Thursday, January 03, 2008

Celebrity Apprentice Sucks--Trump Should Be Fired

What really hurts is telling the world that I watched this cockamanie thing. Ouch! Apprentice LA was a masterpiece compared to this. If anything, it highlighted what made the original show great. Omarosa, the lightning rod of controversy in the first show has returned, assuming anyone but a fan like me can remember her. She is so tame, she is almost likable.
The contestants are not out to get a job. They already are doing quite well, they compete to raise money for their charity. Who cares?


PJ said...

I think it will get better!
Stay tuned!

peterv said...

Trump sucks with his weave

peterv said...

Trump is a joke is her really that desperate for money this show is old and sahould be fired like american idol