Sunday, August 21, 2016

Nightmare On Maple Valley Street

It's what every homeowner dreads, I was returning home after work and a visit to the gym last Thursday evening.  I opened the door from the garage and was shocked to see water on the floor, like the dishwasher or clothes washer was leaking
When I stepped into the family room I thought I was in the middle of a nightmare!  Part of the ceiling had collapsed.  Without thinking of the risk involved, I ran upstairs,  the floor was soaken wet.  I traced the water to the guest bathroom where water was leaking out of the hose like a garden hose that was not connected to a faucet tightly.  I turned off the water under the toilet.  Then assessed the damage. I called Debra at work and told her to come home immediately.  She called our homeowner insurance agency Farmers.  They told her not to panic, that they can send a water restoration crew in that night to which they did.  After a late night night we began to start work toward getting our house back to normal. 
We were very lucky that many of our possessions were not damaged.  We will need to replace flooring and walls, along with pipes, but we are in it for the long haul.


Ginger Dawn Harman said...

Oh terrible but so glad you were able to get the insurance to help. So many do not have this! If we lived near, you know Oj and I would be over to help!

Mike Barer said...

Thank you, Ginger Dawn! You already are helping! You made my day!