Friday, August 26, 2016

Attack On Bothell High School Teacher Was Faked

An attack on a High Shool Shop teacher that saddened and outraged the region and beyond took a strange turn, when it was discovered that there was no attack.  Media sources revealed that Cal Pygott of Bothell High School staged the incident where a fellow teacher found him on the ground in his classroom, apparently struck by a blunt object and with a zip tie around his neck.  There was no reason given for this to happen.  Pygott has been placed on paid administrative leave.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Blue Magic - Sideshow

This song was popular as we entered the "70s".

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hope Solo Goes So Low

Washington State native Hope Solo has received a 6 month suspension from the US National Soccer team for calling the Swedish Olympic team "cowards" after it ended the US team's chance to get a gold medal in the quarter finals.  It is Solo's second suspension from the team. Last year, she was suspended for 30 days after an incident at training camp.  She has also dealt with charges of domestic violence after a 2014 incident in Kirkland.

The Brandi Carlile Stage--A Full View

Earlier this month, I put up a picture of the plaque on the Brandi Carlile Stage at the pocket park in Wilderness Village in Maple Valley.  Here is the entire view of the stage honoring the locally based singer.  Carlile donated $5000 to the park.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Snoqualmie Railroad Days

I volunteered to work the Democratic Party booth at Snoqualmie Railroad Days last weekend. It was neat to watch the old steam engine go by.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Nightmare On Maple Valley Street

It's what every homeowner dreads, I was returning home after work and a visit to the gym last Thursday evening.  I opened the door from the garage and was shocked to see water on the floor, like the dishwasher or clothes washer was leaking
When I stepped into the family room I thought I was in the middle of a nightmare!  Part of the ceiling had collapsed.  Without thinking of the risk involved, I ran upstairs,  the floor was soaken wet.  I traced the water to the guest bathroom where water was leaking out of the hose like a garden hose that was not connected to a faucet tightly.  I turned off the water under the toilet.  Then assessed the damage. I called Debra at work and told her to come home immediately.  She called our homeowner insurance agency Farmers.  They told her not to panic, that they can send a water restoration crew in that night to which they did.  After a late night night we began to start work toward getting our house back to normal. 
We were very lucky that many of our possessions were not damaged.  We will need to replace flooring and walls, along with pipes, but we are in it for the long haul.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

News Anchor Isn’t Taking Radio Host's Crap

The folks at Puget Sound Media, gave me the heads up on this story.  Former Seattle area radio personality, Magic Matt Alan has gotten into a social media war with KTLA reporter Kacey Montoya.  LA based Alan, who can be heard on Sirius/XM Satellite 70s on 7 and Outlaw Radio on the internet, sometimes at the same time, promoted his Outlaw Radio by claiming on his Facebook page to have seen Montoya's black thong through her white dress on the air.  Montoya took Alan's bate with a terse reply, calling Alan a "pig" and saying Alan must do podcasts from his mom's basement.  She also claimed she was not wearing such clothing. 
Alan is known for his contempt for Political Correctness. Burl Barer, another former Seattle DJ living in the LA area is also on the Outlaw Radio Program.

Nancy Sinatra / Goldie Hawn / Ruth Buzzi "Bye Bye 60s" 1969 [Remastered ...

I got this cool memory trip off Ruth Buzzi's twitter feed. Fun!

Friday, August 19, 2016

5th District Senator Mark Mullet Ready To Campaign

Issaquah business man and Washington State Senator Mark Mullet speaks to members of the 5th District Democrats at the Eagle Room in the Issaquah City Hall.  Mullet, who owns the Ben And Jerry's and Zeek's Pizza in the Issaquah Highlands is in a tight race against Republican House Member Chad Magendanz.  In the meeting, the 5th LD Democrats endorsed candidates who made it through the top 2, but were not previously endorsed. They included Pat McCarthy for State Auditor,  Hilary Franz for Commissioner Of Public Lands, and Tony Ventrella for US House Of Representatives.  Mullet had been endorsed by the body several months ago.