Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Appretice V First Episode (cont.)

Synergy has a brain storming session to kick around some promo's. They come up with a free spa treatment that was Brent's 2nd or 3rd idea. At least he has ideas. Brent finds out that hs team wants him to ride in the blimp. Brent is not a happy camper but, his team does not want him being their face or voice.
Goldrush lead by Tarek, with his IQ in the upper stratosphere, does not seem to be able to develope any ideas that would make anyone want to come. Like maybe see if Donald Trump could autograph books? Intead,they give away "gift bags" duffel bags with no gifts.
Summer a restaurant tycoon, volunteers to contact restaurants by phone to invite them to seek out Sam's Club memberships. She makes one call and decides to bag it. Houston--we have a problem!
Synergy does not win the challenge as much as Goldrush lost it. Synergy only signed up 43 memberships, Goldrush 40. Synergy wins lunch with Donald Trump at a swanky New York club. Goldrush must go to the boardroom.
At the luncheon Donald waxes philosophic about how his struggles cannot compare to a disaster in India, etc. To me it sounded like a bunch of crap, because although he is charitable, he is more outwardly materialistic than anyone you would know.
When Goldrush goes to the boardroom, they want to put Summer on the chopping block, but Donald says "not so fast" , Tarek did not lead properly and besides that, Summer is beautiful. Donald decides to come down on Tarek and is about to drop the axe when Summer chimes in and then you know she is going to get it now rather than later. Trump fires her and Summer finally realizes that this is not her "season".

Monday, February 27, 2006

Another Reason, Another Season for The Apprentice

He's back, along with 18 hopefuls who at first looked like a great crop however after only one task, this group is just as disfunctional as any other.
The group meets at the LaGuardia Tarmac near the Trump Private Jet. This is a way to reminds us the humble viewer that he has a jet, we don't or instead of watching this show I would be in Turin Italy shmoozing with... Oh never mind!
It won't be men vs women this time. Trump picks 2 captains, Allie, graduate of Harvard Business School, and Tarek, a member of the Mensa Society for the top 2 per cent IQ of the world. Word is that Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton are not members of that club. I really think Tarek and Allie were picked because they are strikingly beautiful. However there is one "ugly duckling" Brent created some diet to help him lose 100 pounds, he still is pretty chubby though however that is not the problem. He is obnoxious and bizarre, kind of a Marcus on steroids. There is a Russian immigrant named Lenny who is spooky and obnoxious.
Tarek and Allie pick there teams, trying to emphasis their wish to have beautiful people on there teams.
The task is use a Goodyear blimp to promote Sam's Club, the Arkansas version of our Costco. They want to promote Sam's Club to small businesses, rather ironic since Sam's Club's parent Wal-Mart has a tendency to devour small businesses.
Tarek, picks the team name Goldrush, rather simple for a man of letters and Allies team picks Synergy, I did not hear the reason as I got back late from the Commercial break.
to be continued
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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Moose Was Loose On KYYX

Red Hot Moose Moran did nights at KYYX And KXA as we conclude our look back. Posted by Picasa


There is a certain sense of bonding when you work in overnight radio, not only was I talking to Rosemary Smith upstairs, but I would talk for long hours with Connie Cole at KZOK and Janice Caine who was also at KZOK. Janice and I went out to breakfast at 13 Coins and Connie invited me sight unseen to her wedding which I accepted. I played Old Gold at KXA, not my favorite music at the time but a learning experience (I can tell the group of almost any pop hit, like Build Me Up Buttercup by "The Foundations"). I was not terribly anxious to get on at the FM quite yet, the KYYX after all played a very safe light top 40 targeted at mostly women and ultra yuppie men. Sort of like Seattle's warm 106.5.
Things would soon change as Randi Thomas came on board. The same Randi that had an excellent career later on at KLSY, playing songs in the night. Randi at the time also had a gig at KJUN, a country station out of Puyallup. She started at KXA, but soon got a shift at KYYX, I started to get restless. Especially since KYYX made a radical format change to say the least.
They began playing Rock Of The 80s. This new wave music for the last 18 months of it's existence would define the station forever. I nudged and poked Elvin in the ribs to get time with KYYX and finally around New Years got to work the big FM.

Miss KYYX Gleans The Waterways

KYYX made history with Brenda Jones as the first and as far as I know only female driver to race on the circuit. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Walla Walla War Hero

General Jonathon Wainwright commanded forces in the Far East during World War II and won the Congressional Medal Of Honor. He also has a street named after him in his native Walla Walla. Posted by Picasa


I stepped off the number 7 bus that Monday and walked up the stairs of the "University Building" at 1305 3rd St. That building was torn down 10 years ago and now that is the sight of Benaroya Hall a lovely performance hall. There was nothing lovely in that part of town in 1982. My guess is the U building bit the dust about 20 years too late. I walked up to the 4th floor to the reception area where a young woman was at the desk filing her nails and gabbing to a friend on the telephone about her weekend. She asked if she could help me and I said that I was starting work at this station. The receptionist pushed a button, barked something in to the intercom and instructed me to take a seat. Across the desk was a large couch where I waited for Elvin, the new boss.
A rather big gentleman walked into the lobby with black hair, droopy mustache and untucked shirt, I thought maybe it was Pat O'Day because he had a certain charisma about him. I had no idea what Pat looked like. It was not Pat though, it was Jerry Kaye who was a radio legend himself and he had just up and quit right there on the day that I was to start work. I was not exactly a "good luck charm" for the station.
One of the station staffers walked by, sighed and compared the place to WKRP, a fictional station on a show that was popular at the time. I started my shift that day, one of half a dozen "board operators" the DJs taped there shows and we (we had also been called Producers) put the voice with the music. I started that afternoon at KXA which was downstairs and also close to Pat's office. I would work at KXA exclusively for the next few months. At the end of the shift about the time that I was ready to head for the bus to the pad where I was staying, a man about my age walked in with his arm around a beautiful lady, he was introducing the girl named Sherry to everyone around, the girl was easily 4-5 inches taller than he was. He then came back kind of talking at everyone "Is that the girl of my dreams? Or the girl of my nightmares?".
I was pretty happy for a while working board at KXA. Since I usually worked overnights, I became friends with the lady working KYYX overnight. After a shift we would go to the bar at 5:30-6:00 in the morning for a quick coctail.
to be continued

Monday, February 20, 2006

Good Bye Curt Gowdy

Curt Gowdy, who was the sports first broadcaster that I ever listened to has passed away from Leukemia. In the late 60s when I first was interested in Baseball there was only one game a week and Curt did play by play along with Sandy Koufax and Pee Wee Reese doing commentary. Along with Howard Cosell and Chris Schenkel, he is probably one of the best known broadcasters of the 60s and 70s. In addition to Baseball, he also did AFL football on NBC,broadcasting the first Super Bowl. and the American Sportsman on ABC. He worked for both networks simultaneously. He also was the voice for many years for the Boston Red Sox. There is a park named after him in his native Wyoming.

KYYX: My Brush With Big Time Radio

When avid Seattle radio listeners hear KYYX, most likely they would remember it as a Seattle's New Wave radio station. But in reality, it only had that format of the last year and a half of it's existence. It's founder and owner was Pat O'Day (pictured above) virtual czar of all things radio in Seattle in the last 40 years.
It was the summer of 1982, a hot August day in Walla Walla, Washington. I fresh out of college, working in my Father's business in the weekdays and moonlighting with a part time gig at KUJ, babysitting their automated FM. I had spent the winters traveling the west coast, in the guise of looking for work, actually enjoying the experience of culture different from Pullman or Walla Walla. I had stops in Phoenix, Las Vegas, LA and San Francisco.
Cousin Burl ran out and told me that Elvin from KYYX was on the phone. Elvin told me that there was an opening for a part timer and I could have the job if I could make it up there now. This was the most exciting thing to ever happen. I was to do what I had been dreaming of, to work radio in the big city.
KYYX at that time consisted of 2 stations. The low power AM KXA was on the 3rd floor and played golden oldies. It was more or less, the training ground for the big KYYX-96.5 FM upstairs in both location and stature. I was to start at KXA working afternoons and some overnights until I got my licks in enough to work upstairs.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The First Gun Totin' Veep

In 1804, Thomas Jefferson's Vice President Aaron Burr shot and killed former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton in a duel. Hamilton (a signer of the Declaration Of Independance) went down in history as a hero and Patriot. Aaron Burr was pretty much forgotten or considered a black mark in American history. Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 13, 2006

Can The Democrats Take Back Congress?

In 2003, Howard Dean, an relatively unknown doctor turned politician was running what was thought to be a longshot candidacy for the Presidency. He turned to a new way of running campaigns raising small amounts of money through blogs on the internet. Suddenly ordinary people felt empowered and a full blown movement was started. For the first time since the tragedy of 9/11, stopping George Bush's reelection did not seem impossible.
As you know Governor Dean did not capture our nomination and sadly we did not capture the White House or Congress. The Republicans have unchecked power but there is hope. As Chairman of the Democratic National committee, it is time for Governor Dean to lay his cards on the table.
A series of events has turned the Bush administration into one of the most unpopular ever. The slow response to Katrina, the absurdity of continuing the Iraq war, and the embarrassing Cheney incident have put the GOP behind the 8 ball. Now is the time for Democrats to take back the Congress. We can begin to investigate whether we had cause to enter Iraq. We can come up with a plan to combat terrorism.
If the Democrats cannot make significant gains, if we cannot empower our leaders, if we cannot come up with a clear message, it may be time for Governor Dean to return to Vermont.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Former NBA Star With Walla Walla Ties

Rickey Pierce was a popular Seattle Super Sonic. He also played Basketball for the Walla Walla Community College Warriors. Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl Commercials

For the last 10 years Lan Roberts would annually editoralize on the Superbowl commercials. It made for great reading. This last year we have lost Lan so I thought that I would try in my own way to review them.
I thought that for the most part, they were pretty mundane. There was very little in the way of creativity. My favorite was the Ameriquest one were the lady tries to get out of her seat and sneak passed a sleeping passenger on an airplane when suddenly turbulence hits and she winds up in his lap. I also like the Bud commercial were the stereotyped husbands tell their wives they are doing chores but in reality are watching TV, barbequing and drinking Bud Light.
You can check out the commercials here.

Referees Stink UP The Joint

But don't take a lifetime Seattle fan's word for it, check out this blog from Philadelphia. Of course, Eagle fans probably hate the Steelers. But the point is, there is no doubt that Seattle got screwed by biased officiating. Posted by Picasa

A Seahawks Bright Spot

Congrats to Seahawk Cornerback Kelly Herndon. Herndon set a Superbowl record with his 76 yard interception return. It could have been the turning point in the game if we could only execute. Posted by Picasa

Burl And Isis

Burl Barer and ever faithful pal Isis where on the "Dog Whisperer" show on the National Geographic Network last Friday. We'll see how Isis can deal with her newfound celebrity. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Seattle Seahawks Defeated In The Super Bowl

The Seattle Seahawk, so brilliant during the season were able to keep some of their early momentum in the first half and play possession ball throughout. The Pittsburgh Steelers dominated during the second half after a record breaking 75 yard touchdown run by Willie Parker. The Steeler's D was able to take Sean Alexander out of the game (he had to settle for 93 yards) making quarterback Matt Hasselbeck have to depend on the pass. Dropped passes, sacks and an interception, things that seemed absent in the Seahawk's play this year seemed to come back to haunt us. But of course, it's the Super Bowl and you have to play the best. You have to bring your A game and although it looked like they did briefly, it is a game of 4 quarters.
Congrats to retiring running back Jerome Bettis and Pittsburgh coach Bill Cowher. These are 2 of the NFL's great.
Thank you very much to the Seattle Seahawks for making one of the greatest runs in Seattle sports history. We're in the NFL elite now and next season, I would not be surprised if we break down the door and bring home a championship.

Cougs Do It Again

It has been a rather disapointing year for the Cougar Men's Basketball and Football team except we have beaten the Huskies for the third time this year. We won 77-64 over the touted U-W basketball team. We also beat the Huskies at the "Hec" a couple of weeks back and also won the Apple Cup in Huskie Stadium. We have a long way to go to be the dominant school in the state, but we're on the right track. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Oh What A Year!

Back in the beginning of this season which seems like a hundred years ago almost, I began writing about the Seahawks. Although I have not been able to attend a game this year, I have followed snap after snap on TV.
At the beginning of this season, I don't think Greater Seattle knew Matt Hasselbeck from a lumberjack. Saun Alexander was thought to be a loud mouth. Walter Jones, a big pain. The conventional wisdom was the 'Hawks would be OK at best.
What a season we were in for. The team would not let up. It's amazing how just knowing you can win and what it can do for a team. Congratulations to our Seahawks and our city. Now it's the Superbowl and let's win there! Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 03, 2006

The Games Greatest Left Tackle

There is no doubt that offensive lineman are the most underrated part of the game. They don't score touchdowns they don't get sacks. We seem to only hear about them when they get holding penalties. The Seahawks would not be where they are without an awesome front line. Steve Hutchinson, Chris Gray, Robbie Tobeck, Sean Locklear, the great Walter Jones. There are no offensive lineman in the Seahawk "Ring Of Honor" but Walter Jones should be the first! Posted by Picasa

Burl Barer Goes National!

Seattle radio icon Burl Barer and his dog are scheduled to be on The Dog Whisperer show tonight (Friday February 3) at 8:00 pm PST. The Show takes place on The National Geographic Channel.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Before Super Bowl IX

Before there first Super Bowl in 1975, the Steelers did not have much luck on their side. They had passed up on eventual Super Bowl quarterbacks Johnny Unitas (Super Bowl 3), Len Dawson (Superbowl 1 and 4) and Earl Morrall (Super Bowl II,V, and VII). As time were on starting in 1970, they made a series of brilliant draft decisions and became a team for the ages.