Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sunny Day In Maple Valley

Mt Rainier can be seen in the distance

Friday, February 27, 2015

So Long Mr. Spock

As the characters picked as TV Guide's Most Memorable Characters continue to leave us, each one, upon passing, will seem like the most memorable of the list.  Still, Leonard Nimoy's "Mr Spock" will be amongst the most missed, maybe because it seemed to me like he was always there. The show started in the mid 60s, when astronauts were American heroes. The show seemed like the continuation of something that was already taking place.  Space travel was our view of the future.  Popular shows of the time were The Jetsons and My Favorite Martian.
Star Trek was different, it was serious, with an underlying twinge of humor, it had philosophy, and it had a multi-ethnic crew, something very rare at the time. 
Spock (known also as Mr. Spock)  was an alien, but as he probably had the least human appearance of TV's interplanetary visitors, he also had maybe the most human qualities.  The idea of a character that was half earthling and half human was indeed a heavy concept for the time and may have caused Star Trek to be put in some of the worst time slots, perhaps forcing an earlier cancellation. 
The fact that Nimoy, who did not use a catchy stage name like many actors have, was able to imprint that character for life was a real tribute to his ability. 
It seems like throughout my life, Mr Spock was a character to talk about, to argue about and to analyze.   His death comes as a complete shock.  I feel a little older.

TV Icon Nimoy Dies

Leonard Nimoy,  who played Mr Spock on the interstellar 1960s TV drama Star Trek has died. More later.

Temple Hires It's Interrim Rabbi For Permanent Position

Temple B'Nai Torah of Bellevue fell instantly in love with it's interim Rabbi, David Lipper.  Lipper was chosen for a one year assignment after the retirement of  Senior Rabbi James Mirel.  A committee was formed to find a permanent senior rabbi, but it's choices fell through.  Lipper was to be a fill-in with the understanding that he could not be considered for a permanent position.  However, the selection committee was able to find a loophole, and with the blessing of Rabbi Mirel, now the Temple's rabbi emeritus, and Cantor David Serkin-Poole.
Before a full house, Rabbi David Lipper was elected by an overwhelming vote to be the temple's senior rabbi.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

1992 Seahawks Vs Patriots: A Different Battle

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, in 1992, The Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots were involved in a different battle.  For number 1 pick in the NFL Draft.  The Pats were ever so slightly worst and were number 1 pick--they chose WSU quarterback Drew Bledsoe (above).  The Seahawks picked quarterback Rick Mirer from Notre Dame, who the following season, started better than Bledsoe, but soon was unable to stay at the level needed to QB in the NFL. Bledsoe, a native of Walla Walla, was instrumental in building the Patriots into one of the NFL's greatest franchises. 
Both teams are now considered the best in the league.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sportsradio 950 KJR Adds New Voice

Sportsradio 950 KJR, an all sports radio station now for more than 20 years, has added a new host. This week, Chuck Powell has taken the 10am to noon weekday slot, previously held by Seattle Times Sports Columnist Jerry Brewer and long time "Twisted Radio" Bob Rivers sidekick Spike O'Neil.
Powell, who had worked in the Phoenix area, is the station's first major hire from outside the Seattle market in years.  According to his bio, Powell had been in radio for almost 25 years, starting at 19.  Besides sports he has done comedy radio, most recently on KTAR in Phoenix.  I managed to get this snippet from his first show on KJR.  We wish him the best of luck!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Giuliani's Remarks--Blown Out Of Proportion

Up until the last few days, Mayor Rudy Giuliani was well off the national radar.  A political speech supportive of any Potential presidential candidate by him would barely make the front page of the paper of the city where it occurred. Giuliani is the former New York prosecutor, known for being tough on crime, who would go on to become one of the country's most famous mayors.  he was also known as a moderate on many social issues.
Giuliani is back in the news, only because he crossed a line.  At a private fund raiser for Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, he accused President Obama of not loving America.   We have always heard Republicans accusing Democrats of hating America, cops, servicemen, and the like, just because our views do not match the views that they have and that we tend to sometimes see both sides of a certain issue.  We also may have extremists who flat out don't love the country.  They don't reflect my views, though.
Guiliani's rant was re tweeted and re posted all over social media by progressives who were in an uproar, may not so much by the content, but who said it, perhaps we saw Giuliani as one of the wiser heads in the Republican Party.  I was amazed that Rudy included President Clinton along with Reagan as more patriotic Presidents.   Clinton endured much of the same criticism that Rudy pointed at Obama when he was in office.
My feeling is that the speech should be seen for what it is,a partisan speech to back a political candidate by a figure who has little relevance in today's political sphere.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

At Post Alley

We are downtown to watch a show at the Unexpected Improv at the Pike Place Market.

Friday, February 20, 2015

George Raveling Tapped For Naismith Hall Of Fame

Congratulations to George Raveling for his selection to be in Basketball's Naismith Hall Of Fame.  George was the basketball coach when I was at WSU.   He was the first African-American coach in what was then the Pac-8.  That in it's self is rather amazing, considering it is in maybe the most Conservative area of any of  what was then an all  West Coast conference.  It was a much different world when Raveling assumed the head coaching position at WSU, but he stayed at the school for 11 seasons, which included 2 NCAA tournament appearances.  In addition to his coaching duties, he also wrote a syndicated newspaper column and was a popular banquet speaker.
 Raveling would later leave WSU for other opportunities, a serious accident forced him to step down as USC basketball coach.  He then went to work for NIKE.  Seattle Times columnist Bud Withers wrote a great article on what Raveling brought to WSU, click here.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

So Long Aunt Serena

I had been planning to write a tribute post my great aunt Serena, She was my Grandmother Granek's younger sister and the last great aunt of uncle on either side of  my family.  She had just celebrated her 103rd birthday.  Today, I get word of her passing, which is sad because she is the last of her generation.  I hadn't seen her in decades, but I had heard that she stayed active until her late years delivering "Meals On Wheels" to seniors.

Russell Wilson, "Call Me Crazy": Players' POV

When Seahawk quarterback Russell Wilson talks, Seattle listens.

Palm Spinks Trip II

This beautiful Heron was always at the pond.  Sadly we couldn't get close enough to take a better picture.

Portland Star Found Dead

Jerome Kersey, who together with Clyde "The Glide" Drexler, provided a one-two punch for the Portland Trail Blazers has been found dead, he was 52.  Kersey, whose name is similar to Seahawk wide receiver Jermaine Kerse,  was a small forward drafted by the Blazers in 1984.  He spent his first 11 seasons with the Blazers, playing in the NBA final in 1990 and 1992.  He would later play for 5 other NBA teams including the Seattle Super Sonics.  He won a ring with the San Antontio Spurs in 1999. He retired in 2001.
Kearsey had appeared at Madison High School with ex Blazers Brian Grant and Terry Porter last Tuesday to celebrate African American History Month.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Palm Springs Trip

Deb and I spent the last four days with family enjoying the warm weather of the Palm Springs area.  Top picture, Dinner at the Marriott in Palm Desert Saturday, My nephew Ethan poses in the beautiful sunset.  We took the boat ride at The Mariott on Valentine's Day.  Bottom, I'm with my nephews on the grounds at the condo where we stayed.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

KIRO Loses Brandi Kruse To TV
Seattle TV station Q-13 has announced the addition of Brandi Kruse to it's news staff, assuming the title of in-depth reporter.  Kruse, the winner of 4 Edward R Murrow Awards at KIRO FM, has been one of the area's most respected broadcast journalists.
Kruse did her journalism studies at University Of Nebraska.  Thank you to SeaTac Media for tipping this story.

Nissan 2015 Super Bowl Commercial | “With Dad”

Howard Hoffman, a resident of Walla Walla, was the track announcer for this spot that ran during the Super Bowl

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Best Of The Best--So Long Gary Owens

LA Radio Personality Gary Owens has died at 80.  Owen became nationally famous as the announcer of the hit TV show, Rowan And Martin's Laugh In.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Old Walla Walla Radio Remembered Part 9

  He was an absolute local legend, David Herbert Cochran.  Known throughout the Walla Walla Valley as Rockin' Cochran.  We lost Dave in December of  2012,  but we can remember the voice of thunder by clicking here.  This is a snippet from a CD he made with Jeff Reynolds, another former KTEL DJ. I hope to post more cuts from the CD soon.  Thanks to my friends at the facebook group "Our Town Walla Walla, you can click here for Dave's soundbite

Old Walla Walla Radio Remembered Part 8

From Joe Drazan's Bygone Walla Walla page, back in the day, local radio personalities were a big deal.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

CBS War Correspondent Bob Simon

Viewers and colleagues alike are saddened to hear of the passing of veteran CBS war correspondent Bob Simon,  Simon who was most recently with 60 Minutes was killed in an auto accident in Manhattan.  The graduate of Brandeis University was probably best remembered for being captured with his film crew in the first Gulf War.  Bob's daughter Tanya is a producer for 60 Minutes.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bachelor Viewing Party At Lucia

While I have never been one to count myself as a fan of the ABC hit series The Bachelor, my wife and her sister are avid viewers.  Every Monday they visit their grandmother to watch the latest episode.  Lucia, an Italian restaurant in Kirkland has a viewing party every Monday featuring local former contestants Desiree and Chris Siegfried and Jason and Molly Mesnick.  Last night, the four of us attended and had a great time.  Pictured above, my Grandma-in-law Lillian with Jason, Molly, and Desiree.  Lower picture, Molly Mesnick with me.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Coming Soon! The Lost Voice Of Walla Walla Radio Icon

Jeff Reynolds, himself a former KTEL night time DJ, has sent a CD with the voice of Walla Walla radio legend Dave "Rockin'" Cochran.  We should have Rockin' on the blog and every social media outlet known to man in the next week or so.  So put on your crash helmet and buckle your seatbelt, he may be gone, but he's not done with us yet!

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Brian Williams To Step Down

Brian Williams, who has admitted to fabricating a story, has announced that he will temporarily step down from his anchor chair at the NBC Nightly News. Williams had said on-air that he was on a helicopter that was down from enemy fire in Iraq.
Questions have also started about Williams reporting of Hurricane Katrina.  When a reporter in any field including blogging is caught reporting anything other than the facts, it shadows the entire organization for which he or she works.  Even though Williams is a successful presence in the field, I really doubt that he will return.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Edgar Martinez Speaks At Ricoh Seminar

Ricoh Copiers held a seminar for people from The UPS Store and other perspective customers.  The event was held at Safeco Field where the Mariners play.  Edgar Martinez (top picture with Deb and myself) was the guest of honor. Edgar opened himself up to questions from the audience.
We also took a tour of Safeco, the middle picture was taken from the press box which our guide said was the largest one in the country.  the bottom picture was taken in the Mariner Dugout.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Seattle Sportsnet Blog Puts Last Sunday's Loss In Perspective

Alex Akita, blogger at Seattle Sportsnet, compares the Seahawks loss last Sunday with the shocking Seattle Super Sonics loss in 1994.  Seattle had the best record in the NBA and faced the lowly Denver Nuggets in the first round.  The Nuggets beat the team in the 5th game rubber match.  It was at the time, the most painful moment in Seattle sports.   Especially, because at the time, Michael Jordan had retired, so the Sonics were widely thought to be the favorite to win it all.  You can read the post here

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

1969 Year Of The Mets And Jets

The Mets and Jets were emblematic of the era, the 1960s was known for a generation gap and of the emergence of youth as a voice.  Neither team was in existence ten years earlier.  The Jets were part of a brand new league the AFL, that challenged, before it became part of the NFL.  The Mets  were an expansion team, a consistent cellar dweller, that shared a town with the storied New York Yankees. The Jets shared the spotlight with the New York "Football" Giants.  Many noticed that the two teams had names that rhymed.  Both teams played in Shea Stadium.  A field that was also famous for hosting the Beatles.
In  the Super Bowl of 1969, the Jets pulled off one of sports greatest upsets beating the Baltimore Colts. In the two previous Super Bowls, the NFL's Packers easily beat the 2 best AFL entries. The top picture is of Joe Namath, the Jet's brash, outspoken but talented quarterback. Namath was unlike any sports figure at the time. A mod dresser and a lover of the night life.
In the World Series, the Mets upset Baltimore's Orioles, also a heavily favored team.  On a related note.The NBA New York Knicks would beat the Baltimore Bullets on their way to the championship in the upcoming NBA season. Of course the Knicks had been around for a while, but can be tied to the Mets and Jets by the year, the city, and the fact that it also beat a  team from Baltimore in the post season.  Not long afterwards, New York would get the Nets, who would play in the ABA, a team with a rhyming name with the city's two hottest clubs.
In a year that saw Woodstock and a man walk on the moon.  The respective championships of the Jets and the Mets, would put a definitive cherry on top of a decade, forever known for the explosion of the youth culture.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Dream Dies With Curious Play

Once again, we battled back after a poor first half, but in the end, the ball did not bounce our direction.  After losing a 10 point lead to the New England Patriots, the Seattle Seahawks were able to make magic happen, battling to the 1 yard line with less than a minute remaining, but instead of giving the ball to Marshawn, a pass to the end zone was picked off, preserving the Patriot victory.
Bad end, but there's always next year.

SNL Spoofs The Hawks

The opening of SNL last night made fun of our Super Bowl bound Seahawks!