Monday, November 30, 2009

10 Years Ago--The Battle In Seattle

Today marks 10 years since the WTO came to Seattle. My experiences with that event have been documented on this blog.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Troyer Accuses Seattle TV Station

Pierce County officials have accused Sky-King of hampering a police investgation, in relation to the brutal slaying of 4 Lakewood police officers this morning. Pierce County Deputy Ed Troyer explains

Three Cousins Enjoy Feast

There is no Goldilocks, but you can see three Barers, all cousins of mine. Burl, his brother Stan, and sister Jan got together along with their children and grandchildren for Thanksgiving. Thank you to Burl and Jan who posted this on their blogs.

Neil Diamond Does The Chanukkah Song

I found this on cousin Lee Goldberg's blog a month or so ago. It's finally the holiday season.

Seahawks Beat The Rams

For the first time this season, and it has been a long one, the Seattle Seahawks were able to execute on the road, beating the St.Louis Rams 27-17. 'Hawk second year running back Justin Forsett had a break-out game running for 130 yards and 2 touchdowns. Josh Wilson intercepted a pass in the second quarter, running 65 for a Seattle score. Although the Seahawks are all but mathematically eliminated from the NFL play-off race, the victory should help the 'Hawks organization plan it's direction for the next few seasons. The victory was Seattle's 10th in a row over the Rams, who are also having a miserable season.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rotten Apple Cup Results In Husky Win

Apple Cup 2009 will go down as a match where a win starved Washington Husky team trounced the even more inept Washington State Cougars 30-0. While the Cougar defense played with heart in the first half, holding the Huskies to 10 points, the offense could not rise to the challenge, playing 3 quarterbacks, two with injuries and never getting inside the Husky 33 yard line. Suddenly, Washington's record looks better at 4 and 7, while the WSU Cougars are in need of evaluating their program to see if their is a way out of this slump.

Palin Hides Out In Tri Cities

My brother, Steve, reports on the whereabouts of former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This is what's happening a couple blocks from the Crossroads UPS Store where I work.

A Review: Pirate Radio

It's a fun movie, because everything is what you think it is. Pirate Radio takes you back to the rebellious 1960s when rock and roll music ruled. Add to the mix a "groovy" sound track and a crew of raunchy fun loving disc jockeys and you have a great movie.
The action takes place on a ship offshore from Great Britain. The government apparently would not license any radio station that played Rock music. By broadcasting from the boat, the station was outside the government's power. The government minister who was deadset on doing everything in his power (and beyond) to shut down the station was played up hilariously.
Other than being a little long, watching Pirate Radio (which was originally title "The Boat That Rocked") made for an enjoyable evening.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Old Walla Walla Radio Shows

Just to jog your memory and following up on my past posts on radio from the 60s and 70s, KUJ used to have a show called "Swapping Time", it was a cross between "Craig's List" and talk radio. Local listeners would call in to buy and sell their items and would be put on the air. A tape delays allowed the host to screen calls for suitable material. KTEL's answer was "Trading Post" however the DJ would read what were basically want ads over the air. KTEL also had "Pet Patrol" where listeners would could post lost and found for dogs and cats.
Another show that you may remember was the Men's Garden Club that would air on Tuesday mornings. On that show, the Walla Walla Men's Garden Club would answer questions fed from listeners. The radio station announcer would answer the phone and jot down the questions, to which a panel of experts would answer on the air.
Many of you may remember the "Hi Fi Show" change aired Monday through Friday at 8:00 on KTEL. DJ Dave Cochran would ask listeners to identify a record, the first caller to identify the record would win a 6 pack of Coca Cola. In order to play, you had to get a "Hi Fi" which for local teens, was as coolest thing to have in their wallet next to a driver's license.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 22nd, 1963

A dark day in American history.

Seahawks Lose In Minnesota

After a scoreless first quarter, it didn't take long to see which team is play-off bound as the Minnesota Vikings defeated the Seattle Seahawks 35-9. There were times when it looked like the Vikes did not have an opponent as ageless quarterback Brett Favre was able to move the ball practically at will, throwing four touchdown passes to four different Viking receivers. The Seahawks did not even get past midfield until late in the third quarter.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Billy Joel-Elton John Rescheduled

Ticketmaster has been informing customers that hold tickets to the canceled Seattle Elton John-Billy Joel concert, originally scheduled for early Novemberthat the concert has been rescheduled for Wednesday February 3rd at Key Arena.

A great clip recalling the AFL's imfamous "Heidi Game" of 1968. A game that might have been unnoticed except for two things, number one, it involved the league's showcase teams, the Jets (who would go on that season and win the Super Bowl and the Raiders (at that time, the defending AFL champions) and also,it kept football fans from watching one of the greatest comebacks in professional football history.
41 years later, fans still remember the "Heidi Games". This clip says it all.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Mike Barer

Up in the "Great White North" there is another Mike Barer. He is the bass player for the Edmonton, Alberta based group, Grassroot Deviation. Grassroot Deviation is described as playing a "diverse spectrum of Roots, Rock, and Funk." They have a myspace page and Mike has a group page on facebook. I do not know whether nor how he is related.

This Commercial Is So Funny

Cardinals Close The Curtain On The Seahawks

If the Seattle Seahawks proved one thing today, it was that even at it's best, it cannot keep up with an Arizona Cardinal team playing at it's worst. The 'Hawks blew a 14-0 lead in a 31 to 20 loss to the division leader. The one bright spot was second year Seahawk running back, Justin Forsett. Forsett had 123 rushing yards and a touchdown. In spite of a series of Arizona penalties and some big plays by Matt Hasselbeck, the Seahawks could not muster a single touchdown in the second half. Cardinal quarterback Kurt Warner (above) threw for 320 yards and 2 touchdowns. Beanie Wells had also rushed for two touchdowns.

Another Rainy Day

Rusty, in a classic pose in our kitchen the other day.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The AFL And ABA Challenge Established Sports Leagues

My brother, Steve wrote in his blog about the now defunct USFL which started as a Summer supplement to the NFL and then grew a little big for it's britches and finally challenged the Iconic league. It reminded me of the two upstart leagues of the 60s and 70s, the American Football League (AFL) and the American Basketball Association (ABA). The goals of both of these leagues was not nescessarily to destroy the established NFL and NBA, but to competed beside them like the American League and the older National League in Major League Baseball.

There is not much written to compare and contrast the AFL with the ABA, but there are so many similarities and yet so many differences.

The AFL no longer exists, but really it does. All of the original teams, plus the two expansion teams ( the Miami Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals), still exist, although the Houston Oilers are now the Tennessee Titans, the Oakland Raiders are again the Oakland Raiders, after a decade of so in Los Angeles. They exist in what became the American Football Conference (AFC). Three teams (Baltimore-Indianapolis Colts the original Cleveland Browns, now the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers), joined the AFL teams after the merger. The AFL was able to get a TV contract with NBC. It was easy for fans to watch their favorite NFL team on one channel and their favorite AFL team on the other. The AFL was established by oil baron Lamar Hunt, after the NFL stopped his bid to buy the Chicago Cardinals. Hunt owned the AFC's Dallas Texans. The Texans then moved to Kansas City and renamed themselves the "Chiefs". I think it was Hunt's money and the quality of ownership that he brought in that helped advance the AFL. Great AFL stars were Len Dawson, Joe Namath, Gino Cappeletti, and Daryl Lamonica.

Only four of the ABA teams joined the NBA. They are scattered in the league with no ties within. The ABA had no television agreement so it could not get either the exposure needed nor the money to lure the quality stars that the AFL could get. I remember an ABA all star game being played on "Wide World Of Sports" There was no common draft nor any direct competitive game with the NBA. The ABA was able to get some great stars though, Julius Erving, Connie Hawkins, and Rick Barry come to mind. It played with a Red, White, and Blue Basketball. It had the original three point line and many players had long hair and huge afro style haircuts. It was the flashier league.

The similarities are that they both brought changes to the older leagues, while the NBA does not play with Red, White, and Blue Basketballs, it adopted the "three point line" and the San Antonio Spurs (from the ABA) have won the league several times. The AFL brought the "two point conversion" , more colorful jerseys, the scoreboard keeping official gametime, player's names on jerseys, and of course the Super Bowl.

This year, the eight original AFL teams are having legacy weekends to celebrate 50 years since the founding of the league.

Monday, November 09, 2009

It's Mayor Mike McGinn

Former Sierra Club president Mike McGinn has won the Seattle mayoral race according to the Seattle Times. Joe Mallahan conceded today in a new conference. Mallahan was favored by most of the Democratic establishment. McGinn had over 300 volunteers. Neither candidate had either held an elective office in the area or had much outside name recognition before the race began.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Seahawks Bag The Lions

What started as a dismal day for the Seattle Seahawks down 17-0 at home facing the lowly Detroit Lions turned into a victory. The Seahawks offense started with an interception and a lost fumble on it's first two plays from scrimmage. Both times leading two Lion touchdowns.
Matt Hasselbeck, however stayed with the pass hitting 39 out 51 attempts f0r 329 yards.
Hasselbeck ended the day with the team record for career completions. The Seahawk defense had five interceptions, two from David Hawthorne, one from Marcus Trufant, one from Deon Grant and a final one by Josh Wilson that was run in for a touchdown to seal the deal.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Seattle's Tight Race For Mayor

Ever since my Uncle Arny's law school buddy Wes Uhlman was elected to be mayor of Seattle in the late 60s, I've paid close attention that city's mayoral race. It takes a special type to be able to lead a growing, cutting edge city that has seen it's share of peaks and valleys. This year's race is especially compelling. It pits a former T-Mobile executive, Joe Mallahan against a former Sierra Club president, Mike McGinn.
Both candidates ran because of their dissatisfaction with current mayor Greg Nickles. They were both able to get past the incumbent, who was considered invincible.
Joe Mallahan is touting his corporate experience. He has spent heavily to put professionals on his campaign staff. He has a smooth style. Mike McGinn is hard edged, and has a staff of mostly volunteers.
At this writing, only 500 some votes separate the two candidates.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Dow Is New County Executive

The Seatle Times has declared Dow Constantine the winner of the King County Executive race. Constantine, a King County Councilman, was open and upfront on every issue. His opponent, Susan Hutchison, was considered the early favorite.

Monday, November 02, 2009

An Autumn Sunday

After the depressing Seahawk game, Deb, Rusty, and I took a ride to look at the fall leaves. We wound up at Nolte Park, about 4 miles from Maple Valley toward Enumclaw. We walked the trail around Deep Lake, a hike of about a mile and a half. Here is Rusty wading into the lake.

On Our Family's Blogs

Tod Goldberg attempts to answer questions resolving the origin of the Universe and Troy Aikman's hair color here. Rated PG for language.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Cowboys Corral The Seahawks

What started out as a "toss-up" turned into another "blow-out" as the Seattle Seahawks lost their second straight game 38-17. The 'Hawks were able to score first on an Olinde Mare field goal in the first quarter. Dallas quarterback Tony Romo answered with a 36yard touchdown pass to Sam Hurd. Matt Hasselbeck threw touchdown passes to Deion Branch in the second quarter and to Justin Griffin in the 4th, while Romo also hit Miles Austin and Roy William for touchdown strikes. Cowboy Patrick Crayton had an 82 yard punt return for a touchdown. The Seahawks were plagued with mistakes as Seneca Wallace slipped in a wildcat formation and Justin Forsett fumbled after running for what could have been a Seahawk first down. Returning cornerback Marcus Trufant got called on three pass interference penalties.
The Seahawks will try to get back on the winning track next Sunday against the St.Louis Rams.