Monday, April 23, 2018

True Fiction--Lee Goldberg Tongue-In-Cheek Thriller

Readers can have fun figuring out what is truth and what is fiction in this crazy romp by TV writer author Lee Goldberg.  Goldberg used his former pen name, Ian Ludlow as a writer trying to escape what he believes is a government plot to destroy him and his unwitting accomplice.  
Much of the action takes place in Seattle, but moves down the West Coast as Ian and Margo French try to escape their hunters. 
There are inside jokes such as Ian and Margo (a Seattleite originally from Walla Walla) hiding out in a house in the Laurelhurst remarkably similar to one owned by the author's uncle. 
The book seems to have a moral that today's social media and electronics can make life easier and connect us, but can also surrender our security and privacy.
There is plenty of the Goldberg observational humor employed in books by both Lee and his brother, Tod.  Both authors can see things that places and situations that most people can not.
The book hit  number on the New York Times best seller list and Amazon Charts.  I would highly recommend it. Click here to order.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Former Presidents-First Ladies Together For Bush Memorial

Once in a while, even political enemies can gather at certain times.   The Carters are the only living first family not represented in this picture as they are gathered for former first lady Barbara Bush's memorial service in Houston. 
Particularly striking is Michelle Obama and Melania Trump arm in arm.  Former President Carter was on an overseas trip and his wife is currently recovering from surgery.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

From Lee Goldberg--Character Development For Bad Guys

Lee Goldberg, who went from a childhood summer playmate of mine (cousin too) to a wonderful career in writing TV and novels, give his perspective on writing the "bad guy" in his blog. I'm currently listening to his latest effort "True Fiction" on CD and will give you the full report, excluding "spoilers" upon completion.  Click here  In the picture above, Lee is on the left with a couple of colleagues.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Pilot who handled Southwest emergency landing hailed as 'true American h...

What a true hero.  It's sad that they lost one of the passengers.

Keith Jackson Has Memorial Celebration In Rose Bowl

A memorial service for ABC sports broadcasting legend Keith Jackson was held in the Rose Bowl Stadium last Sunday.  Jackson, a WSU graduate and former Seattle area sports anchor, was the nation's voice of college football.  Jackson, who worked 15 Rose Bowls is credited with coining the phrase "the granddaddy of them all", describing the New Year's game.  Jackson lived in nearby Sherman Oaks.
Women's basketball great and widow of  LA Dodger pitcher Don Drysdale, called Jackson "our Walter Cronkite of sports broadcasting" of course referring to the longtime CBS Evening News Anchor  with which most of us grew up.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Antique Radio

The Black Duck in Issaquah has these antique radios in their restrooms.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Harry Anderson--Played Judge In Night Court

Harry Anderson, who played the quirky but benevolent judge in the popular  NBC comedy Night Court, was found dead in his Ashville, North Carolina home. 
Anderson was a magician turned comedian and was a fan of Mel Torme. Anderson's character, Judge Harry Stone was also a fan of Mel Torme.
 Anderson was 65 at the time of his death.

Vote For Tahoma Schools On April 24th

I am a property owner and have no children in Tahoma Schools, yet I enthusiastically  endorse this levy.
Strong schools build strong communities.  More programs mean more student involvement in my opinion. It may mean fewer children dropping out of schools.  Failure to fund schools could be even more costly.  Finally, when selling property, buyers often ask about the quality of the schools. 
Vote YES on Tahoma Schools!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Old Walla Walla Radio Remembered 23--Bob Garred

I had written about Bob Garred in a previous article.  He was one of many famous radio people from Walla Walla.  My parents bought there house on Palouse Street from his parents in the mid 1960s.  I  heard that I had his old room, which is quite coincidental because of my interest in radio history.  According to an article in the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin archives,  Garred started at KUJ in Walla Walla, then went on to CBS, he was with ABC when he died at 41 in December of 1956.