Saturday, December 04, 2010

Finalists Chosen For This Season's Apprentice

Brandy Kuentzel and Clint Robertson are this year's final two candidates to compete for The Apprentice. Liza, the last of the final three was fired at the beginning of this week's episode. Trump said that although he had faith in Liza, none of the other candidates did.

As in every season, each finalist has a separate final task to complete. Brandy, who won the first task gets the first pick, which is whether to chose her team or chose the task. Apparently there are some people she would not want to work with again, she picks her team. She has to pick amongst the fired contestants that Donald marches out so she picks Liza, Stephanie, and Anand. It is a surprise to see Anand, who was caught cheating in a previous episode, but he says that he wants a chance to redeem himself. Clint is lucky to get Steuart, to whom he is tight with, along with Mahsa and Poppy.

Since Brandy picked her team, Clint gets to pick the task, which will be putting on a dinner with a live performance of Liza Minnelli. Clint is from Texas and picked that task to show that he can excel in something that is not his forte. That leaves Brandy to put on a celebrity golf tournament at Trump National. Brandy knows little or nothing about Golf. The strange thing about that is that there is usually some related golf task in each season of The Apprentice. Her ace in the hole, surprisingly is Liza, who we find out, was on the Kenyan Women's Golf Team at one time.
The usual series of missteps that are inherent in the final task take place, leaving a great cliffhanger for the finale.

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