Saturday, August 29, 2015

Vin Scully To Broadcast Dodger Games In 2016

His longevity is legendary, Vin Scully, in 2016. will spend one more season in the Los Angeles Dodger broadcast booth.  Scully will be entering his 67th year with the time.  He is a living link to baseball history.  When he began, probably many of Babe Ruth teammates were still active, of course, that was the American League and the Vin's team was in the National.  He has probably called every pitch of Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, and Fernando Valenzuala (while Fernando was with the Dodgers). Jackie Robinson was still in the early stages of his career when Scully started and the Dodgers had not won a single world series at that time.  People born after Scully started have grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Scully started when the Dodgers were in Brooklyn and has been with them every year that they have played in LA. 
In addition to being there a long time, Scully is good, Ken Levine talks about what Scully brings to the booth here.

Cabo San Lucas

From July, a video I took on our trip to Cabo...

Friday, August 28, 2015

M's Fire GM

Mariners report General Manager Jack Zdureincik has been fired.

Trip To Seaside IV--Cannon Beach

Down the road from Seaside,  Cannon Beach is the more relaxed town.  It has no arcades, but instead art galleries and book stores.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Trip To Seaside III

We stayed at the Shiloh Inn at the Seaside Turnaround.  Our room was unique in that it had a stairway to a "viewing room" allowing us to see the surf.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Trip To Seaside II

A Seaside memory is the lifeguard tower, which is up every summer.  You can see it in the background in the top picture.  This was taken from the turnaround at the end of Broadway.  Generally during the course of the day, the lifeguard will drive up and down the beach. 
Bottom picture, a sand mermaid, sculpted north of  the turnaround just down from the Prom.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Trip To Seaside--Astoria

We stopped for lunch in historical Astoria Oregon, a fishing town located where the Columbia River runs into the Pacific Ocean. We had lunch at outside at the "Baked Alaska" on the waterfront.  We also rode the street car which runs back and forth on the waterfront.  Astoria is named after fur trapper John Jacob Astor.  It is 16 miles from Seaside.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Comemorative Bench

This bench now sits on the Prom in Seaside Oregon, just south of the turnaround.  Seaside was our vacation spot growing up.  About 18 years ago, I brought my wife down who in turn, introduced it to her family (who were originally from the East Coast).  They fell in love with the place and have returned every year.  Along the Prom, there are benches with plaques honoring many of the families that have lived and vacationed in the oceanside town.  My wife's grandmother's (Lillian "GG" Eldridge) wish was to be remembered with such a bench.  She is alive and doing fine, and will soon get to visit and see the bench.  The bench also mentions my in-laws.
Thank you to my cousins Barbara and Laurie, who posted this picture along with a couple others on their visit.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Morning Radio Host Jane Shannon

Seatac Media blog announced that former KIRO morning host Jane Shannon died suddenly.    No details were provided but there were multiple tributes on her facebook page.  It's a sad loss for the area.

State Mourns Fallen Firefighters

Three firefighters killed in a vehicle crash yesterday while fighting wildfires in the Methow Valley have been identified.Tom Zbyszewski 20, Andrew Zajac 26,(shown above) and Richard Wheeler 31.  A fourth firefighter, Daniel Lyon 26. is in critical condition in Harborview, according to KING 5 TV. 
KIRO FM Afternoon Host Don O'Neil and Ron Upshaw have established a gofundme page to help the families of the firefighters.  Wild fires continue burning throughout Central and Eastern Washington threatening property and lives.
Flags are flying half staff at the Space Needle and other area public building to honor the three fallen heroes,

Yvonne Craig Made An Impact

She played Batgirl for one season 47  years ago, but viewers remember Yvonne Craig.  Craig's character was created for what became the last season of Batman.  A former ballerina, Craig did her own stunts.  She would also play a memorable character on Star Trek. 
Craig died Monday in Pacific Palisades after a two year battle with cancer.  She was 78.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Vern Fonk Pitchman Dies

Rob Thielke, whose ads for high risk insurance company Vern Fonk ran alongside commercials for bail bondsman and used car lots, has died of cancer.  Thielke, whose face was much better known than his name, was thought by many to be "Vern Fonk".  He was known for his maniacal behavior in ads that singlehandedly made the company a household name.  To say the ads were of questionable taste would be wrong, the ads had no taste, but it was clear that Thielke was creative and a master of physical comedy.  He also had insurance chops, I have just found out that in 2013, Thielke had been named president of Vern Fonk Insurance.  Reports say, Thielke's ads will continue to run as that is what his family has said that he would want.

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Man From Uncle Film Brings Back 1960s Chic

I enjoyed The Man From Uncle because it took me back to my childhood.  The mid 1960s had America embroiled in the Cold War, a figurative chess match between the US and the Soviet Union.  The space program was in full swing, it was the jet age and America loved spies.  James Bond movies were big, there was "I Spy", The Avengers, Secret Agent Man, and the Man From Uncle.  I really didn't watch many episodes of the Man From Uncle, but it was a widely popular show with suspense and international intrigue. 
I believe that this movie brought back that sense that was in the period that we were always in danger and these men with unique skills would protect us.
  The movie teams two spies an  American Napoleon Solo and a Russian Ilya Kuryakin, who respect but don't trust each other, but form an uneasy alliance for a common goal,   In this case, too find a scientist who has a recipe for a bomb that can blow up the world. 
The movie has all the elements of a spy movie, European travel, fast cars, fast car chases, and beautiful women.  Although the numbers for this movie were reported to be disappointing, I'm hoping they do decide to film a sequel.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Rocking Pine Lake

Local Rock band Hall Pass performed last Thursday at Pine Lake.  Over the summer, local music can be heard on Thursdays as part of the Concerts In The Park series.   Pine Lake Park is in Sammamish.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Maple Valley Les Schwab Comes Through

Last Saturday, I pulled up at the Les Schwab in Maple Valley.  The tire pressure light on the dashboard had been on for a week. I had thought that it was a matter of putting a little air in the tires or maybe the light was on by mistake.  I stopped by at 1:30 in the afternoon and got immediate service.  I was told though that they needed to take a look at the tire.  I was starting to get nervous, because I had a Bat Mitzvah to attend in Bellevue, a 40 minute drive at 5:00.  Deb was already in Bellevue, working at the store and had not planned to come home before the service.
I asked if they could have it done by 3:30 and they said it would be tough because Saturday afternoons were so busy.  I went to the front desk and told them about my situation, they said they could do it.  While they were working on the tire, I took Dasher for a walk on the trail behind the store.  A few minutes after I returned to the store, the tire was repaired.  Right around 2:45 or so, plenty of time to get ready and go to the service in Bellevue.  On top of that, there was NO CHARGE since I had bought my tires at Les Schwab in Bellevue a couple years earlier.  Upon leaving, I understand why Les Schwab rules the tire business in the Northwest.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Greats Of Seattle Radio

A photo of the 2015 version of the OFC (old farts club).  A select group of Seattle radio talent (mostly from KJR) meet annually.  Thank you to Jaynie Jones for this picture.  Burl Barer is in a red shirt in the back row center.  Pat O'Day is 4th from the right in the front row. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Iwakuma Throws No No

Hisashi Iwakuma today threw the 5th no-hitter in Mariner history, blanking the Baltimore Orioles 3-0.  Iwakuma, much like the M's has been having a disappointing year.  He spent several weeks on  the disabled list.  The M's, who seem to be slowly improving, have just won their 4th series in a row.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What is this Color?

My cousin Lee and brother Tod are Red-Green color blind.   In this video, Lee tries special sunglasses which allow him to see colors, that he couldn't before.  His reaction is interesting.  From Lee Goldberg blog.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sunday At The Ballpark

Nelson Cruz comes up to bat, Sunday as we watched the Mariners play Texas at Safeco.  Cruz would later hit a home run,  as the M's would win 4-2  Felix Hernandez, although not as his sharpest was  able to get his 14th win.  Seattle's Jesus Montero also had a 2 run blast.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Frank Gifford, Sportscaster and NFL Hall of Famer, Dies at 84

Frank Gifford, whom our generation knows as a football commentator, but had a career in the 50s and early 60s as a running back for the New York Giants has died.  I remember Gifford presenting game highlights for CBS when I first watched NFL football in the late 60s.  When ABC started Monday Night Football in the early 70s, Gifford joined the crew in the second season, replacing  Keith Jackson.  Gifford had a smooth delivery and Hollywood looks.  Gifford played for USC in college.  His wife Kathy Lee is a co host on the Today Show.

Frank Gifford

CNN reports  the death of former New York Giant Great  and Monday  Night  Football  personality Frank Gifford at 84.

Bernie Sanders leaves Westlake Rally

A protest at Westlake Park prevented Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders from speaking, the fact that protesters disrupted someone who may be sympathetic to their cause, suggest that the 2016 presidential campaign will be the ugliest of all time.  This is sad on many levels because people want candidates to campaign and have rallies where they can shake candidates hands, but when things like this happen, it makes it impossible.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Stewart Calls It Good!

A great departure from one of the great comedians of our time, Jon Stewart closes out a long run on the Daily Show.

Friday, August 07, 2015

SI Baseball Writer-Commentator Has Washington Ties

Jay Jaffe is a writer for Sports Illustrated, a frequent guest on the MLB Network, and the blogger behind Futility Infielder, one of baseball's oldest blogs.  His Grandparents lived in Walla Walla and were members of our temple.  Jay's grandfather Bernie was a doctor at the Veteran's Hospital, Bernie's wife Clara had also practiced medicine. Jay contacted me on the internet many years ago, remembering our family and his go back a long way. 

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Howard Schultz Tossing Latte In Ring?

News sources including the Seattle Times, have run stories about the possibility of Starbucks Howard Schultz entering the presidential race as a Democrat.  There is really no rhyme or reason for Schultz to consider this, while the Starbucks brand is nationally known, I don't believe that Schultz is.  
In the Seattle area where he is well known, Schultz is widely blamed for selling the Super Sonics to out of town interests, leading to the loss of NBA basketball in the area.  For the people who don't like sports, they may remember that Schultz wanted the legislature to approve funds to remodel the Key Arena, during a recession that was devastating to our state. 
Of course, Schultz had brought Starbucks back to life when he reassumed the CEO position, but good businessmen do not always make good politicians.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Dasher Beats The Heat

Last Thursday Dasher escaped the 90 degree heat by taking a dip in Lake Wilderness. The geese in the background were not too pleased, as Dasher took their spot.  Lake Wilderness is located in the center of Maple Valley.  It's park is the city's primary recreation spot.