Friday, November 05, 2010

The Apprentice--Another Character Gets Axed

This episode begins with the remaining contestants sitting in the suite. Once again they get in a fight as Anand chides Stephanie for what he sees as negligence on her part during the last task. It's obvious to the viewers that more arguing and fighting is shown this year than ever before.
The task starts in front of Macy's in Herald Square, Trump says it's the largest department store in the world. There is a Donald Trump line of clothing out and teams will promote it with a 4 page print ad. Before beginning, as he does every season, Trump realigns the teams. Clint, Brandy, Steurt, and Liza become Octane, David, Anand, Poppy, and Stephanie are on Fortitude. That will be harder to remember than when the teams are separated by gender.
David, volunteers to be PM and starts out with some good ideas, and it seems like he is getting serious, until he gets in a big fight with Anand and gets hung up on some male model. Fortitude has the misfortune of not having models show up, so they decide to go it alone with Steurt and
Fortitude wins with an ad that may have been thought to be risque. However Donald Trump often rewards a team that takes a risk. David seemed to be getting into the swing of things since the previous week. Being on the losing team, he brings Poppy and Stephanie into the boardroom, but David's luck has run out. He is fired.

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