Monday, October 10, 2016

State GOP Leader Gets In Trouble With Trump Defense

Susan Hutchison put our state in the news again.  Last summer, she confronted Ted Cruz for not publicly  endorsing GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.  It got Hutchison a little national face time.  But her recent defense of Trump was jaw dropping at best.  In a televised interview, Hutchison said that Trump should be forgiven of taped comments degrading women because it was 11 years ago and to paraphrase "he was a Democrat at the time" she went on to say something to the effect that he was channeling Bill Clinton.
Had Hutchison, a former news anchor and once a candidate for King County Executive, defended Trump by saying it was years ago and people may have changed, it would have been logical.  But to take it to the point that somehow Trump became less sleazy when he changed parties was rather ridiculous and opened unnecessary wounds.  Her mentioning of Clinton, reminds me of the old playground excuse, "Johnny did it first".    Hutchison wants to be a good soldier for her party, but when she talks about something as ridiculous as channeling,  she not only did nothing to help Trump, but hurt other GOP candidates across the state and beyond. 
Local Conservative radio commentator Todd Herman has called for Hutchison's resignation.  Perhaps many of the local GOP recall when Hutchison blew a big lead for the open county executive post and lost to present executive Dow Constantine. 
According to news sources, Hutchison has been unavailable for comment since news of her pro Trump comments came out.

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