Saturday, April 25, 2015

Overpass Damage

A big hole remains in the I 90 overpass over Front Street in Issaquah.   This is from when a large vehicle took a chunk out. After the tragedy in Bonney Lake, one cannot help, but be concerned.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Jennifer Sutton For Issaquah City Council

Jennifer Sutton is running for Position 2 on the Issaquah City Council  I am supporting her not only because she is a friend, but because she is uniquely qualified to serve the city. She has a Masters in Public Policy from Pepperdine.  She also serves on the Issaquah Human Services Commission and is on the board of King County ConservationVoters.  She also has the endorsement of former Issaquah Mayor Ava Frisinger and sitting City Councilman Tola Marts.  
But what I think makes Jennifer the right choice is commitment, she will follow through with any task that she is given.  She also has a gift for motivating people and seeing hidden talents.
Her background includes working for former Senator Tom Dashle of South Dakota.
It's not all hard work and no play for Jennifer, she is a manic Seattle Sounders fan,

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Walla Walla Radio Memories 12

Dan Tory was a 1960s Walla Walla radio personality.  Mr Tory worked at different times for all three of the local stations, K-Hit, KTEL, and KUJ. Dan's sister, Jaynie Dillon, became well known in the Seattle radio field.  Jaynie sent this aircheck of his brother doing the "Road Show", the afternoon drive program that I remember Ken Brooks doing for many years.  Click here

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gary Winston & The Real Deal

My brother and I saw him last weekend in Walla Walla,  Gary Winston And The Real Deal!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Democrats Meet In Pasco

Rob Dolin calls roll as the Washington State Democratic Central Committee convenes it's spring meeting in the Tri Cities.  Chair Jaxon Ravens was pleased by the upstart Small Business Caucus that met in the morning, where the attendance jumped from 2 at the winter meetings to 15 at this one.  The body also strategized on how to win in traditionally Republican districts and of course, fundraising.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

On Our Way To Dinner

Taken in Walla Walla, my brother Steve and I are on our way to the Red Monkey to  have dinner.

Gary Winston Rocks Walla Walla

After a meeting of the Washington State Democratic Central Committee meeting in Pasco,  I drove to Walla Walla to visit my brother and enjoy the vibrant  nightlife.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Barers Of Maple Valley Goes To Olympia

I fulfilled a lifelong dream to visit Olympia and watch the state government work.  I arrived  at the Capitol yesterday morning  (top picture) and visited our state senator Mark Mullet.  He spoke about his legislation to annex the controversial Doughnut Hole property into Maple Valley, allowing for a new high school. soon to be built.  The Doughnut Hole was the nickname of  a parcel of unincorporated property within Maple Valley and one of the area's biggest political "footballs".
I watched the State Senate convene (middle picture).  They were honoring organ donors, not exactly the most controversial topic.  They are nearing a completion of the session.
The day was completed with a tour of the capitol building.  Below is the statue of Marcus Whitman, a physician and missionary who settled in would become the Walla Walla area.