Monday, November 01, 2010

Farewell To My Beloved Cousin

Jan Curran has passed away at 73. Jan was my second cousin, my father's first. Her blog, Jan Curran Events, inspired me to begin a blog of my own.
Jan was born in Walla Walla and graduated from Walla Walla High School, she went to the University Of Washington and met and married Alan Goldberg. Together they had 4 children. Jan and Alan divorced in the early 70s. She was briefly married to Donald Curran. Although she lived in California for almost all of her adult life, she would bring her children to Walla Walla every summer to visit the Grandparents, which is how I would meet Lee and Karen and later, Linda and Tod. Just about a year ago, she completed the book "Active Senior Living" a warm hearted comedy, based on life in a senior living center.
Through her blog, she was able to start what she called the "Jan Curran Fan Club", the idea behind it was for members to donate their old magazines and books to cancer treatment centers rather than throw them away. The Jan Curran Fan Club currently has a group on facebook with over one hundred members.
Click here for a wonderful article in the Desert Sun, the daily newspaper in Palm Springs.


pasadenapio said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Mike. Jan was my dear friend for 30 years. She was very proud of everyone in her family and spoke of Walla Walla often through the years.

I had a funny feeling when there no answer Sunday and yesterday when I called her home number and cell number. When I contacted Tod this morning, he told me the sad news.

Please relay my condolences to the family in Walla Walla.

-- Ann Erdman in Pasadena (and formerly Walnut Creek and Palm Springs)

Cafe Pasadena said...

I knew your cousin Jan via her blog & PIO Ann.

Despite my very limited experience with her, I still feel her loss. She was a GOOD woman who I wish I could've known as you & others did.

Dave Zarkin said...

Very warm thoughts about cousin Jan. I too have written an article on Jan on my blog