Friday, December 10, 2010

The Apprentice: Brandy Beats Clint

Corporate attorney Brandy Kuentzel was hired as Donald Trump's new Apprentice. It was not revealed on the show what her new role would be although Trump asked both her and finalist Clint Robertson what they would do in the organization if they were hired. Trump did not give a reason for picking Brandy, although her final plea was that she could work with Trump's daughter and two sons to bring along the next generation. Clint was pointed out for being a little too country-like, a point that seemed to be refuted in the last episode. Trump concluded by congratulating Brandy and firing Clint. At the contestant's suite, Brandy was seen hugging fellow candidates, although the camera noticeably cut away when she was about to face disgruntled Mahsa.


Anonymous said...

Once again "The Donald" chose "The Legs" over "The Qualified". Clint was 10x more qualified than Brandy. I guess Clint would not be as cute on Trump's arm!

Mike Barer said...

I liked Brandy but wanted Clint to win. I mean, how do you excuse the crappy prizes? Why not just get trophies I mean, really. You have rich golfers and you give them the same golf set that they would give to their 5th grade child?

Anonymous said...

I was so gladly surprised that Brandy won, she has kept her cool all along the way in the competition.
While Clint was strong at first, but it slowly appeared that he just loved kissing asses.

Although the prize was bad, it was Anand and Liza's fault as it was not Brandy's idea at all.

And regarding the first comment, I think both of them are qualified, Brandy was an attorney and valedictorian but she quickly knew that flaunting the qualification is not everything.

Mike Barer said...

Thank you for reading and for your comments but I will have to disagree with you on one point, the PM is responsible for everything performed on the task.
I've seen PMs fired on the show for lesser things.
That being said, I think that if Mr. Trump was looking for someone who could work better with Ivanka and Don, Brandy would be a better pick than Clint.