Monday, October 31, 2016

US Senator Maria Cantwell Visits Area

A good crowd was present at the Isssaquah Brewhous  at a pep rally/fundraiser for Democratic state senate candidates Lisa Wellman and Mark Mullet.  Wellman is running against Republican incumbent Steve Litzow in the 41st LD, while Mullet is defending his seat in the 5th.  Both districts run through Issaquah.  US Senator Maria Cantwell (above) was the featured speaker.  Cantwell will run for reelection in 2018. 
Also speaking was 41st LD house member Tana Senn, who is also running for reelection this year.   Ironically, Senn's cousin, Deborah ran against Cantwell in the 2000 US Senate Democratic primary.

Have A Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Caray leads 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame'

Move over Bill Murray, Vince Vaughn and Eddie Vedder, here is the real deal.

Cougars Overcome Incredible Deficit--Beat Beavers

Yes, the expression "tale of two halves" is used a lot, however, last night's Washington State vs Oregon State game was just that as the Cougs came back from a 24-6 halftime deficit to beat the Beavers 35-31
An 85 yard run early in the 1st quarter by Oregon State's Ryan Nall seemed to spell doom for the Cougs, who were playing on the road.  Oregon State would eventually stretch the lead to three touchdowns. 
The third quarter was an epic turnaround, but not until a fake punt by the Cougs failed giving Oregon State excellent field position.  The Beavers were unable to capitalize and the Cougs were able to march down the field and score it's first TD.  WSU would wind up outscoring Oregon State 22-0 in the third.
The win allows the Cougs to be ranked in the AP top 25 poll for the first time this season.  The Cougs are ranked 25, while the Huskies are at 4.  This is the first time both Washington teams have ranked simultaneously since 2003. 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bill Murray sings 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game' as Daffy Duck | 2016 WO...

I watched this last night at a restaurant without the sound.  My curiosity brought me to see what this was all about.  Bill Murray sings "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" at the first World Series game at Wrigley Field since 1945.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Stream 10-26 Tim Burgess Free | Seattle's Sports Radio 950 KJR

Stream 10-26 Tim Burgess Free | Seattle's Sports Radio 950 KJR: Seattle Councilmember Tim Burgess joined Mitch to discuss the newest Chris Hansen arena proposal. What are the considerations he and his constituents will make

Tim Burgess speaks with KJR 950 morning man Mitch Levy about the proposed Seattle Sonics Arena.


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Chris Hansen Group Proposes All Private Financing

Chris Hansen shocked the area with a new proposal to get his sports arena project on track.  The bay area financier has proposed an all privately financed project.  This will make the current memorandum of understanding which was near expiration null and void.  It will, however, still require concessions from the Seattle City Council which include vacating one block of Occidental. Earlier this year, one vote stopped the vacation, and after bitterness from the fallout of the vote, As the vote coincidentally went across gender lines, many of the voters against the proposals found themselves inundated by death threat and insults.  In addition, the Port Of  Seattle, reportedly is dead set against the proposed locations.   Still others will question the logic of building an half billion dollar building with neither an NBA team or a Hockey team currently looming in the horizon.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wrigley Field--Co Hosting This Year's World Series

In 1999, I attended my first Outdoor Major League Baseball game at Wrigley Field.  I had seen many Seattle Mariner games, but they were in the Kingdome.  Later this week, Wrigley will host it's first World Series game since 1945.
Sources say Wrigley Field was built in 1914. It was originally known as Weeghman Field.  The original tenants were the Chicago Whales of the Federal League.  The Cubs began playing at the field in 1916.
It is the only professional ball park with ivy growing on the outfield walls.  It also has a hand operated scoreboard, Safeco Field, which opened in 1999, also has a hand operated scoreboard, paying tribute to Wrigley.  The field was named for the family that made Wrigley gum. They acquired the Cubs in the 20s and own the franchise for several decades.
By coincidence, I also saw my second outdoor game later that summer.  That was on the opening day of Safeco.  In both cases, the other team was the San Diego Padres.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Chicago Cubs Break Curse--Head To World Series

The Chicago Cubs have since their last appearance in a World Series in 1945, have alternated between bad teams and great teams with bad luck. This year, for the first time since 1945, they have won the National League pennant. The Cubs play in historical Wrigley Field, in which many of the newer baseball stadium have been modeled.
In order to win it's first world championship since 1908, the Cubs will have to defeat the Cleveland Indians, who are trying to also overcome a draught.  The Indians have not won a World Series since 1948.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Live Music In Maple Valley

The Lost Dutchman in the Lake Wilderness Shopping Center rocked out tonight with The Hipsters.  The 4 piece band played late 80s and 90s classics while the dance floor was soon full.  A great time was had by all.

NFL Domestic Violence Controversy Has Local Twist

Many Seahawk fans remember kicker Josh Brown.  In the team's first Super Bowl run, Brown hit some crucial field goals.  When Brown took a better deal to join the then St. Louis Rams, he lost his local luster.  What we didn't know is that Brown remained in the area and has brought national notoriety to the area. 
Brown received a one game suspension for alleged domestic violence against his then wife.  Apparently, in an attempt to turn his life around, Brown illustrated a multi year history history of abuse. After harsh penalties against African-American players for similar crimes, the big outcry is that the league was softer on Brown
The local controversy is the report that  King County Sheriff's office would not share information on Brown's arrest records. The Sheriff's office says it could not verify that it was indeed the NFL.
 Brown is currently a kicker with the New York Giants, one of the NFL's storied franchises. In light of the Brown controversy, it was announced that he would not travel to London for the team's next game against the LA Rams.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Maple Valley Candidate Forum Part 2

In a couple more pictures from last night's 5th District Candidate forum.  Top picture is moderator Grifan Cayce. Bottom picture Republican Paul Graves, who is running for the vacated position  in the  state house, sat by himself, as Darcy Burner did not attend due to illness.  The tone was civil and candidates agreed more than disagreed.  Ritchie and Mullet were positive on the ST 3 where Magendanz, Rodne, and Graves felt that it was a wrong solution.  Rodne voiced his opposition to legalized marijuana to which Mullet (owner of Zeek Pizza) quipped about the advantages of legal pot to his restaurant, causing the room to break into laughter.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

5th Legislative Candidates Meet In Maple Valley

As you would expect, transportation took center stage as candidates for state legislature of both parties met at Rock Creek Elementary School in Maple Valley, one of Seattle's most remote suburbs.  Candidates attending were Senator Mark Mullet (above left), house member and challenger Chad Magendanz (above right), Representative Jay Rodne (bottom left) and Challenger Jason Ritchie (above right).  Mullet was the first Democrat in 20 years to be elected from the 5th.   Democrat Ritchie is challenging incumbent Republican Jay Rodne.
Republican Paul Graves, who is running for Chad's open seat in the house, attended the forum, however, Darcy Burner was home with the flue.  Burner had her manager make a statement on her behalf. 
Topics were proposed Sound Transit expansion, education, taxes, and gun regulation.  They also tackled the subject of "predictive scheduling".  Local attorney Grifan Cayce, moderated the debate.  The three Republican candidates are attorneys.  Democrats Mullet, Ritchie, and Burner each own small businesses.  The event was sponsored by the Maple Valley Chamber Of Commerce.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Another Fall Day In Maple Valley

Looking East down South East 244th Street in Maple Valley, you can definitely see the colors of Autumn.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Candidates For Legislature Will Debate Thursday

While the Clinton-Trump debates have been taking up the most attention, Maple Valley will get to see local candidates for 5th District Legislature.  The Maple Valley-Black Diamond Chamber Of Commerce will hold a candidate forum this Thursday, October 20th at 6:45pm at the Rock Creek Elementary School gym. 
Candidates for senate, Democratic Mark Mullet (top) will face off against Republican Chad Magendanz (bottom) who currently serves in the house.
Also Democrat Jason Ritchie will challenge long time Republican house member Jay Rodne.
Democrat Darcy Burner will face Republican Paul Graves for the house seat that is being vacated by  Magendanz.
This is a chance to support your candidate or for undecided voters to learn about these candidate's who potentially hold the future of our region in their hands.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Gina Grant Bull Honored

Walla Walla High School and Washington State Univeristy graduate  Gina Grant Bull was honored by the Seattle mayor Ed Murray in his press conference the other day.  There were many wonderful tributes on facebook to the warm engaging  Grant Bull.  Gina passed away Wednesday from a massive brain hemorrhage.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize For Literature

Folk icon Bob Dylan, who influenced artists such as the Beatles, has won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature.  He is the first musician to win the award, and the choice has sparked controversy in the literary community as to whether song lyrics have poetic value.
Dylan, of course, did not have the smooth voice like most folk artists, but his distinct voice, I feel went along way to carry his message.  If you listen to the Byrd's version of Mr. Tambourine Man, for instance, you may enjoy the catchy melody, but not appreciate the message of the song.
Dylan was famously booed off the stage at a folk festival for bringing an electric guitar on stage.  He is one of the survivors of the 1960s and still tours. He was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1988.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Gina Grant Bull

The news hit me like a ton of bricks--Gina Grant Bull was vivacious, lovely, and ageless.  I had just seen her at last summer's Wa-Hi class reunion.  She was one year behind us, but she and others volunteered.  Gina's father, Bill, was a state legislator, he was the last Democrat elected to represent the very Conservative Walla Walla Valley.  Her father's charisma obviously had passed on to Gina who had a certain presence when she was in a room. She was married to a former WSU Cougar football player, Ron Bull.
  Gina worked in Olympia with the state legislature as a Page director.  We both went to WSU and would always say hello when we passed. 
I talked over coffee with her and some of her friends at the 2012 Washington Democratic Convention in Seattle. Her dad had passed away a few years earlier while still serving in the State house.
I  just found out that Gina died suddenly yesterday.

Storm Watch In Effect For Area

A high wind warning is in effect in this area from 6pm to 7am Friday.  Winds from 20 to 35 miles per hour are expected with gust up to 45 to 55mph.  Right now, rain is falling in the area.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Plans For Veterans Memorial In Maple Valley

A group wishing to construct a memorial for lost veterans in Maple Valley will meet Tuesday October 11th at 6:30 at Farelli's Pizza in 22642 Maple Valley Black Diamond Road.  The current plan is to build it at the Greater Maple Valley Community Center. You can read about this project and donate by clicking here.

Monday, October 10, 2016

State GOP Leader Gets In Trouble With Trump Defense

Susan Hutchison put our state in the news again.  Last summer, she confronted Ted Cruz for not publicly  endorsing GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.  It got Hutchison a little national face time.  But her recent defense of Trump was jaw dropping at best.  In a televised interview, Hutchison said that Trump should be forgiven of taped comments degrading women because it was 11 years ago and to paraphrase "he was a Democrat at the time" she went on to say something to the effect that he was channeling Bill Clinton.
Had Hutchison, a former news anchor and once a candidate for King County Executive, defended Trump by saying it was years ago and people may have changed, it would have been logical.  But to take it to the point that somehow Trump became less sleazy when he changed parties was rather ridiculous and opened unnecessary wounds.  Her mentioning of Clinton, reminds me of the old playground excuse, "Johnny did it first".    Hutchison wants to be a good soldier for her party, but when she talks about something as ridiculous as channeling,  she not only did nothing to help Trump, but hurt other GOP candidates across the state and beyond. 
Local Conservative radio commentator Todd Herman has called for Hutchison's resignation.  Perhaps many of the local GOP recall when Hutchison blew a big lead for the open county executive post and lost to present executive Dow Constantine. 
According to news sources, Hutchison has been unavailable for comment since news of her pro Trump comments came out.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Great Night To Be A Cougar

The Washington State Cougars soundly defeated the 15th ranked Stanford Cardinal 42-16 on the road.  In two straight games, the Cougs have beaten 2 of the Pac 12's marquis teams. The Cougs soundly beat the Oregon Ducks last weekend. 

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Coug Flag Flies On Game Day

The WSU Cougar flag can be seen every Saturday on ESPN's Game Day.  This Saturday, I saw both the white background one and the Crimson background one.  I tried to take a screen shot, but couldn't capture one where either flag was visible.

Friday, October 07, 2016

Local Politics--"Who Is Jason Ritchie"

Jason Ritchie tells why he wants to represent us in Olympia.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Barers Are Back In Maple Valley

We are back in Maple Valley after our home disaster (top picture) last August.  I will post about our experiences  away from home later.  Our family room, which took the biggest hit is taking shape.  Thank you to everyone for your support!

Monday, October 03, 2016

Vin Scully Signs Off

Vin Scully ended his incredible broadcast career yesterday.  Scully had announced Dodger games for 67 years.  He started when the teams was in Brooklyn.  That's 8 years before I was born.  His last game was in San Francisco at AT&T Park.  In this picture he is shown with Giant legend Willie Mays.  You can read Vin's final call by clicking here.  We wish Vin a long and happy retirement!

Saturday, October 01, 2016

New King 5 Studios

On your way to a Mariner's game, you can check out the new KING 5 TV studios. Unlike the old studio, which was basically a fortress, the news is done in a store window street level studio.  This setting is much like the Today show.  Of course, KING 5 is an NBC affiliate. 
My hats are off to the Newscasters, who are not distracted by the goings on outside.  The cameras are self operating.  There are now no camera operators or at least, they are not behind the cameras.  It is totally fascinating and the newscasters are happy to wave to the people watching through the windows.
The studios are directly across from Safeco Field.

Barers Watch Big Mariner Win

Robbie Cano arrives home after hitting the first of 2 homers last night.  The Mariners beat the Oakland A's 5-1.  They are still alive in the wild card hunt.
Deb and I sat in the "Hit It Here Café" at Safeco Field.  When I got the tickets for this game as a birthday present from my inlaws back in July, I had no idea how significant this game would be. 
The M's have 2 games left in the season and need to win both to take care of their business.