Tuesday, January 31, 2006

One of Pittsburgh's Favorite Sons

The Pittsburgh Pirates were one of baseball's dominate teams in 60s and 70s until free agency and the lack of a salary cap or revenue sharing left them behind. My favorite Pirate would have to be Willie Stargell, the hard hitting first baseman Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 30, 2006

Joe Namath Got The Ball Rolling

After the first two Superbowls in which the Packers and Bart Starr spanked the AFL upstart, it was widely thought that the AFL would always be the weaker conference. As Bart Starr departed the big show, the other legendary Quarterback moved in Johnny Unitas. The New York Jets represented AFL with their outspoken mod quarterback Joe Namath. So there you have it The Baltimore Colts were set to demolish the Jets. However Joe Namath who made the Superbowl poolside interview famous, guaranteed a Jet victory. I watched that game and remember that the Jets had great receivers like Don Maynard and George Sauer. They had a stalwart running back in Matt Snell. Namath, however received almost all the credit. To add insult to injury the New York Mets later that year, smacked around the Baltimore Orioles in the
World Series. Interestingly the first two winning quarterbacks in the Superbowl (Starr twice and Namath) both hailed from University Of Alabama.
The First three losers of Super Bowls came back to win one within a decade, that string was broken by the Minnesota Vikings who came back but still have not won one. Posted by Picasa

Remember Brian Blades?

Brian Blades was a ray of hope during the dark days of the 'Hawks. Steve Largent took Brian under his wing after he was drafted out of Miami. Brian then got involved in an ugly "off the field" incident, which tarnished his career and may have ultimately kept him out of the Ring of Honor. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Super Bowl Trivia

According to Superbowl.com, Cheryl Ladd sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl in 1980. That is rather strange. The game was played in Pasadena and for the first time ever, the host city had a team playing or so to speak. The Los Angeles Rams, it their first Super Bowl apearance lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers. It would take the Raiders to give LA their first taste of a Super Bowl Victory. At that time, noone dreamed that LA would ever go without at least one NFL team, but both the Raiders and the Rams shipped out more or less in the direction they came from several years ago. Posted by Picasa

Pioneer Broadcaster Dies

Native Seattlites no doubt are mourning the passing of Charlie Herring. Herring was Seattle's first live newscaster. According to the Seattle Times, he was the first live newscaster north of Los Angeles and west of Minneapolis putting much of the future of what was then a young medium right in his hands. He was anchorman for KING from 1951-1967. He was also the reporter as million dollar news budgets simply did not exist in those days. Mr Herring's home town was Walla Walla and he graduated from Whitman College. Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 27, 2006

Ron Howard

Ron Howard also was a graduate of Pasco High. Ron was also a great basketball player. When I was about 10 we went to a Wa-Hi vs Pasco basketball game so I could watch him play.
Ron was one of the original Seattle Seahawks playing tight end. Both Ron and Michael Jackson were hard to look up because in addition to both being from the Tri-Cities they both share their name with more famous celebrities. Posted by Picasa

Home Grown Seahawk

Former Seahawk linebacker Michael Jackson is a graduate of Pasco High School and also played for the University Of Washington. Michael was on the great Seahawk teams of the mid -80s when I used to gather with my friends every Sunday to watch the 'Hawks play. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Seahawks Of Yesteryear

You can go to this page to see who is in the Seahawk Ring Of Honor. I will also in the coming weeks try to bring you up to date on some of the forgotten Seahawks as well as some of the Steeler stars. All in all, it's a great time to be a Seahawks fan! Posted by Picasa

Super Bowl XL Steelers And 'Hawks

The Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers have something in common. Both teams made the Super Bowl soon after switching conferences. In the early 70s, Pittsburgh, along with the Baltimore (now Indianapolis) Colts, and Cleveland Browns from the NFL, which became the NFC to the AFC which was what the AFL turned into. The NFC was thought to be the stronger conference and that is what was attributed to them making the Supe after several mediocre seasons. That ended quick as the Steeler continued to dominate and beat NFC teams.
The Seahawks went from the AFC to the NFC, now the AFC is seen as the tougher conference
and it is up to our Seahawks to beat the Steelers and win over the skeptics.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

2 Old Steeler Standouts

Rocky Blier and Mean Joe Green helped make the Pittsburgh Steelers the dominating team of the 70s. Blier was the running back who made an incredible comeback after an injury in Viet Nam. Mean Joe captured America's heart in a Coca Cola commercial that is still considered by many to be the greatest commercial ever made.
The Pittsburgh Steelers won 4 Super Bowl titles. Our job is to make sure they don't get a 5th. Posted by Picasa

My Take On Mr Kelly Of Beaver Falls

In Beaver Falls Pennsylvania, 17 year old Joshua Vannoy wore the wrong T-shirt. Was it a T-shirt calling for President Bush's impeachment? No. Was it a picture of Osama Bin-Laden? No? Did the T-shirt disparage the Christian religion? No.
Joshua Vannoy wore a John Elway T-shirt to his Honor Ethnicity Class, ya know? That is the class that is supposed to teach tolerance. John Elway huh? Last I heard John E was not some crazy radical. He is just possibly the greatest quarterback to ever play in the NFL. He is the quarterback that continually came up with the big play to beat my Seahawks throughout his career. Joshua made one mistake. He wore it in "Steeler" country 2 days before the big game. Enter teacher John Kelly, John K is a big Steeler fan, but foremost he is a teacher, his job to help mold young people's minds. Mr Kelly had a solution to the "terrible" thing. He made Joshua sit on the floor with Joshua's peers seated around him. He had his students pelt him with paper while he was taking his test. Hey John, you big man, why were the other students not concentrating on their tests?
John Kelly of Beaver Falls Pennsylvania is a disgrace to the teaching profession. His job is to keep things in proper prospective and he obviously has no prospective of his own.
My solution is one that may drive home a lesson. Everyone reading this should send a Seahawk jersey to John Kelly. Send it in care of Beaver Falls High School in Beaver Falls Pennsyvania. Maybe that will send some kind of message to this blockhead.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Another Barer Is Blogging

For great insight in our family's heritage. Check out my Dad's Blog. I had encouraged him to start one and apparently he enjoys doing it. He joins other family members who's links are on the right hand corner as well as myself.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Pittsburgh Wants To Rain On Our Parade

Jerome Bettis cradles the Lamar Hunt Trophy as the Steelers soundly bucked the Denver Broncos 34-17. After shocking the Colts the week before, they are now ready to meet the Mighty 'Hawks a week from Sunday in Detroit. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Walla Walla Landmark Closes!

The Pastime Cafe, known for great food and low prices as well as strong drinks and low prices has closed down after 8o years. We were in Walla Walla by total coincidence but there would have not been enough room for a party our size. Burl Barer has written a nice piece on the venerable establishment. Posted by Picasa


Saun Alexander ran for 132 yards and 2 touchdowns as the Seattle Seahawks smothered the Carolina Panthers 34-14. The win sends the 'Hawks to their very first Superbowl ending 31 years of near-misses and frustration for the team.
The Seahawks have perhaps the NFL's most underrated defense yielding only 62 and 3 first downs in the entire first half.
The Hawks will take on the Pittsburg Steeler in Superbowl 40 on February 5 in Detroit Michigan and for the those of us who watch the classic every year, we longer have to root for someone else's team. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Action Hero Had Walla Walla Ties

5o something people may remember the old show "Sky King" which ran in syndication during the early 60s. Kirby Grant, the star was a graduate of Whitman College in Walla Walla. Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 16, 2006

Carolina Panthers Headed To Qwest Field

Wow, The Seahawks will have their hands full as the Panther bring an explosive offense lead by Steve Smith into the Q. The stakes have never been higher. This win would put us into the SUPER BOWL. The Panthers are a team that thrives on the roadPosted by Picasa

Sunday, January 15, 2006

AFC Play Off Game Has Incredible Ending

The Indianapolis Colt's quest for a Super Bowl came to an abrupt end today as they were defeated by the Pittsburg Steelers 21-18.
Indianapolis was behind for the entire game, but the offense came back and scored a couple touchdowns in the second half. One came on a call that would have been disputed forever had the Colts have one.
It had looked like time was running out on the Colts when they failed to convert on a 4th down deep in their own territory. However Pittsburg fumbled on their first play and Indy picked it up and ran the ball to mid field. The Colt's Quarterback Peyton Manning (abve) was able to run enough plays to set up a field goal try by Mike Vanderjiagt. Mike's kick was wide to the right and Pittsburg had the win. Meanwhile Vanderjiagt is in Bill Buckner territory as goat of the game, I'm afraid he is going to have a long winter. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hasselbeck Steps Up And Leads Seahawks To Win

Our very own Seattle Seahawks have won their first play-off game in 22 years today beating the Washington Redskins 20-10. It was not easy as league MVP Saun Alexander was lost to a concussion in the first quarter. Matt Hasselbeck was 16 for 26 for 215 yards, 149 of those to Darell Jackson including a touchdown pass. Matt Strong made a 32 yard run in the 4th quarter to set up the winning field goal. It was the longest run in the veteran Pro-bowler's career. Next week the 'Hawks take on the winner of tommorrow's Carolina-Chicago game. Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 13, 2006

My Choice For Washington State Democratic Chair

Former State Legislator Laura Ruderman ran state wide when she ran for Secretary Of State office. Her charisma and fundraising ability make her our choice for Washington Democratic State Chair Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Our Seattle Seahawks Play Saturday

The Red Sox did. The Chicago Cubs couldn't. Seattle has a chance to get rid of the demons that have plagued our sports teams.
In 1979 I was working at KTEL when the Seattle Super Sonics won the NBA championship. They had to win, the Portland Trail Blazer had won it 2 years prior. Fast forward to 1996, Michael Jordan has embarked on what would turn out to be a temporary retirement. The Seattle SuperSonics rip through the season with 60 wins. We have number one seed in the Western Conference. We play 8 seed Denver Nuggets and after winning the first 2 games of a best of 5, we somehow lose the entire series. First time in history of the NBA that that has happened! Of course in 1997 we finally play in the finals, but Jordan is back and Chicago takes another NBA crown.
The 2001 Seattle Mariners set an American League record for wins (116) They too stumbled and fell before even getting to the World Series.
The Seattle Storm did go all the way, but much like the NBA in the 70s, the WNBA is just not quite on the world stage yet.
Now you can see why I'm nervous about this weekend and the next. Let's get that first Play-off win in 22 years. Let's get in the Super Bowl and set this town on fire!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wa-Hi Grad In NFL

Former Walla Wallan Peter Sirmon is a stand-out linebacker for the Tennessee Titans. Posted by Picasa

And It's Not Even Friday The 13th Yet

A couple years ago, Deb gave personalized license plates to me as a birthday present. She thought that I would enjoy having plates bearing the description BARER-1. I thought it was real cool, being that I am the oldest of my generation of Barers to have that plate. Not too mention that although my car is a little older, it has retained it's appearance well and been as reliable as one can ask for a Ford Economy Car.
Well today I was on my way to work, minding my own business (well I thought that the phrase fit in well--sue me) I was headed to work in Bellevue. I got off I-90 amd proceeded north on 156th ,a major arterial that leads right up to the Crossroads area where I worked. I came to the intersection of 156th and Lake Hills Blvd stopped behind a couple cars at the stop sign with a few cars behind me and poof, the engine died (great), so I did what all of you would do and started the car, but it would not start. There was no sign at all that there would be any problem with the car. Not like with the departed Mustang which had a different problem every week. This was a sucky situation at best compounded by the fact that my hazard lights would not switch on and by the fact I was in the middle of the road with a LICENSE PLATE WITH MY NAME ON IT. I raised the hood and put on the left turn signal, cars still got right behind me. Luckily my phone worked, I was able to call Triple A, Deb who was driving separately was able to pick me up. A good Samaritan stopped by to push me out of the road and it did not rain at all until after the car was towed. So it looks like things turned out a lot better than I thought they would. It still made for a memorable day.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Cougs Stun Huskies In Seattle

It wasn't that long ago the College Basketball was an afterthought in the Northwest. WSU and the U-Dub were both perenial cellar dwellers. Only the rise of the Gonzaga Bulldogs to National heights drew a smattering of interest in this area. That is quickly changing as Huskie coach Lorenzo Romar has transformed the Huskies into a power house. WSU coach Dick Bennett brought the Cougs in with a 0-52 record against nationally ranked teams. The Cougs were also missing their starting point guard Derrick Low. However, The Cougs were able to beat the Huskies on their own court 78-71 last night in one of the great games in Cougar History. Posted by Picasa

2 Wonderful Cousins

Burl Barer and his son Jordan. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 07, 2006

It's been 30 years

Hard to believe that this June will mark 30 years since my graduation from Walla Walla High School. I have gotten word that my 30 year reunion gathering will be this August on the second weekend. Be ready for pictures and stories leading up to and including that time. Posted by Picasa

Redskins vs Seattle Seahawks

For the second year in a row Seattle will face a team in the play-offs who beat them in the regular season.
The Redskins have defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17-10 in a game that went down to the last minute. The Buccaneers homefield advantage did not faze the Redskins nor did the lack of offensive production by it's offense. The Skins manage only 122 yards of offense, a record by a play-off victor.
Grizzled veteran QB Mark Brunell is eager to go to his first Super Bowl, so it is imperative that Seattle be up to the task this coming weekend. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Final Word On Lan Roberts.

Lan Roberts is gone but I'm just beginning to realize it, so many times in the last few days I wanted to jot him an e-mail, like I did so often in the last 10 years.
Lan took to the web like a child with a new toy. He wrote about characters in the radio industry. He wrote about politics. He wrote about his grandson the soldier and he wrote about his regrets on taking up the smoking habit that eventually cut his life short.
I never met him in person. I spoke to him once by telephone while he had just had his lung surgery. He loved my joke about the Seattle rainstorm, but that's a whole different topic. Every time he would make a trip to Seattle he would e-mail asking for my telephone number and everytime he would forget to bring his address book along with him.
Lan's web page made him new friends who did not know him from his Seattle radio days for which he is most famous for.
Lan was honored at a tribute lunch at Andy's Diner on January 10 one of his friends has e-mailed some pictures and some exerpts of the eventPosted by Picasa

Sonics Change Course In Mid Stream

The Super Sonics, who have been playing in obscurity this year have fired Coach Bob Weiss. Bob Hill will now lead the team. The Sonics beat Chicago last night.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Arguably the best player ever for the San Diego Padres, Tony Gwinn came up their their farm system and played for the Single A Walla Walla Padres. Posted by Picasa

Seahawks Regular Season Draws To A Close

Seattle rested it's starters after the first half in a 23-17 loss to the Green Bay Packers. Since the Seahawks have wrapped up home field advantage and a first round bye (sport term for a day off), the only thing to settle was Saun Alexander winning the rushing title (which he did) and the single season all time touchdown record (which he also did).
It was also thought to be the last game for Packer great Brett Favre and the fact that he won the game against his old coach Mike Holmgren, with whom they went to the Super Bowl twice, gave the game an emotional backdrop.
Now it's on to the play offs!

So Long Lan Roberts!

What can I say about Lan Roberts? Well first I probably need to tell you who he is! I stumbled on to Lan's web sight when I got my first computer. I was surfing the net looking for stories about my cousin Burl's radio career, when I discovered his site. Finding it entertaining, I e-mailed him and introduced myself and over the next 5 years we discussed (all through e-mail) everything from politics to entertainment.
Lan was one of the premier djs on KOL and KJR in the late 60s and 70s and like most of them (or maybe all of them) he had been a heavy smoker. About 10 years ago, he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and somehow with surgery and chemo was able to beat it. A couple of years ago it returned. Lan was able to quit smoking and pleaded to his readers to not start or to quit.
Lan Roberts passed away last Friday January 3oth. Ironically his last editorial was titled "Wrapping It Up" Posted by Picasa
above: Lan is on the left with also recently departed friend Jerry Kaye.