Friday, November 19, 2010

The Apprentice: Weak Player Trips Contender

It has been pretty clear throughout this season that the women's team does not work well with Liza, it seams that she has squeaked by this season through team wins and weaker players, her teammate Stephanie is very capable and qualified, but impatient and cannot seem to own up to her own errors. On the other team, Clint and Steuart work well together but cannot seem to find synergy with Brandy, the only woman on that team.

This week's task is to do a 30 second TV commercial for AT and T and FloTV a system that allows TV streaming on a cell phone.

Stephanie is project manager for Fortitude, while Steuart is PM for Octane.

Stephanie begins by rejecting all of Liza's ideas, preferring to make her a "go-fer". Her concept is to shoot in a sports stadium, however Liza cannot secure filming rights for any ball field. She tries the idea of a back drop, which also does not work. The final idea is a board meeting where a boss complains about the lack of enthusiasm amongst his workers. One of the workers, watching his favorite team score on Flo TV stands up and cheers to the delight of his boss.

Although Steuart is Octane's PM, Clint take charge right away, setting up a potential problem for Steuart later, should he go "head to head" with Clint in the final. Clint gets to be in the commercial as someone who is left out of everything until he gets Flo TV. Their commercial includes a shot at the AT and T store.

Octane wins, Stephanie and Liza go back to the board room. Donald, Jr says that the only energy Liza shows is in the boardroom, however, Trump hated Stephanie's idea and fires her with a warning to Liza that he does not like her performance either

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