Thursday, October 13, 2016

Gina Grant Bull

The news hit me like a ton of bricks--Gina Grant Bull was vivacious, lovely, and ageless.  I had just seen her at last summer's Wa-Hi class reunion.  She was one year behind us, but she and others volunteered.  Gina's father, Bill, was a state legislator, he was the last Democrat elected to represent the very Conservative Walla Walla Valley.  Her father's charisma obviously had passed on to Gina who had a certain presence when she was in a room. She was married to a former WSU Cougar football player, Ron Bull.
  Gina worked in Olympia with the state legislature as a Page director.  We both went to WSU and would always say hello when we passed. 
I talked over coffee with her and some of her friends at the 2012 Washington Democratic Convention in Seattle. Her dad had passed away a few years earlier while still serving in the State house.
I  just found out that Gina died suddenly yesterday.

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