Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dinner With The Barokas's

We had dinner last night with Leonard Barokas and his family at the Mandarin Grill And Buffet in Redmond. Leonard is the producer of the "Kent And Alan Show" on Star 101.5 and is a virtual encyclopedia on the local radio scene. Leonard, a native of the area, says that he got his start with KVI Radio as a producer for Mike Siegel. He is a cousin of our friend, Jerry.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Seahawks Lose Again

The Seahawks lost their third game in a row in ugly fashion to Tampa Bay 38-15. The Seahawks grabbed the lead in the first quarter as Matt Hasselbeck scampered into the endzone, however it was the last play of the game and perhaps the season as he left the game with an injured hip.
Second string quarterback Charlie Whitehurst was totally ineffective as the Buc's offense caught fire and never looked back. The Seahawks can still make the play-offs with a victory over the Rams, but at this point, that seems as distant as a walk from Kirkland to Qwest Field.

Barers Of Maple Valley Enjoy Woodinville Wonderland

The Woodinville Wonderland is an incredibly decorated house about a mile from where my Sister-In-Law and her family live. We went to see it after visiting with them yesterday evening. The owner was out passing candy canes to everone and telling everyone a little about how the house came to be. I took the picture on top, the video is from "you tube".

Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Bummer At Qwest

The Seahawks continued to show that it cannot compete with the NFL's better teams dropping a 34-18 contest to the play-off bound Atlanta Falcons. In his Seattle Times column, Steve Kelley suggests it may now be time for the Seahawks to bench Matt Hasselbeck in favor of Charlie Whitehurst.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Area Hit By Windstorm

Fallen trees and branches are the aftermath of another windstorm that hit the Maple Valley area this weekend. These pictures were taken on the pipeline right of way, just outside the city limits.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Chuck Armstrong Makes Announcement

Seattle Mariner President Chuck Armstrong announced at Dave Niehaus memorial service that a statue of Dave would be put up at Safeco Field. Niehaus will be the first person honored at Safeco that way. The Mariners will also wear commemorative patches on the arms of their uniforms.
Thank you to the blog Section 331 for the video

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Seahawks Embarrassed On The Road

The Seahawks suffered their second devasting loss in the Bay Area, losing to the San Francisco 49ers 40-21. Their first was the "chamber of horrors" that awaited the 'Hawks in a 33-3 loss on Halloween to the Oakland Raiders. A "garbage time" Seahawk touchdown was costly as Deon Butler broke his leg on the play. The Seahawks were already without Mike Williams and Ben Obomanu. Leon Washington scored on a 93 yard kick-off return for the Seahawks.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Niehaus Will Be Honored At Safeco

Mariner Nation will meet at 1:00 pm at Safeco Field to say good bye to legendary broadcaster Dave Niehaus Parking will be free at the stadium and the services will be stream on the Mariner's web site and also be covered live on some area TV stations.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Apprentice: Brandy Beats Clint

Corporate attorney Brandy Kuentzel was hired as Donald Trump's new Apprentice. It was not revealed on the show what her new role would be although Trump asked both her and finalist Clint Robertson what they would do in the organization if they were hired. Trump did not give a reason for picking Brandy, although her final plea was that she could work with Trump's daughter and two sons to bring along the next generation. Clint was pointed out for being a little too country-like, a point that seemed to be refuted in the last episode. Trump concluded by congratulating Brandy and firing Clint. At the contestant's suite, Brandy was seen hugging fellow candidates, although the camera noticeably cut away when she was about to face disgruntled Mahsa.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Instant Karma - John lennon

In memory of John Lennon, today marks 30 years since his tragic murder.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Meredith Joins Cosell In The Big Booth

Although I faintly remember Dandy Don Meredith from his days quarterbacking the Dallas Cowboys, most of my generation will remember him as the zany commentator on Monday Night Football. It is only fitting that the death was announced on Monday during the football season. Fellow commentator Howard Cosell died several years ago, leaving only Frank Gifford from the Monday Night threesome we knew so well.
Yahoo contributor Roger Gowens has the "top 10 Don Meredith quotes" here.

Issaquah Menorah

While the Puget Sound gears up for the Christmas and New Year Holidays, the festival of Chanukkah is drawing toward a conclusion. This is the giant menorah in downtown Issaquah, WA at the corner of Front and Dogwood Streets.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Seahawks Turn It Around--Defeat Lowly Panthers

It started looking like their season was over and ended like their season was just beginning. Marshawn Lynch scored three second half touchdowns to lead the Seattle Seahawks to a 31-14 win over the Carolina Panthers.
Carolina, with a 1 and 10 record, scored a touchdown on it's first drive, while the Seahawk offense looked just as listless as the defense. The second half started with the Seahawks pinned at their own 4 after Leon Washington bobbled a kick-off. However, Matt Hasselbeck was able to sustain a drive to the end zone and Lofa Tatatupu intercepted a Carolina pass on the next drive and it into the end zone. Washington later took a punt on what should have been a touchdown, however, an early celebration allowed the punter to catch up and trip him. Lynch took the ball into the end zone on a subsequent play.
Seahawk great Walter Jones, who retired last spring, was honored at the 2-minute warning of the first half.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Chicago Cubs Legend Ron Santo

Baseball legend Ron Santo passed away this week from cancer.
When I was first following baseball in the late 60s, it was a toss up between Brooks Robinson and Ron Santo for the best third baseman in the game. I became a big Cubs fan for a number of reasons, one is I had baseball cards of Ferguson Jenkens and Billy Williams, and also because it's Triple A farm club, The Tacoma Cubs were on cable channel 11. I also thought thought Ernie Banks was cool as well.
The Chicago Cubs have not been to a World Series in my lifetime. Ron Santo was a native of Seattle and considered one of the best athletes to come out of this area. He was not in the Hall Of Fame, but many writers say that he may get in this year.

Finalists Chosen For This Season's Apprentice

Brandy Kuentzel and Clint Robertson are this year's final two candidates to compete for The Apprentice. Liza, the last of the final three was fired at the beginning of this week's episode. Trump said that although he had faith in Liza, none of the other candidates did.

As in every season, each finalist has a separate final task to complete. Brandy, who won the first task gets the first pick, which is whether to chose her team or chose the task. Apparently there are some people she would not want to work with again, she picks her team. She has to pick amongst the fired contestants that Donald marches out so she picks Liza, Stephanie, and Anand. It is a surprise to see Anand, who was caught cheating in a previous episode, but he says that he wants a chance to redeem himself. Clint is lucky to get Steuart, to whom he is tight with, along with Mahsa and Poppy.

Since Brandy picked her team, Clint gets to pick the task, which will be putting on a dinner with a live performance of Liza Minnelli. Clint is from Texas and picked that task to show that he can excel in something that is not his forte. That leaves Brandy to put on a celebrity golf tournament at Trump National. Brandy knows little or nothing about Golf. The strange thing about that is that there is usually some related golf task in each season of The Apprentice. Her ace in the hole, surprisingly is Liza, who we find out, was on the Kenyan Women's Golf Team at one time.
The usual series of missteps that are inherent in the final task take place, leaving a great cliffhanger for the finale.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Have A Happy Chanukkah

Barers Featured In The Issaquah Press

During the treacherous drive from work to home on Monday, November 22nd, I decided to go on twitter as soon as we hit the Issaquah-Hobart Road, it was an attempt to illustrate to anyone following that a drive that normally would take 15 minutes at the most, would take one or two hours. One of the people who picked up on the tweets worked for the Issaquah Press and quoted me in this article about the messy commute.
"Mike Barer spent hours on a slow trip from the Crossroads area in Bellevue to Maple Valley. Barer inched along Issaquah-Hobart Road Southeast past a stalled tractor-trailer and snowplow, plus numerous cars stuck in roadside ditches...
We barely were able to safely pass the carnage on the street and turn onto Cedar Grove” Road Southeast, Barer said."

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

M&M Candy Commercial - Go Fish - 1972

Retro-M&Ms commercial. I was too young when it aired to "get" the punchline.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Home Cookin' No Longer Seahawks Edge

The Seattle Seahawks were soundly for the second home game in a row as they lost 42-24 to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs were bolstered by Quarterback Matt Cassell, who threw a career high 4 touchdown passes. Seahawk QB Matt Hasselbeck threw for 282 yards and had two touchdown passes, but also had two interceptions and a costly fumble.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Adam West Has Growing Facebook Page

He is a native Walla Wallan and a graduate of Whitman College. He is also without a doubt a television icon. Adam West, who played Batman in the 1960s, is held in high esteem in the Eastern Washington town that I grew up in. He apparently has staying power worldwide, a Facebook fan page where West frequently contributes has almost 50,000 participants.
Here is the description of West on his page..
"Adam West is a true American icon whose career in entertainment has spanned half a century. He is most well-known for his role as TV's classic Batman and for his work as Mayor West on Family Guy."
Last year, a page wanting Betty White to host SNL went viral and earned White an invitation to host the show, perhaps Adam West will be the next star of yesteryear to do so.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Apprentice--Steuart Walks The Plank

Trump walks into the suite while the candidates are celebrating. First thing he does is redo the teams. Brandy is put with Liza. Clint and Steuart remain teammates. It is now Men vs Women again.
In this week's task, the teams will fly by helicopter to West Chester, Pennsylvania to the QVC studios. They will pick a product and then try to sell it on the shopping channel, the team that makes the most profit wins.
Steuart and Clint plan strategy on the chopper. They will pretend to go for selling watches and then pick purses, which can sell for a higher mark-up. Liza is project manager for the women, her only plan is too let Brandy present. Brandy, has had success in the past as a presenter. Steuart will present for the men.
The Men's strategy goes as planned, they give the Women the choice of product, while they choose the time slot. Women will sell watches, the Men will sell purses. The Women are comfortable with that decision. Their presentation seems rocky because Liza is overwhelmed as a director.
The surprise is that the Women win. After a mostly friendly boardroom, Steuart is fired.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Big Snowstorm Hits Seattle Area

The Barers of Maple Valley are home safe after a huge snow storm that blocked the roads and made for a 3 hour drive home last night. Today, we are driving to work a little later as one inch of snow can shut down the whole area.

The Mayors--A Great History Of Seattle

You can see Burl if you chose to watch the entire video!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saints Shred Seahawks In Superdome

Drew Brees had a career day, throwing for 382 yards and 4 touchdowns to lead the New Orleans Saints to a 34-19 victory over the the Seattle Seahawks. Seahawk quarterback Matt Hasselbeck played valiently, throwing for over 366 yards, despite a broken left wrist. It was the most yards surrendered by the New Orleans defense this season. The problem was, the 'Hawks were only able to get one touchdown, a two yard pass from Hasselbeck to Ben Obumanu. The rest of the points were Olindo Mare field goals. The photo above is courtesy of the Seattle Times.

Brandi Carlile The Story

A highlight from last Friday's Concert.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Homegrown Brandi Carlile Dazzles Benaroya Hall

Brandi Carlile, who grew up in Ravensdale , near Maple Valley, performed last night with the Seattle Symphony to a screaming, toe tapping, hand clapping audience.
Starting with only her band, Carlile began with probable her best known song "What Can I Say" pointing the microphone to the crowd who was singing the chorus along with her.
Many of Carlile's song are somewhat dark, lending themselves well to the strings in the orchestra. She spoke fondly of the venue, Benaroya Hall saying that she frequently drove past the place in her youth, only dreaming of playing there.
Her ablility to engage the crowd was reminiscent of another home grown band "Heart". Brandi announced that she was making a live album with last night's performance included.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Apprentice: Weak Player Trips Contender

It has been pretty clear throughout this season that the women's team does not work well with Liza, it seams that she has squeaked by this season through team wins and weaker players, her teammate Stephanie is very capable and qualified, but impatient and cannot seem to own up to her own errors. On the other team, Clint and Steuart work well together but cannot seem to find synergy with Brandy, the only woman on that team.

This week's task is to do a 30 second TV commercial for AT and T and FloTV a system that allows TV streaming on a cell phone.

Stephanie is project manager for Fortitude, while Steuart is PM for Octane.

Stephanie begins by rejecting all of Liza's ideas, preferring to make her a "go-fer". Her concept is to shoot in a sports stadium, however Liza cannot secure filming rights for any ball field. She tries the idea of a back drop, which also does not work. The final idea is a board meeting where a boss complains about the lack of enthusiasm amongst his workers. One of the workers, watching his favorite team score on Flo TV stands up and cheers to the delight of his boss.

Although Steuart is Octane's PM, Clint take charge right away, setting up a potential problem for Steuart later, should he go "head to head" with Clint in the final. Clint gets to be in the commercial as someone who is left out of everything until he gets Flo TV. Their commercial includes a shot at the AT and T store.

Octane wins, Stephanie and Liza go back to the board room. Donald, Jr says that the only energy Liza shows is in the boardroom, however, Trump hated Stephanie's idea and fires her with a warning to Liza that he does not like her performance either

King Felix Wins Cy Young Award

In what has really been the most dismal year in Seattle Mariner history, there is finally some good news. This year's American League Cy Young award (best pitcher of the year) is our own Felix Hernandez. Known as "King Felix", he had 13 wins against 12 losses in spite of pitching on a team with essentially no offense. Congratulations to Felix Hernandez!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Windstorm Does Damage

A vicious windstorm hit the Maple Valley area Monday evening, knocking out power in the area for up to nine hours. This house in the Belmont Woods area sustained damage to it's fence.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Seahawks Defeat Cardinals Again

Matt Hasselbeck passed for 333 yards leading the Seattle Seahawks to a 36-18 victory over the Arizona Cardinals. Hasselbeck hit Deon Butler for a touchdown in the second quarter,
while Seahawk running backs Marshawn Lynch and Justin Forsett added rushing touchdowns. Olindo Mare had 5 'Hawk field goals.
This is the first time that the 'Hawks have swept the Cardinals since 2005 and gets them back on the winning track after ugly defeats on the road in Oakland and at home against the Giants. After the 49ers overtime victory against the Rams, the Seahawks are in first place in the division with a 5-4 record.

Cougs Rise Up And Defeat OSU

The Washington State Cougars ended their 3 year draught of wins against conference opponents, defeating the Oregon State Beavers 31-14.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fans Pay Last Respects To Dave Niehaus

Thousands of Seattle Mariner fans showed up at Safeco Field today to pay tribute to Legendary broadcaster Dave Niehaus today. The above displays was placed at the gates to the field. Although entry into the stadium was easy, there was a very long line (above) to get on the field were there were additional displays. The television screens carried Dave's play by play. It was billed by the Mariner organization as an informal tribute with a formal remembrance to be announced.

Thanks, Dave.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Apprentice--A Cheater Gets Caught

In a move that has never happened before on the show, the teams were called to the boardroom before the task. Trump says that one of the candidates had sent a text message to the outside world, a clear violation. Anand is fingered and tries to lie his way out. It is to no avail and Trump fires him.
This week's task is to sell a the Kim Kardashian brand of perfume. I don't know much about Kim Kardashian, besides the fact that she seems to have replaced Paris Hilton as every one's favorite "rich girl". The teams are evened as Liza joins Stephanie and Poppy to take on Stueart, Brandy, and Clint.
Clint gets frustrated that Brandy is not putting more input into the task. Clint is PM and Brandy, the only woman on the team, is expected to help the guys, who are not well versed in the art of selling cosmetics. Poppy is PM for Fortitude, she immediately isolates Liza, who cannot get along with anyone and is considered a weak player. Poppy must not be familiar with Kardashian because her display does not seem to conform to her tastes. Octane wins the task. Poppy is fired for being PM on the losing team.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Seattle Mariners - Edgar, Joey & Junior Amazing 95 season

In honor of the great Dave Niehaus, I believe that this will go down as his "signature" call.

Seattle Mariner Voice Silenced

It was like a wrecking ball crashing into the Space Needle, it was announced on the radio today that Dave Niehaus, broadcaster of all but 90 Seattle Mariners games since the team's inception, has died from a heart atack. I know of no other figure who had captured the heart of this town in the way that he had. So long, Dave, My Oh My!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tributes To Jan Curran Around The Blogosphere

The picture above was taken at my parent's wedding in 1956. Jan Barer, my cousin, is second from left, a bridesmaid. This was posted on facebook by my brother, Steve in honor of Jan, who passed away a week ago yesterday. Jan, a journalist by trade, made her long struggle with cancer public by her blog Jan Curran Events. With her style and positive sense of humor, she made life better for both for cancer patients and their loved ones, many whom she never met or may not even have been aware of. Anne Erdman, the Public Information Director for Pasadena, CA, was a longtime friend, she writes this about Jan.
My dad, Jan's first cousin, knew her since her birth he has some funny stories from growing up together in Walla Walla. Jan's brother, Burl, included the write up in the Palm Springs Desert Sun in his story, Jan's cousin on her Mom's side, David Zarkin, also has some childhood recollections. My brother Danny weighed in also.
Finally, Jan's son, Lee ties it all together in this lovely piece.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Seahawks Game--Suite But Not Sweet

While I have blogged reports about the Seattle Seahawks since their Super Bowl year of 2005-2006, I usually filed the report from my observations on TV. This was the first regular season game that I have attended at Qwest Field in several years. My Father-In-Law, Bob and I had tickets to the KIRO TV suite as a result of a UPS Store summer contest.
Although it was a fun afternoon, it wasn't victorious or even close, the 2010 New York Giants appear to be the 2010 team of destiny and even a raucous loud crowd and the hallowed "12th Man" was not going to stop it. Charlie Whitehurst was starting in place of Matt Hasselbeck and the result was disaster. The Seahawks suffered their first loss at home 41-7. Next week, Hasselbeck should return as the 'Hawks head to the desert to face the Cardinals.

Friday, November 05, 2010

The Apprentice--Another Character Gets Axed

This episode begins with the remaining contestants sitting in the suite. Once again they get in a fight as Anand chides Stephanie for what he sees as negligence on her part during the last task. It's obvious to the viewers that more arguing and fighting is shown this year than ever before.
The task starts in front of Macy's in Herald Square, Trump says it's the largest department store in the world. There is a Donald Trump line of clothing out and teams will promote it with a 4 page print ad. Before beginning, as he does every season, Trump realigns the teams. Clint, Brandy, Steurt, and Liza become Octane, David, Anand, Poppy, and Stephanie are on Fortitude. That will be harder to remember than when the teams are separated by gender.
David, volunteers to be PM and starts out with some good ideas, and it seems like he is getting serious, until he gets in a big fight with Anand and gets hung up on some male model. Fortitude has the misfortune of not having models show up, so they decide to go it alone with Steurt and
Fortitude wins with an ad that may have been thought to be risque. However Donald Trump often rewards a team that takes a risk. David seemed to be getting into the swing of things since the previous week. Being on the losing team, he brings Poppy and Stephanie into the boardroom, but David's luck has run out. He is fired.

Apprentice Update To Be Late

Due to time constraints, this weeks wrap up of "The Apprentice" will be late. Look for it tonight. Thanks for reading.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Farewell To My Beloved Cousin

Jan Curran has passed away at 73. Jan was my second cousin, my father's first. Her blog, Jan Curran Events, inspired me to begin a blog of my own.
Jan was born in Walla Walla and graduated from Walla Walla High School, she went to the University Of Washington and met and married Alan Goldberg. Together they had 4 children. Jan and Alan divorced in the early 70s. She was briefly married to Donald Curran. Although she lived in California for almost all of her adult life, she would bring her children to Walla Walla every summer to visit the Grandparents, which is how I would meet Lee and Karen and later, Linda and Tod. Just about a year ago, she completed the book "Active Senior Living" a warm hearted comedy, based on life in a senior living center.
Through her blog, she was able to start what she called the "Jan Curran Fan Club", the idea behind it was for members to donate their old magazines and books to cancer treatment centers rather than throw them away. The Jan Curran Fan Club currently has a group on facebook with over one hundred members.
Click here for a wonderful article in the Desert Sun, the daily newspaper in Palm Springs.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Nightmare In Oakland For Seahawks

After a win on the road against the Bears and a victory over conference rival Arizona, the Seattle Seahawks seemed to take a step backwards against the Oakland Raiders, losing 33-3. The Raiders amassed 545 yards for the first time in their glorious history and also set a record for having their second game in a row with over 5oo yards of total offense. Running back Darren McFadden ran for 111 yards. As for the Seahawks, their offense was horrible with only 4 yards of total offense in the first quarter. The 'Hawks take on the Red Hot New York Giants next week at Qwest Field.

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Get Out And Vote

In this impassioned plea, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann's explains the the dangers of a "Tea Party" takeover this Tuesday.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Apprentice Hits Broadway

This episode begins with the men's and women's team chilling in the boardroom. Mahsa has some definite opinions on who should be fired from last week's task. No one at this point knows who was fired from last week. Liza and Stephanie returns and all of a sudden there is a big fight. The women are telling Mahsa to be quiet. We later find out that this will play itself out in this week's boardroom.
This week's task is to create a presentation for a specific Broadway play in order to get corporate backing. Liza steps up to lead the women, but has never actually seen a play nor does she get the concept. The men have to deal with David, after calling him out in last week's boardroom. The big surprise is that David is good when it comes to this work. Apparently his "acting out" masks a very creative streak. Although Steuart (it's actually spelled like that) is PM, he gives David full reign as soon as he sees that it will work in their favor.
The task takes second stage in this episode with the boardroom. Stephanie and Mahsa are in charge of creating a flier to promote the play. It is a miserable effort with no contact information, should an investor be interested in backing the play. Stephanie says that she has a music background and had studied for years in a conservatory. Trump asks her why she did not step up as PM. She said she did not know it was a musical. Trump calls her bluff and suddenly it looks like she may be fired. She retracts her story. Trump is suddenly angry with Mahsa because she cannot give a straight answer to one of his questions. Pretty soon the women are piling on her, it is revealed that on last week's task, Mahsa told the Men's team what her team had made. She says that she did so after the men shared their information. The men's team, who had been watching at the suite are enraged. They come back into the boardroom to protest what they say is a fabricated story. No one in the boardroom will back Mahsa up. She is fired to the relief of everyone, including, it looks like, Trump's receptionist.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Omare Kicks Seahawks Into First Place

Olindo Mare kicked 5 field goals as the Seattle Seahawks beat the Arizona Cardinals 22-10. The Seahawks scored their only touchdown in the second quarter on a 2 yard pass from Matt Hasselbeck to Mike Williams.
The Seahawks will travel to the Bay Area next Sunday to take on the Oakland Raiders.

Lee Vs Lincecum In World Series Opener

The two outstanding pitcher's who oppose each other in Game 1 of this year's World Series have Northwest ties. Tim Lincecum grew up in the area and attended Liberty High School in Renton and the University Of Washington. Cliff Lee, is kind of a stretch, he spent the first three months of this season as a Seattle Mariner. The two pitchers are a contrast in styles, Lincecum is long hair and has an unorthodox style, Cliff Lee is button-down and business. Amazingly though, Lee is the journeyman playing for his fourth team in four seasons. Lincecum has been a Giant his entire career. Both men have won the Cy Young, Lincecum won his second last year. The Rangers are seeking their first World Series championship, the Giants have not won a title since 1954 when they were the New York Giants.

Local Man's Presidential I-Pad Autograph May Be First

Sylvester Cann, with whom I worked with on the Dean Willard campaign, has garnered national attention. Sylvester attended a rally at the University Of Washington featuring President Obama. When Obama went into the crowd, Cann asked the president to sign his IPad, it may be the first IPAD autograph of a president.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Apprentice: Whose Got A Ticket To Ride?

The men are looking to regroup after a disasterous presentation last week, presenting a fashion show. The task this week is for teams to set up a pedicab business in New York. Anyone who lives in or near a city were pedicabs are employed, know that they are used primarily by tourists, mostly for fun, rather than a basic need of transportation.
Kelly, who thinks her team made her look like a weak player, steps up to run the women's team. Anand, who has been under the radar all season, will be PM for the men.
The Men's gimmick is to dress like gladiators with swords and promote the cabs as chariots. Wacky David seems to be a unifying factor on the team, they all want him gone. The men set up outside of Trump Tower.
The women run into problems right away when two of the members fail their riding tests including PM Kelly. That seems to be when she lost her team. She does not like the location that is picked (Wall Street) , but says nothing and seems to fade into the background. The women's team decide to sell sex appeal, calling their team "babes on bikes". When Eric Trump comes to check on the team, Kelly points out a couple of team members that she thinks have been doing well, this angers the other players as they all seem to have a "me first" attitude.
When the teams come back to the boardroom, Clint immediately calls out David for his bizarre behaviour. Everyone on the men's team backs him up, but Trump says the men have won and he cannot fire someone from the winning team. Of course, most viewers know that he could and would had he wanted to. The women have lost badly and everyone points a finger at Liza. Liza didn't do much this week, but Kelly thinks that she threw her under the bus on last week's task. She also fingers Stephanie for picking a bad location, Trump agrees that it is a terrible location, but thinks that Kelly was a poor leader. He fires her.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Evening

On a clear night, you can see the full Moon above the Issaquah City Hall.