Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tributes To Jan Curran Around The Blogosphere

The picture above was taken at my parent's wedding in 1956. Jan Barer, my cousin, is second from left, a bridesmaid. This was posted on facebook by my brother, Steve in honor of Jan, who passed away a week ago yesterday. Jan, a journalist by trade, made her long struggle with cancer public by her blog Jan Curran Events. With her style and positive sense of humor, she made life better for both for cancer patients and their loved ones, many whom she never met or may not even have been aware of. Anne Erdman, the Public Information Director for Pasadena, CA, was a longtime friend, she writes this about Jan.
My dad, Jan's first cousin, knew her since her birth he has some funny stories from growing up together in Walla Walla. Jan's brother, Burl, included the write up in the Palm Springs Desert Sun in his story, Jan's cousin on her Mom's side, David Zarkin, also has some childhood recollections. My brother Danny weighed in also.
Finally, Jan's son, Lee ties it all together in this lovely piece.

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