Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Victoria pics below were from earlier this month. Today is July 30. Time to wish my little Brother Steve a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Posted by Picasa

These are Victoria's famous Hanging baskets. You can tell I was excited about posing for this picture. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 29, 2005

The view from the balcony at our rented Condo in Victoria. The float plane coincidently is from KING-5's Evening Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Reflections or "there he goes again"

Summer is my favorite time of the year, dating back to my childhood when it meant school was over for a long time. Yesterday evening I was out on a neighborhood walk with our dog who is now more child than pet and I reflected on how beautiful it is at this time. We usually eat dinner on the deck and watching the silhouettes of the evergreens as the sun sets is really something else. In our backyard at night we can see every star clearly. If I could I would make summer last all year.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Lance Armstrong--American Hero

I am not the biggest cycling fan in the world, and if the Tour De France was cancelled, I probably wouldn't notice. I do know the meaning of dominance and nothing spells dominance like Lance Armstrong. He has just finished his career with his 7th consecutive Tour De France victory. That in itself is incredible, an American dominating a world wide field in a sport that barely makes a blip on the radar screen in this country. The amazing thing is that he is a cancer surivivor. It is a miracle that Lance has even survived.
I have heard so much about not only what the disease can do, but how exhaustive the treatments are. To put this all in perspective, Armstrong's feat is amazing. No doubt children and even adults dealing with this dreadful disease are getting much needed inspiration. That would make Lance Armstrong a hero in every sense of the word!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Cousin Sam does the Bumpers cars with daughter Becca in Seaside OR Posted by Picasa

image1.jpg Posted by Picasa
We're a little road weary, but a lovely picture from the Butchart Gardens

Deb and I, out to dinner on our 10th Anniversary. We dined at the Sooke Harbour Bed And Breakfast. About a 45 minute drive from our Condo in Victoria.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Little Past "Now" Time

Usually around this time during the summer, I am eagerly anticipating the beginning of football season. The Seahawks start their exhibition season in a week or two and for the last couple of seasons, they have shown a great deal of potential. Anyone who knows me will tell you how optimistic I get about the Seahawks chances.
This year it just isn't there, I don't feel it. I can't put my finger on what the problem is, but the Hawks just don't deliver. I have been a steadfast defender of Mike Holmgren, but it's time for him to show us his hand.
By coincidence, the Seahawks and Portland Trail Blazers are both owned by Paul (Mr. Moneybags) Allen. Both franchises have gone from being the "talk of the town" to being afterthoughts in their respective communities. In all fairness, the Hawk's slide started before Allen took over the team.
The fans have given Allen everything that he has asked for including a state-of-art stadium. The money is there, the Seahawks face problems any other team would face. It is do or die for Holmgren. Show us a plan or we'll show you the door!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

My brother Steve is in the lower left hand picture in forefront. Martial arts is Steve's passion as he has earned a Black Belt. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 15, 2005

What's up this Friday in Mid-July

I just could take my eyes off the screen, but it took three at-bats and Rafael Palmiero rapped the one hit he needed to reach 3.000. When the M's were contenders and these things seemed to matter, I could not stand Palmiero. He was the ultimate Mariner killer. But much like what was the case with John Elway, everyone in Safeco field and many, many more watching the TV wanted to see him get to hit that plateau. Congrats to you, Rafael!
Shifting gears if you remember my "Donkey strikes Back" post from late June, the popular "Louisiana Primary" has been struck down in the courts. This could very likely mean we are guaranteed to have both a Republican and a Democrat on the ballot for every office in this election. What it means to the casual voter of Washington is that they have to be a member of a party and that makes them angry.

Last half of one of sports best sister acts

Earlier in the blog, I had mention Sada Jacobson winning the bronze medal at Athens. Her sister Emily is also a talented fencer and also represented our country in Athens. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

In a late tribute to Uncle Sam's 229th birthday, I present THE LIBERTY BELL Taken last spring in Philadelphia. Posted by Picasa

When Nate became coach of the Super Sonics, I knew they were in for great things. Posted by Picasa

Did Mac-10 Choose A Bad Neighborhood?

As a Sonics fan, I don't blame Nate for striking while the iron is hot and looking for a new coaching opportunity. However I think he has made a mistake in going to Portland. In the nearly 10 years that Paul Allen has been in sports ownership, I have seen very little in his ability to build an organization. Nate's situation is very similar to Mike Holmgren who was wooed away by Allen from a very successful stint as coach of the Packers to coach our Seattle
I think Nate is in a win or else position with the Blazers more than he would with any other team. He will make much more money in an organization that is currently stronger, but I think he is playing for a less popular owner and since all Portland has is the Blazers, he will be totally under the microscope. I think in this deal the Sonics come out better than Nate and I think it is too bad. I think Nate is one of the class acts of Professional Sports.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bernie--we hardly knew you

When I was in High School, the Middle East was as bad a hot spot as it is today. Since all the news about the world was generated to us at 6:oo by the major networks, foreign correspondents were essential into being our eyes to the world. The reporters who were my favorites were Bernard Goldberg, Marvin Kalb and Bob Simon of CBS and Irving R. Levine of NBC. It was because of men like that, I decided to attend Washington State University with dreams of becoming a news correspondent. WSU after all is where Edward R Murrow attended college and there is a building and a department named after him.
I figured them all to be progressive and cool especially Mr Goldberg, mod hair stylish clothes and of course the all important Jewish surname. However such is not the case with Bernard Goldberg. I can deal with the fact he may have voted Republican, or been a Republican, but it gets better. He is crying up a storm about Liberal bias in the media. That is what the right wingers cry every time one of there own makes a mistake. It seems like Goldberg (No relation to my California cousins) is selling this hook, line and sinker. Never mind a handful of Mega Corporations own virtually every TV, radio and newspaper outlet. Goldberg seems to be of the mind that Fox News really is "Fair And Balanced"
Now with all the style and tact of Ann Coulter, Goldberg has a new book"100 people who are Screwing up America" No doubt there are some listed who are too far to the left, but for God's sake Jimmy Carter is on it. Not the best President maybe, but a man with heart and soul who actually showed up at President Bush's inauguration inspite of the fact most Democrats were questioning it's legitimacy. A man who has spent his years after the White House helping the hungry and poor. In Goldberg's eyes, screwing up America is disagreeing with President Bush.
Doesn't Goldberg realize that not being Christian is screwing up America in the eyes of the people he panders to. Maybe Bernie is reborn. I tried to enter his chatroom to get some answers and found it was impossible. So that is the great question mark.

Bernard Goldberg--a man of curious ramblings Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 11, 2005

Back at my Typewriter

Gee guys, it's getting late but I know that there is nothing worst than checking a blog and finding that nothing new has been written in a week or two! I just returned from spending a week with my wife in Victoria, BC. I managed to get one post in last week but using the computer was a real challenge. There was one computer in the lobby for the whole Condominium complex, Since I am an early riser, I usually tried to get down to use it before we would set out and do vacation things. Nine times out of ten someone would be using it which was fine, they were usually happy to yield but then a line would form once I got on and it was quite disconcerting. Anyway, it's good to be back with you right here in the USA as Linda Ronstadt once said or was it Chuck Berry?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sideways--from DVD

Sideways is actually "The Odd Couple" for the new century. It features two friends who are almost total opposites. Jack (very aptly named) is a shallow "good time charlie". He lives for the moment and has very few interests other than Sex, booze and golf. Myles is very cerebral and very knowledgeable, an English teacher, with a real appreciation for wine tasting right down to the smallest nuance. He is also very depressed about his recent divorce and has no idea when to "say when" in a relationship.
The premise is that Myles is going to take Jack for a last fling in the week before his wedding. Why Jack would want to have Myles take him is rather curious. Perhaps Jack and Myles have lost all their friends with their impusive behaviour and have been left with just themselves.
The pair head from Southern California over to the Napa Valley wine country where they sample wines and come across a couple of waitresses . Myles is careful and respecting of them, but Jack is ready to get a little action and wants Myles in on the deal. This is good for Myles. He is still hung up on his ex-wife and when he gets too much to drink , gives her unwanted phone calls.
Jack sets Myles up with Maya, a very smart lovely lady also versed in wine tasting and with a heart of gold. Jack finds Stephanie, an equally impulsive good time lady. The chemistry between all is good and for the rest of the movie their exploits with make you laugh and cry.
This movie is reminiscent of the situational movies of the 60s and 70s. Younger people raised on action movies and "chick flicks" may find it somewhat boring. I would say it was a breath of fresh air from todays pictures.