Sunday, January 20, 2008

Maple Valley Democratic Precinct Caucus--Time And Location Set

The Washington State Democratic Precinct Caucus, the first step in this area to nominating the Democratic candidate for president, will take place on Saturday February 9. If you live in the Maple Valley area, the Caucus will take place at Rock Creek Elementary School, 25700 Maple Valley-Black Diamond Rd beginning at 1:00. You can click on the link for driving directions. This is the only chance to Democrats to have any chance to have a say in the nominating process. A state primary will be held later in the month, and although Democrats can vote in the primary, the results will be meaningless. Black Diamond residents living in precincts 0239, 2407, and 2413 will also caucus at Rock Creek. The Caucus at Rock Creek, which will be held in the Gym will be for the following voting precincts:

B-D 05-0239
B-D 05-2407
B-D 05-2413
Dorre Don
KEN 05-3462
M -V 05-0697
M -V 05-3242
M -V 05-3245
M -V 05-3272
M -V 05-3373
M -V 05-3482
M-V 05-0528
M-V 05-1218
M-V 05-2614
M-V 05-2748
M-V 05-2841
M-V 05-2857
M-V 05-3322
M-V 05-3366
M-V 05-3367
M-V 05-3368
M-V 05-3369
M-V 05-3510
M-V 05-3536
You can click on this link, if you have any questions

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steve said...

Nothing like being told your vote is meaningless.