Monday, January 28, 2008

Three Different Kennedys Endorse Obama

I bet no one saw this coming. After his impressive victory in South Carolina, Senator Ted Kennedy has endorsed Senator Obama. While that may not count for much in the general election, in a hard fought primary season, it is fantastic. In addition, Caroline Kennedy, who I don't remember every endorsing any candidate at any time, has added her endorsement. Patrick Kennedy made it a threesome for all that matters (which is little). I still remain uncommitted. Hilary has shown that she can pull a rabbit out of a hat, and her husband adds a charasmatic factor of his own, though he has not shown it lately. I think the best thing for the former President right now is too catch up on his rest and let Hilary run her own campaign.
Meanwhile with John Edwards looks and sincerity, he seems unable to win anything anywhere at anytime. The fact that he did little to campaign for Kerry has come back to haunt him.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Holmgren Will Return For One Last Year

When Jim Mora, Jr suddenly pulled his name out of the running to be coach of the Redskins, you knew something was up. Mike Holmgren will be returning to the Seahawks this fall for what he says is his final season. Mora will return to coach the defensive backs. Mora is considered by most observers to be Holmgren's successor. However, after next season, the U-Dub head coaching position could also be open. Mora grew up in Bellevue and is a Huskie Alum.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sicko Will Show In Issaquah

WHERE: King County Library Admin. Building
960 Newport Way NW
Issaquah, WA 98027
WHEN: Friday evening
January 25, 2008
7:00 to 9:30 PM
A funny look at America's Health care system by Academy Award Winning film director Michael Moore. This movie is free but donations are always welcome. This event is sponsored by the 5th District Democrats.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Maple Valley Democratic Precinct Caucus--Time And Location Set

The Washington State Democratic Precinct Caucus, the first step in this area to nominating the Democratic candidate for president, will take place on Saturday February 9. If you live in the Maple Valley area, the Caucus will take place at Rock Creek Elementary School, 25700 Maple Valley-Black Diamond Rd beginning at 1:00. You can click on the link for driving directions. This is the only chance to Democrats to have any chance to have a say in the nominating process. A state primary will be held later in the month, and although Democrats can vote in the primary, the results will be meaningless. Black Diamond residents living in precincts 0239, 2407, and 2413 will also caucus at Rock Creek. The Caucus at Rock Creek, which will be held in the Gym will be for the following voting precincts:

B-D 05-0239
B-D 05-2407
B-D 05-2413
Dorre Don
KEN 05-3462
M -V 05-0697
M -V 05-3242
M -V 05-3245
M -V 05-3272
M -V 05-3373
M -V 05-3482
M-V 05-0528
M-V 05-1218
M-V 05-2614
M-V 05-2748
M-V 05-2841
M-V 05-2857
M-V 05-3322
M-V 05-3366
M-V 05-3367
M-V 05-3368
M-V 05-3369
M-V 05-3510
M-V 05-3536
You can click on this link, if you have any questions

One Year To Go

In exactly one year, January 20, 2009, a new president will be inaugurated.

Diverse Cultures Meet In Bellevue To Celebrate King Holiday

Two Diverse Cultures came together this last Friday in Bellevue Synagogue Temple B'Nai Torah. To participate in holiday honoring the birthday of Dr Martin Luther King, the temple invited the Psalmist Choir of New Beginnings Fellowship Church along with Reverend Leslie David Braxton (above middle) as guest speaker, the idea of a Gospel Choir in a Jewish Synagogue is nearly unheard of to say the least. At first, it was a regular Shabbat (Sabbath) service, with Rabbi Jim Mirel (above top) making references to Dr King throughout. Deb and I attended in honor of the Yertzheit of my Grandfather Edward Granek. At the end of services, our choir stepped down and along came the Gospel Choir. The leader explained that along with the religious significance of the songs, many songs where had codes among the slaves in those days speaking of ways to gain freedom.
When Dr. Braxton spoke he began in reference to being at his first Jewish service, he quipped about his trouble following in Hebrew. He also joked about different traditions and rituals and praised the incredible voice of Cantor David Serkin-Poole "that is a Cantor who can". He also said the Rabbi Mirel had invited him to speak for 20 minutes. Braxton joked that 20 minutes could barely cover his introductery remarks. Braxton, a community leader with an avid knowledge of history, called Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday his "nervous holiday", the holiday was signed into law about 20 years ago by President Reagan who had vigerously opposed it. He says that although you can say "Merry Christmas" or Happy Chanukka to people of any faith, people just don't quite know how to greet each on the King Holiday. Braxton said that Dr King had spoken out consistantly on Viet Nam and would be vehently opposed to the war in Iraq.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Another Nordstrom From Seattle In The News

Seattle area native Lynsey Nordstrom has been in the news lately, not because she shares the name of the legendary Seattle department store, but because of her resemblance to Jessica Simpson. Reports say that Lynsey was hired by the New York Post to be in the stands at the Cowboys-Giants game. Of course there is controversy surounding the game because of the trip that Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo took with Jessica Simpson. It is said that Linsey's apearance in the stands was enough that Romo threw an interception on the last play of the game. I would truly doubt that.

Celebrity Apprentice:Kiss Of Death

Kiss Front man Gene Simmons was fired last night after he was asked to lead the Women's team. The Men had won the first two contests, Trump thought that Simmons could give them a lift. He did, but his ego kept him from meeting with the company. In this case KODAK. Even though the women were better organized in their presentation. The Men used the theme and won.
Trump asked Simmons who he wanted to take to the boardroom and he picked two people who were not directly involved in losing the task. Trump was astounded by Simmons judgement and fires him.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Incredible Video Of Walla Walla Windstorm

I checked You Tube for video footage of what has to be an historic windstorm in Walla Walla.

Seahawk's Superbowl Dream Turns Into Nightmare

For a moment, it looked like we could prove the world wrong. Like we could take down the Green Bay Packers and prove that this would be a magical season. Our defense had recovered 2 fumbles, which turned into touchdowns but then suddenly, things took a turn for the worst. In Green Bay's Lambeau field where so many dreams have ended over the years, the Green Bay Packers stomped the Seattle Seahawks 42-20. It was the largest point total the Packers had ever scored in a post season game.
The Green Bay Packers move on to the NFC Championship for the first time since 1997 when Mike Holmgren coached the team. Holmgren, who has coached the Seahawks for 10 years is rumoured to be considering retirement.

The 12th Blog!

Good Luck Seattle Seahawks

Friday, January 11, 2008

2007 In Review: My 50th Last July!

It was just a week before my 50th birthday, so it was not really on my mind. We were supposed to be trying out a new Italian restaurant with some family in town. The surprise was on me when I walked into Doc Maynard's. A moment I will never forget. Especially since it was on tape.

2007 In Review: Late Summer Trip To Las Vegas

We celebrated our friends Jackie and George's 40th in Las Vegas.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

How To Throw Away Your Broadcasting Career

In a split second, Kelly Tilghman jeopardized her job with the GOLF Channel with an off-the-cuff remark. Although she is friends with Tiger Woods, the inplications of her remark could get her fired.

Celebrity Apprentice: A Second Chance

After last week's scathing review, Ive decided to give this season's Apprentice a second chance. I will watch it tonight and may still review it. Stay tuned!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cougs Beat Dawgs In Mini-Apple Cup

The Washington State Cougars were back in Seattle to play the Washington Huskies tonight. Two weeks ago, the Cougs defeated The Citadel at Key Arena in the Cougar Hardwood Classic. Tonight they defeated Washington 56-52 at Hec Ed.

Video Of Walla Walla Windstorm

As a follow-up to my link, here is video of yesterday's windstorm, courtesy of "you tube" and the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin.

Seahawks Finish Strong--Season Stays Alive

The march to the Superbowl is still going on for our Seattle Seahawks. After holding the Redskins scoreless for three quarters, the 'Hawks gave up their lead and almost lost the game until some late heroics turned the games back into their favor. DJ Hackett scored a touchdown with less then 7:00 minutes remaining to give Seattle it's lead back and then Marcus Troufant intercepted a Todd Collins pass and ran it into the end zone to put the game essentially out of reach for the Redskins. Jordan Babineaux's interception and touchdown in the final minute put the proverbial icing on the cake. The Seahawks came away with a 35-14 runaway win.
There should be a case for giving a "game ball" to Washington Redskin fullback Mike Sellers. Sellers raised the ire of Seahawk fans by bringing up the old argument that Seattle crowd noise was aided by artificial devices. After a media blitz emphasizing the comments, the crowd was ready to do some hardcore screaming causing Washington's offense to be penalized frequently. Next week, Seattle travels to Green Bay to face the NFL's surprise hit, the Packers.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Violent Windstorm Hits Walla Walla

Across the state, a violent windstorm hit my former hometown of Walla Walla today. At this time, about 50 percent of the town is without power. You can check the Union-Bulletin for this video,

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Celebrity Apprentice Sucks--Trump Should Be Fired

What really hurts is telling the world that I watched this cockamanie thing. Ouch! Apprentice LA was a masterpiece compared to this. If anything, it highlighted what made the original show great. Omarosa, the lightning rod of controversy in the first show has returned, assuming anyone but a fan like me can remember her. She is so tame, she is almost likable.
The contestants are not out to get a job. They already are doing quite well, they compete to raise money for their charity. Who cares?