Rusty way said that in no way does he want me to make cute Dog stories, so I decided that maybe on this page we can cover topics that are timely and that would draw interest whether it is Entertainment, Politics, Sports (which in my opinion is to sacred to be considered entertainment) and whatever anyone is talking about.
I'm brand new to this so fasten your seatbelts and we will begin!
Back to the present. Thank you to everyone who has read and enjoyed this blog in the last 7 years.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Barers Of Maple Valley Salutes Our Fallen Soldiers

Shout Out To The Maple Valley Post

While this blog will often report of goings on in Maple Valley, it is not dedicated solely to news about the community, fortunately, there is at least one blog that is.  Maple Valley Post does an excellent job at keeping readers up on goings on in South King County's fast growing city.  It also makes a great reference for my posts that pertain to the area.  You can read Maple Valley Post by clicking here.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fred Meyer In Maple Valley Now Open

Fred Meyer, a popular chain of department stores founded in the Northwest, will open here in Maple Valley today.   The store will anchor the new Maple Valley Towne Square development at Four Corners.  The building of the projected started after the Maple Valley City Council in 2009 voted to allow "Big Box" retailers under certain conditions.
Other retail coming to the Town Square include Burger King, Desert Sun, Chase Bank, and Sprint.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cheryl Pflug Leaving Senate

 Republican Senator Cheryl Pflug from Maple Valley, who has represented the 5th district in the state legislature for almost as long as I have resided here, is moth-balling her campaign signs and leaving her position to take a job on the State Growth Management Board.  Pflug began her legislative career in 1998, when she replaced Phil Dyer in the Washington House Of Representatives.  She may have lost support amongst many in her own party when she became one of only 4 Republican senators to support marriage equality.
Pflug was appointed to her new position by Democratic Governor Cristine Gregoire.  It could open up an opportunity for the 5th to get it's first Democratic Representative since  Senator Kathleen Drew was defeated in 1996.  Issaquah City Council Mark Mullet has launched a strong campaign in what was to be an attempt to defeat incumbent Pflug.  Snoqualmie businessman Brad Toft is the lone Republican running for the Senate in the 5th.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Washington's 8th CD Caucus

Delegates to Washington's 8th Congressional District Democratic Caucus met last weekend at Issaquah High School.  Upon parking our cars, a constant POP POP could be heard, oddly enough the Issaquah Sportsmen's Club ( a rifle range) is around the corner from the high school.
Delegates to the National Convention is Charlotte  were picked although my entry (above) fell short.  It was a great experience though and I will try again in the future.  Democratic candidate for Secretary Of State Kathleen Drew stopped by from Olympia (center), Drew represented the 5 in the state senate in the mid 90s.  Karen Porterfield, making her first run for office, spoke to us (bottom) and was nominated unanimously to challenge Republican Dave Reichert to represent the 8th district in the House Of Representatives.  Thanks go to Konrad Roeder for the top and bottom pictures.

The Jimi Hendrix Memorial

An easy drive from Maple Valley, The Jimi Hendrix Memorial pays a moving tribute to the Seattle  raised  rock legend.  The Memorial, located at Greenwood Memorial Park in Renton, is the grave site of Jimi and members of his family.  Greenwood Memorial Gardens shares the same exit off I-405 as Maple Valley.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dasher At Lake Wilderness

We walked down the Lake Wilderness Trail yesterday giving Dasher a good run

Friday, May 18, 2012

Barers Of Maple Valley Going For The Big Dance

That's right, "it's go big or go home" this weekend as I conclude my quest to be a delegate at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.  Delegates from across Washington's 8th Congressional District will convene at Issaquah High School at 1:00 Sunday and pick delegates to the National.  The delegates to the Congressional Caucus were picked at legislative caucuses, which were made up of delegates picked at the precinct caucus's.  Are you following me?  In a nutshell, the selected delegates will travel to Charlotte to nominate Barak Obama for president and Joe Biden for Vice President.  It will be quite an adventure if I can just get enough votes. By the way, your welcome to "like" my "Mike Barer For National Delegate" facebook page, just click here.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Enjoying The Artwalk

First Friday of every month from May until September, nearby Issaquah hosts the "Art Walk" where the city's many galleries open their doors.  There is also musical entertainment in one of the area's most picturesque cities.  My brother Steve and his wife, Dawn where up from Walla Walla and we enjoyed checking out after a dinner at Shanghai Garden on Front Street in Issaquah's downtown.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Cougar Sports Move To 710 ESPN

Seattle area Cougar Football and Men's Basketball fans have been angry for the past few years.   WSU Sports have been heard on local radio stations like 770 and 1090, neither station known for it's sport's coverage. This coming season, Cougar Sports are moving to 710 ESPN, the former KIRO news radio.  This means the Cougar Broadcasts will go head to head with Husky Broadcasts on 950 KJR, Seattle other sports station.  It should be more radio coverage for WSU athletics.
Veteran Broadcaster, Bob Robertson will continue to do play by play on the football broadcasts, but former Coach Jim Walden was removed by Athletic Director Bill Moos.  Walden will be replaced by Bud Nemeck (the basketball play by play announcer) and Shawn McWashington, who was a stand out running back on the 1997 Cougar Rose Bowl team.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Ryan Leaf Book Compelling

596 Switch refers to a play that the Ryan Leaf had planned to run as the last play of the 1998 Rose Bowl.  Of course, the Washington State Cougars, who were in the Rose Bowl for the first time in 60 plus years, faced one of the most controversial endings in college football.
Ryan Leaf is one of the most polarizing figures in all of sports.  Most remember him for his tempermental outburst in the San Diego Chargers' locker room.  They also remember his uncerimonious retirement from the Seattle Seahawks.   A few months ago, however, the word was out that Leaf had, shall we say, turned over a new leaf, showing maturity and humility in public apearences.  This book would bear that out, as Leaf, writes rather critically about his childish behaviour in certain situations. 
The best thing about this book is the player's eye view of the Coug's 1997-98 magical season, where the team, often considered the joke of the Pac 10 rolled over opponents and went to it's first Rose Bowl in decades.  Leaf suceeds in bringing the drama and joy of the season to life.
Of course, sadly, it seems that Leaf has fallen back into his bad patterns, but for readers who live and die with Cougar Football, I highly recomend this book.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Mullet Kicks Off Senate Campaign

So either Issaquah Councilman Mark Mullet's campaign for State Senate in the Washington's  5th Legislative District is off to a great start or Issaquah Highlands residents wanted free pizza.  A packed house gathered at Issaquah's Blakely Hall to meet Mullet, who is challenging Republican Cheryl Pflug for the position.  Mullet says that he is a fiscal Conservative and a social Liberal making him a good fit for the 5th  As the owner of two local franchise's, Ben And Jerry's and Zeke's Pizza, he has a good understanding of what it takes to run a small business.
The 5th district has been represented solely by Republicans since Democratic Senator Katherine Drew was defeated in 1996 by Dino Rossi.  Rossi at the time became the rising star in his party.  No doubt, if Mullet can defeat Senator Pflug, he would be a candidate to watch in the Democratic Party.