Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Great Feature On Wa-Hi Grad Drew Bledsoe

Thank you to my brother Steve for this feature on Walla Walla's Drew Bledsoe. After a stellar pro career, Drew is excelling in another field, Wine making. His tasting room is in Downtown Walla Walla.


This beautiful strip of Sunflowers grown by our Belmont Woods neighbor in our cul du sac was a lovely greeting when we returned from work everyday this summer.  They are now gone for the fall season, but look forward to their return.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Wait Til Next Year For M's

The Mariners ended this season the same way it started, a three game sweep over the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (can you believe the name?)  The Angels of course, got it together and ran away with the AL West.  The real LA team (they actually play in Los Angeles) the Dodgers are also playoff bound,  likewise, the two Bay area teams, the Giants and the A's.  It makes it a possibility that that the World Series may have 2 California teams, some "World" series.
  This year's Cinderella story is the Kansas City Royals, which by coincidence, used to have the A's.  A couple of years after the A's left, KC got the Royals through expansion.  The Royals have not been to any post season since 1985, the longest draught in all of sports.  Pittsburgh and Detroit, both teams who have seen their share of lean times, round out the field. 
The Mariners will not be in the playoffs this year, however, they do finish the season with a winning record, 4 straight wins, and were in the hunt until the last day of the season.  That's quite a change from years past, when the Houston Astros were the only thing keeping the M's out of last place.
I accidently left out the Orioles, who are returning after a long absense and the Washington Nationals, DC's third attempt at Major League Baseball (Minnesota Twins and Texas Rangers both began as the Washington Senators),  Rounding up the field are the St.Louis Cardinals, who are second only to the Yankees in World Series titles.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Happy Co-Anchors

Joyce Taylor welcomes new co-anchor Greg Copeland with a kiss on the cheek as KING 5 TV starts it's new 4pm newscast.  Taylor continues to co-anchor the morning news on KING. Thank you to Seatac Media blog for this.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Libe Barer

Is there a Hollywood actor in our family?  One of the members of the "Barer" group on facebook noticed a Libe Barer in the opening credits of Grey's Anotomy.  Ms Barer played a young lady who was facing brain surgery.  By coincidence, yesterday, I discussing with Cousin Stan the origins of the Barer name and whether all Barers are related. There is very little info about this lady, however she does have a facebook page.  It is interesting that she did not adapt a stage name. She has appeared in a number of shows that I have not heard of and has appeared on "Parenthood". 

Barers Of Maple Valley Competing Again

Thanks to reader's like you, this blog finished 15th out of 62 entrants in the category of "Best Neighborhood Blog" in KING 5's Best Of Western Washington.  This year once again, you can vote us the best at this site.  Thank you again!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy 85th To My Father!

Last Friday, we celebrated my father's 85th birthday with a party at the Bellevue Club.  His birthday is actually this Friday.  Pictured above is my Dad and me in the back with my brother Steve on the right and his wife Dawn on the left.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saturday Night In The Center

We spent Saturday night in the Fremont district of Seattle, known locally as the Center Of The Universe.  We kicked off the evening with our friends Margie and Rick at the George And The Dragon, a well known British style pub.  We had dinner, watched a quarter of the WSU vs Oregon game and then wondered across the street to Woodsky's, a local ski themed bar which premiered a documentary snow boarding movie called Tortoise, featuring our Marjie and Rick's son Eythan.  You can see (barely) Eythan performing in the picture above.

Barking For The Seahawks

Seahawks fan's hearts were warmed with the picture of a Golden and her litter of puppies wearing the 12  fan jersey.  The picture has gone viral.  The Seahawks play the Denver Broncos in a rematch of the Super Bowl this afternoon.