Thursday, February 23, 2017

LA Trip IV--The Belgium Waffle Haus

The Belgium Waffle Haus in Granada Hills makes cool designs on it's coffee drinks.  It also has unique ways of serving Belgium Waffles.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

LA III--Trip To Lighten Up Lounge

I told my cousin Burl that I would be in town and was invited to the infamous Lighten Up Lounge to watch him do his internet radio show "True Crime Uncensored".   The show, on internet radio, allows Burl to combine his two passions, radio, he was a  former DJ for KJR and KOL in Seattle and writing "true crime" in which he has won awards for his many books.
These days, Burl lives in the LA area and teams up with another former Seattle area DJ, Magic Matt Alan, to do his own show as well as appearing on Matt's show, Outlaw Radio.
True Crime Uncensored has riveting true stories of notorious crime. I don't know if you could find anything like it anywhere, the show runs Saturdays at 2:00 pm Pacific Time.  You can also listen on podcast by clicking on mixcloud to Burl Barer.
The Lighten Up Lounge is an 1876 Virginia City Type bar in a backyard somewhere in the LA area.
Since I also love radio and had not seen Burl in well over 10 years, it made for a fun afternoon.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

LA II--Battling The Rainstorm

The next morning we were greeted with a familiar sight.  Good thing we don't come down for the weather, oh wait, we do.  A rainstorm of historic proportions had hit the town. It was as bad as last week's rainstorm in Seattle.
  Not realizing the magnitude of the situation, we set out in our rented Camaro (above) to the Griffith Observatory (bottom picture) where there was very little to observe.  We did have an enjoyable day at the planetarium.  The views got a little better, but the driving conditions did not improve.  After a hazardous drive, we were back safely at the hotel.  Our dinner engagement with some of our friends was cancelled and we had nice dinner at the hotel.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Sportscaster Rod Simons

Minnesota sportscaster Rod Simons has passed away.  A former Washington State University student, he worked at KJR and some other Seattle stations.  He was covering the Twin's Spring Training at the time of his passing.  He is survived by his wife and a daughter.

Trip To LA-Hotel Angeleno

We flew into LA Thursday and stayed a couple of nights at the Hotel Angeleno.  The hotel is located just off of Sunset and the 405.  It  is 17 stories with a beautiful restaurant at the top.  Once a Holiday Inn, it has a painting of Marilyn Monroe in the lobby.  It's round room keys say "we are not square."

Friday, February 17, 2017

KIRO Radio Recalls KIRO 7 TV Folly

KIRO 97.3 Radio ran a report of a revolutionary idea that the TV side would undertake in 1993.  It was known as news "Out Of The Box".  It had actually been used in the past for news teases. Instead of broadcasting from the studio, they deliver the news from the news room.  Anyway, KIRO news historian Felix Banel delivered this report.  Click here.  The experiment did not even last a year.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Legendary Actor Walter Brennan

Three time Oscar winner Walter Brennan is shown in this picture from the Bygone Walla Walla page.
Brennan, who was on his way to visit property that he owned in Joseph, Oregon, had flown into Walla Walla in the early 1960s.