Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 Concludes! Have A Safe New Year's Eve!


Earthquake Hits Maple Valley

An earthquake of 3.2 was felt here yesterday. I was at work, but my wife texted me to say that she had heard a rumble.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Covid Claims Castaway Mary Ann

Dawn Wells, who turned castaway Mary Ann into one of TV's most beloved comedy characters, has died of complications of COVID-19, according to various sources. 
Wells, a University Of Washington graduate and one time Miss Nevada, played cheerful Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island, the midwestern girl who liked to bake pies. 
One of the most popular baby boomer question was Ginger or Mary Ann? referring to who was the "hottest".
Ginger was the beautiful movie star, who would use her looks to try to get her way, Mary Ann was pretty and homespun, basically the most down to earth character on the show.
Coincidentally, Wells and Tina Louise, who played Ginger, were the last surviving actors from the show.
Now Louise is the only one of the cast who remains. 

Marc Martel - Don't Stop Me Now - Queen Cover

This artist was featured on Mitch Unfiltered, the podcast by former Sports Radio 950 morning man Mitch Levy.  Marc Martel sounds almost exactly like Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury and did some voice work on the Queen movie, Bohemian Rhapsody.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Jamal Adams on NFC West Title 2020-12-28

The Seahawks have won the NFC West.  Defensive phenom Jamal Adams raises eyebrows  (and laughs) by celebrating with a cigar. 

The Queen's Gambit Great Show

 Most reviewers can explain what makes a movie or TV series work.  With The Queen's Gambit, it was tough for me to really see why, but it kept me glued to the set for all seven episodes.   

I've never been a fan of so-called period pieces and even though watching chess on a TV series, sounds about as exciting as watching a bridge match, when the series ended on the final show, it caught me off guard, I wanted more. 

The series does follow a standard formula, a rags to riches rise of a girl (Beth Harmon) who is put in an orphanage with little hope or identity, and who climbs her way out of poverty by learning chess from the building janitor.  She is not close to being a perfect person, through little fault of her own.  She is given tranquillizers every morning until her state outlaws the practice.

A well written series, Beth Harmon becomes the Rocky of this era.   The Queen's Gambit is available on Netflix.  

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Dick Curtis--Seattle Radio Icon

 Dick Curtis, veteran area radio voice and a friend, rival, and associate with Pat O'Day, has died, according to reports on facebook.  Curtis had worked on-air at KJR and also at KJR's arch rival, KOL.  

He worked with O'Day at Concerts West bringing national acts to the area.  Curtis was newsman at KYYX/KXA while I worked for that station.   He was later director at the Seattle campus of the Bailie School Of Broadcast.  

I believe his most recent work was as newscaster at KVI.  You can hear Curtis at 2:25 in this video.

KC Jones--One Of Two Boston Celtic Greats To Coach The Sonics

 KC Jones, who coached the Sonics from 1990 to 1992, is dead at 88.   He is pictured with Bill Russell (Jones is on the right), above, with whom he shares many parallels.  The two played together at the University Of San Francisco, where they won back to back NCAA titles in the mid 50s. 

Jones and Russell would play for the US Men's Basketball team that won a gold medal in the '56 Olympics in Melbourne, after which they would become teammates on the Boston Celtics in one of sports greatest dynasties.  The team would win eight straight titles.   While Jones retired in 1966, Russell would become player-coach for the Celtics, leading them to a title.  Jones would later coach the team, and lead it to two NBA titles. 

Seemingly by coincidence, both were at different times, head coaches for the Seattle Super Sonics.  Russell coached the team from 1973 to 1977.  Bill, thankfully, is still with us.

Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas Day Explosion Rocks Nashville

 About 20 building are reported to be damaged by a morning explosion in Nashville.  Three people are reported to be injured in what is believed to be an intentional act.  The incident is under investigation. 

Merry Christmas From Maple Valley


Thursday, December 24, 2020

Local Legend Delilah Featured In New York Times Podcast

 Seattle area's Delilah is featured on the New York Times Daily Podcast.  In a very personal essay, Times reporters speak of being on the road during 2020 and the comfort of listening to the nationally syndicated show, with the host taking calls from listeners and playing soft rock. 

The Puget Sound Media blog had this recap of the pod.  

Pandemic Forces NBA To Rethink Expansion Stance--Seattle Could Benefit

 The Seattle Times is among sources saying NBA commissioner Adam Silver is speaking of maybe the league expanding beyond it's present 30 teams.   While Silver, it the past, has given a pretty hard "no" to the idea of expansion, the entry fee could benefit the present teams in the league, all missing out from revenue from fans attending games in the latter part of last season and expected throughout 2021.

Seattle, which is completing it's remodeled arena for the soon to be launched NHL Kraken,  could be the first in line for having a newly minted NBA team.  The Super Sonics left town for Oklahoma City in 2008.

Since the sale of the team and subsequent move, fans have had ups and downs of possible purchase of the team or of franchises relocating to the area, only to have had the ideas crushed.  Thus, NBA fans in the area, wanting a nearby place to attend a game, have often driven south to Portland to watch the Blazers.  A good number of sports fans in the area also seem to have turned a blind eye to the league. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Alaska Safety Dance

Seattle based Alaska Airlines used this song from the 1980s to emphasize new requirements in a fun way.  

Monday, December 21, 2020

Maple Valley Lights

The Maple Valley Christmas Light Show is a great place to stop on an evening.  You can listen to Christmas music on a designated local radio channel.  The show is at 22629 SE 263rd Place Maple Valley, WA 98038.  Donations can be made on site to help the Maple Valley Food Bank.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Friday, December 18, 2020

Recount Sustains Margin--Mullet Beats Anderson

 In a race with two Democrats pitted against each other, moderate State Senator Mark Mullet, representing Washington's 5th district, will keep his seat in the Washington State Legislature.  Mullet, first elected in 2012, became the first Democrat elected to Olympia from the 5th in 20 years.  He was reelected after a tough battle with Republican State Representative Chad Magendanz in 2016.  The 5th now also now has two Democratic members of the state house. 

This year, Mullet was challenged by area nurse Ingrid Anderson, also a Democrat.  Many Democrats had been frustrated with certain votes by Mullet.  Anderson was endorsed by Governor Jay Inslee.  Other Democrats saw Mullet's accomplishments for the district and were happy with his middle of the road approach.   Some of Mullet's votes may have been from Republicans who saw Mullet as a better alternative.

Mullet is a former member of the Issaquah city council. 

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Can Barers Of Maple Valley Top One Million Visits?


An amazing milestone in sight.   Right now, the number of visits to this blog is983038 , meaning, that 17 thousand visits are needed to top 1,000,000.    The total right now for this month is about 3600, so, at that pace, we could reach that total in the late spring.   This blog has been around for 15 years


Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Brandi Carlile “Total Eclipse of the Heart” Ryman Auditorium Nashville 0...

Maple Valley's Brandi Carlile and her band do a great job on this Bonnie Tyler song from the 80's. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Monday, December 14, 2020

Cleveland Drops "Indian" Nickname

 The Cleveland MLB team has followed the Washington NFL team in dropping "Indians" from its name. 

Although, maybe not as high profiled as the Washington controversy, pressure had been building for  years for teams adopting names many groups find offensive.  Other teams that may change names in coming years include The Atlanta Braves, The Golden State Warriors, The Chicago Blackhawks and The Kansas City Chiefs.

Biden Harris And Company

America's top two, President-Elect Joe Biden and VP Elect Kamala Harris are represented in my office, along with Ruth Bader Ginsburg and other political and pop culture figures.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Charley Pride Dies

 Charley Pride, country music's first African-American superstar has died of complications from COVID 19.  He was 86.  

Pride, who performed last November at the Country Music Awards,  was the first African-American member of the Country Music Hall Of Fame. 

Before making it as a singer, Pride had played professional baseball. 

Friday, December 11, 2020

Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Selected As Time Magazine Person Of The Year

 I think at one time, it was known as "Man Of The Year" and now two people share the singular title of  Time Magazine "Person Of The Year".  President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris share the title for 2020.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Mayor Durkan Will Not Seek Second Term

 Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has announced that she will not seek a second term next year.  The mayor has had an impossibly difficult year, as Seattle has faced a number of problems compounded by the COVID19 and the riots after the George Floyd killing last Spring.

The Riots, shown unedited on TV, garnered harsh criticism by both sides, with one side speaking of her actions as harsh and another saying that they were not harsh enough.  A group of protestors gathered at Durkan's house, whose address had been kept secret and a sit in was held at city hall.  It seemed like no one would stand up to support her. 

At the beginning of  the Durkan administration, the city had a rosy outlook with the expanding of Amazon and the granting of an NHL franchise to Seattle.  However, a televised expose on the city's homeless, although controversial, did it's share to dampen the optimism in the area.   

Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Sad Memory--40 Years Ago Beatle John Lennon

 On December 8th of 1980, former Beatle John Lennon was murdered in New York by a deranged fan. He would have turned 80 last October.  

Monday, December 07, 2020

Dick Allen Baseball Star Dies

Slugger Dick Allen has died.  He was 78. 
Allen was a 7 time all star and the 1964 Rookie Of The Year, playing for the Philadelphia Phillies, yet he was the subject of controversy for missing games and fighting with his teammates.  
He was eventually traded to St Louis for star centerfielder Curt Flood, Flood would gain fame for not reporting to Philadelphia, challenging baseball's reserve clause.  
Allen would play for the Cardinals for one season, then be traded to the Dodgers.  He would eventually wind up with the Chicago White Sox.  
Allen's troubles with Philadelphia where eventually traced to racial taunts in the stands,  He would where a batting helmet while playing in the field as Phillie fans would throw things at him.
None the less, Allen would return to play again for the Phillies in 1975.
Allen missed induction to the Baseball Hall Of Fame by one vote.  He is expected to be inducted posthumously by the veteran's committee on the next vote.

Every ing for the holidays

It's Christmas season at The UPS Store.  To find you closest, click here  Masks are required and please respect social distancing guidelines.

Sunday, December 06, 2020

Olympic Champ Rafer Johnson Dies

 Rafer Johnson, who won the Gold Medal in the decathlon in 1960, died last week, he was 86. In addition to competing as an athlete, he was also an actor, a sports announcer and a community activist.  

He is credited to having helped organize the Special Olympics in California.  He is also known for subduing the assassin of Robert F. Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan, perhaps saving lives.  He was also instrumental in bringing the 1984 Olympics to Los Angeles.   He lit the cauldron in the games opening ceremony. 

Saturday, December 05, 2020

Late 1960s--Beatles Grow Moustaches

 As the Beatles were out of sight (literally) for a while in the latter half of the 1960s, I remember their reemergence and it was indeed, shocking! I saw the videos of Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields Forever on American Bandstand.  The Beatles had moustaches!  John Lennon had glasses!

It's hard today the appreciate the gravity of this.  Along with the fab four the icons of the day included Frank Sinatra, Walter Cronkite, Elvis Presley, Andy Williams, and Bob Hope.  None of them altered their appearance.   Eventually, the Beatles would grow their hair longer and grow and shave beards, etc.  It set the stage for other famous faces to do more of the same.  The band members themselves went further into their own directions, splitting up, sadly, a few years later.

Friday, December 04, 2020

Seahawk Wide Receiver Josh Gordon Reinstated

ESPN reports that wide receiver Josh Gordon, who saw limited action last season for the Seattle Seahawks will be conditionally reinstated for the last two games of this season.  Gordon caught 7 passes for 139 yards last year as a late season replacement before being suspended unconditionally by the league for substance abuse.

Thursday, December 03, 2020

Israel IDF Girls Military Motivation 2 CHAMPION!

A tribute to the women of the Israeli Defense Forces.  Israel is a small country with hostile borders on all sides.  Because of this, it has compulsory military service for both men and women. 
Seeing the woman with high power rifles, yet, outgoing and friendly in most cases, is indeed, fascinating when visiting the country.  
I join the makers of this video in saluting the women who put their life on the line to defend their country.

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Aarons 50th Birthday Fire Dept Montage

I was really touched by the story behind this video.  I heard this report on the Unorthodox podcast.  Aaron Hartman has William Syndrome, a genetic symptom that causes him to be outgoing, to the point of interacting with and hugging strangers.  He has many friends in his hometown.
Aaron works as a greeter in different in different stores.  A huge 50th birthday party was planned for him, but needed to be cancelled because of COVID.  However, Aaron has a love of firefighters and firetrucks. His family set up a birthday video with fire fighters from all 50 states.  
The result is amazing!

Full Moon On A Tuesday Morning

The Moon very visible at 7:30 this morning.