Wednesday, January 18, 2017

SI Writer Jaffe Builds Case For Edgar Martinez

He is one of the most popular former Mariners. Edgar Martinez delivered the double that beat the Yankees in the 1995 playoffs.  Sports Illustrated writer Jay Jaffe presents a case on why Edgar Martinez belongs in the Hall Of Fame. You can read the article by clicking here.  Until now, there had been very little national attention guided to Edgar's candidacy.  Many say that although his hitting credentials are solid, the fact that he didn't play in the field in his later career diminish his chances.  I believe that he does belong by the fact that he is first among equals.  Reports have been that Martinez has gather more support through the years.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Aaron Paul In Walla Walla Wine Country

My Wa-Hi classmate Bill Kelly poses with nephew in-law Aaron Paul in rural Walla Walla. Paul, famous for starring in the TV show Breaking Bad, was visiting  his wife's grandparents.  I reconnected with Bill at last year's 40th reunion.  Paul is married to Lauren, the daughter of Bill's sister Debra.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Farmiliar Face On CNN

Our friends, the Scolas, got to see their daughter Lindsay on National TV last week when President Obama delivered his farewell address.  Lindsay, who worked in the Obama administration during his first term, is in the black top on the president's left.

Dasher Relaxes

Dasher went on a hike with us on the Harvey Manning Trail on Cougar Mountain in Issaquah.  The weather was sunny.  The trail, however, was icy so use caution.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Season Over For Seahawks

Seattle's season ended last night with a 36-20 defeat on the road to the Atlanta Falcons.  In a season where the balls didn't seem to bounce our way,  the 'Hawks won enough games to win it's division but never really seemed destined for this year's Super Bowl.  Injuries and player dissension seemed to hamper the season.  A high ankle sprain hampered Russell Wilson early in the year.  Earl Thomas was lost to a broken leg in the late season.  Richard Sherman seemed unmanageable.
The Seahawks started out with a bang in yesterday's game, scoring on the games first drive.  The momentum shifted when an 80 long punt return by Devin Hester was wiped out by a penalty.  This resulted in an eventual safety.  This put the Hawks in an insurmountable deficit on the road against the Falcon's.  The Falcon's have the league's most explosive offense.
Just like last year the Seahawks, the Hawks are out on the second round,  We'll hope for better results next season.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

VERY EMOTIONAL: Vice President Joe Biden receives Medal of Freedom from ...

With grace that may never be seen again in the White House, President Obama awards the Presidential Medal Of Freedom to his Vice President Joe Biden.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Chargers Desert San Diego For LA Riches

Los Angeles, strangely without an NFL team for 21 years, now has it's second.  The Chargers team has announced it's relocating to LA, the place of it's birth leaving the San Diego fans with nothing.
The Los Angeles Chargers were a charter member of the AFL in 1960, but moved to San Diego the following season.  The fans got to know Lance Alworth, known as Bambi, and WSU alum Keith Lincoln, the moose of the Palouse.  Coach Don Coryell brought a passing attack known as "Air Coryell." According to the Seattle Times, the team won the AFL championship in 1963, giving the city it's only major title.  Those were the days before the Super Bowl.  The San Diego Chargers would later play in the Super Bowl in 1995. losing to the San Francisco 49ers

Thursday, January 12, 2017

WSU's QB Luke Falk Returning

Luke Falk will stay in Pullman next season.  Falk was 5th in the nation in passing yards and there was speculation that he would skip his senior year to make himself available for the NFL draft.  The Seattle Times says Falk is 6th on the all time Pac 12 passing touchdowns.