Friday, December 09, 2016

Drew Bledsoe Son John Committs To WSU

My, time does fly.  I remember clearly the excitement when Drew Bledsoe, who quarterbacked at my alma matter Walla Walla High School, was considered the state's number one high school recruit.  Now Drew's son, John is making news by passing up a scholarship from Northern Arizona U to attempt to walk on to  the Washington State Cougar football program.
 Drew, of course, had a stellar career with the Cougs, going on to become the number one pick in the 1993 NFL draft.   Bledsoe began to help guide the beginning of the Patriots rise to become one of the NFL's storied franchises.
John Bledsoe, Drew's second son, was quarterback at Summit High School in Bend, Oregon.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Mission Accomplished!

American Hero John Glenn.

John Glenn

CNN reports John Glenn, former Marine Colonel, astronaut, and US Senator from Ohio has died.  In 1962, Glenn piloted the first American manned spacecraft to orbit the earth. 

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Seattle Super Bowl Chances Take A Hit With Loss Of Thomas

The return of free safety Earl Thomas from an injury was the positive note to start the Sunday Night Football game. It wound up with a bummer as Earl Thomas is now out for the season.  Thomas was hurt after a collision with Kam Chancellor in the second quarter of the game.  The Seahawks would win the game 40-7 avenging their loss in last season's play-offs.  It was hard to feel elated knowing our star safety was sidelined.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Van Williams--TV's Green Hornet

Van Williams, who played The Green Hornet on TV in the mid 1960s has died.  The actor was 82.  The Green Hornet, which like Batman, ran on ABC, was about a newspaper editor who fought crime in his secret identity.  While Batman had Robin, the Hornet had his butler Kato as partner.  Kato was played by Bruce Lee, who had Seattle connections.  Lee died in 1973. 
The Green Hornet, unlike Batman, was played in a more serious vain, villains were less memorable.  What was amazing was Lee's martial arts ability, unprecedented on network television.  Although as a 9 year old, I loved the show, it only lasted one season, perhaps too serious for children and maybe still too silly for adults.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Winter Is Here!

Puget Sounders are waking up to a snowfall, this picture was just taken from our house in Maple Valley.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Around The Blogosphere--The Saga Of A Charlie Brown Christmas

Everyday, I check the Ken Levine blog.  It has been a real inspiration to me.  In this post, Ken writes on how A Charlie Brown Christmas almost didn't get aired.  Click here

Friday, December 02, 2016

Nancy For Frank--A Barers Of Maple Valley Favorite

On Thursday evenings, I love listening to "Nancy For Frank" on the Siriusly Sinatra channel on Sirius XM.  Frank Sinatra brought magic to everything that he sang. Frank's daughter  Nancy was the Sinatra connection to teen music and pop culture of the 1960s, is continuing the Sinatra legacy through  broadcasting and social networking. 
I listen Thursday at 6:00pm on Sirius/XM channel 71.

Trivia Night At Zeek's

A great time was had by all at Zeek's Pizza in the Issaquah Highlands.  Wednesday is Trivia night.  Our four man team won that certificate as well as won a free ice cream for a closest to the pin contest.