Friday, November 26, 2010

The Apprentice--Steuart Walks The Plank

Trump walks into the suite while the candidates are celebrating. First thing he does is redo the teams. Brandy is put with Liza. Clint and Steuart remain teammates. It is now Men vs Women again.
In this week's task, the teams will fly by helicopter to West Chester, Pennsylvania to the QVC studios. They will pick a product and then try to sell it on the shopping channel, the team that makes the most profit wins.
Steuart and Clint plan strategy on the chopper. They will pretend to go for selling watches and then pick purses, which can sell for a higher mark-up. Liza is project manager for the women, her only plan is too let Brandy present. Brandy, has had success in the past as a presenter. Steuart will present for the men.
The Men's strategy goes as planned, they give the Women the choice of product, while they choose the time slot. Women will sell watches, the Men will sell purses. The Women are comfortable with that decision. Their presentation seems rocky because Liza is overwhelmed as a director.
The surprise is that the Women win. After a mostly friendly boardroom, Steuart is fired.

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