Saturday, October 22, 2016

NFL Domestic Violence Controversy Has Local Twist

Many Seahawk fans remember kicker Josh Brown.  In the team's first Super Bowl run, Brown hit some crucial field goals.  When Brown took a better deal to join the then St. Louis Rams, he lost his local luster.  What we didn't know is that Brown remained in the area and has brought national notoriety to the area. 
Brown received a one game suspension for alleged domestic violence against his then wife.  Apparently, in an attempt to turn his life around, Brown illustrated a multi year history history of abuse. After harsh penalties against African-American players for similar crimes, the big outcry is that the league was softer on Brown
The local controversy is the report that  King County Sheriff's office would not share information on Brown's arrest records. The Sheriff's office says it could not verify that it was indeed the NFL.
 Brown is currently a kicker with the New York Giants, one of the NFL's storied franchises. In light of the Brown controversy, it was announced that he would not travel to London for the team's next game against the LA Rams.

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