Thursday, October 20, 2016

5th Legislative Candidates Meet In Maple Valley

As you would expect, transportation took center stage as candidates for state legislature of both parties met at Rock Creek Elementary School in Maple Valley, one of Seattle's most remote suburbs.  Candidates attending were Senator Mark Mullet (above left), house member and challenger Chad Magendanz (above right), Representative Jay Rodne (bottom left) and Challenger Jason Ritchie (above right).  Mullet was the first Democrat in 20 years to be elected from the 5th.   Democrat Ritchie is challenging incumbent Republican Jay Rodne.
Republican Paul Graves, who is running for Chad's open seat in the house, attended the forum, however, Darcy Burner was home with the flue.  Burner had her manager make a statement on her behalf. 
Topics were proposed Sound Transit expansion, education, taxes, and gun regulation.  They also tackled the subject of "predictive scheduling".  Local attorney Grifan Cayce, moderated the debate.  The three Republican candidates are attorneys.  Democrats Mullet, Ritchie, and Burner each own small businesses.  The event was sponsored by the Maple Valley Chamber Of Commerce.

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