Monday, January 28, 2008

Three Different Kennedys Endorse Obama

I bet no one saw this coming. After his impressive victory in South Carolina, Senator Ted Kennedy has endorsed Senator Obama. While that may not count for much in the general election, in a hard fought primary season, it is fantastic. In addition, Caroline Kennedy, who I don't remember every endorsing any candidate at any time, has added her endorsement. Patrick Kennedy made it a threesome for all that matters (which is little). I still remain uncommitted. Hilary has shown that she can pull a rabbit out of a hat, and her husband adds a charasmatic factor of his own, though he has not shown it lately. I think the best thing for the former President right now is too catch up on his rest and let Hilary run her own campaign.
Meanwhile with John Edwards looks and sincerity, he seems unable to win anything anywhere at anytime. The fact that he did little to campaign for Kerry has come back to haunt him.

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