Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Chris Hansen Group Proposes All Private Financing

Chris Hansen shocked the area with a new proposal to get his sports arena project on track.  The bay area financier has proposed an all privately financed project.  This will make the current memorandum of understanding which was near expiration null and void.  It will, however, still require concessions from the Seattle City Council which include vacating one block of Occidental. Earlier this year, one vote stopped the vacation, and after bitterness from the fallout of the vote, As the vote coincidentally went across gender lines, many of the voters against the proposals found themselves inundated by death threat and insults.  In addition, the Port Of  Seattle, reportedly is dead set against the proposed locations.   Still others will question the logic of building an half billion dollar building with neither an NBA team or a Hockey team currently looming in the horizon.

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