Saturday, August 20, 2016

News Anchor Isn’t Taking Radio Host's Crap

The folks at Puget Sound Media, gave me the heads up on this story.  Former Seattle area radio personality, Magic Matt Alan has gotten into a social media war with KTLA reporter Kacey Montoya.  LA based Alan, who can be heard on Sirius/XM Satellite 70s on 7 and Outlaw Radio on the internet, sometimes at the same time, promoted his Outlaw Radio by claiming on his Facebook page to have seen Montoya's black thong through her white dress on the air.  Montoya took Alan's bate with a terse reply, calling Alan a "pig" and saying Alan must do podcasts from his mom's basement.  She also claimed she was not wearing such clothing. 
Alan is known for his contempt for Political Correctness. Burl Barer, another former Seattle DJ living in the LA area is also on the Outlaw Radio Program.


Ginger Dawn Harman said...

How did I miss this!!!!

Mike Barer said...

You really didn't, it's still going on.

Garry O'Day said...

Way back in '82 Matt confided with me over a couple beers: "I really don't care if my listening audience thinks I'm an asshole...They'll tune in every day to hear what that asshole has to say this time." -Clearly a case of a successful MO in action.