Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Barers Of Maple Valley Turns 5

With over 1400 entries, this blog will be 5 years old on Saturday. Thank you for making it a success!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bret Michaels Is Celebrity Apprentice

Rock music front man Bret Michaels, seemingly America's adopted son, has been chosen this season's Celebrity Apprentice. Throughout the season, Michaels warmed over even his critics by coming to work on every task and his dedication to his cause. Michaels was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 6. A series of health problems including a brain hemorage that nearly took his life, did not stop Michaels from attending the live program, which featured all the fired contestants, except for Sharon Osborn and Pro Wrestler Bill Goldberg. former contestant Cyndi Lauper performed a song off her latest album. Michaels beat Holly Robinson, an excellent contestant, who just did not project the needed on-screen ethos that would endure her to the public.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Outlaw Radio Hosts TV Icon

One of the fictional 7 castaways of TV's Gilligan's Island, Dawn Wells was a guest on Outlaw Radio . The weekly radio show which can only be heard on the Internet, is hosted by radio DJ, Matt Alan and includes cousin Burl Barer and some pals who hang around a restored bar talking of the topics of the week.
Wells, who received a degree in Theatre Arts (drama) from the University Of Washington, played Mary Anne, the clean living Midwesterner who was "hut-mate" to movie star Ginger. Wells said that her appeal was her "girl next door" as opposed to Ginger's "out on the town" image. Wells talked about her charitable pursuits and addressed some of the rumors of cast discord during the run of the Gilligan series.

Reichert: "Are There Any Reporters Here?"

David Goldstein of has this recording of our congressman explaining to supporters why he does not vote the party line. According to media watchdog blatherwatch, the tape was largely ignored by the mainstream media.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mariners Wallop The Padres

I was listening to the Gasman on KJR today interviewing Mariner announcer Dave Sims. Sims was saying that tonight's game between the M's and the San Diego Padres would be a pitcher's duel. It seemed at the time to be an astute observation. Cliff Lee was going up against Wade LeBanc, it was the National League West's best vs the American League West's worst.
The game was more of a "pitcher's drill" as the Mariner's shellacked the San Diego Padres 15-8.
This is the second game in a row where something was out of character for the Mariners, yesterday, Manager Don Wakamatsu was ejected from a game for the first time in his career as the Mariners squeezed out a one run victory over the Toronto Blue Jays. Thank you to the Seattle Times for the picture.

2nd Graders Visit Crossroads UPS Store

Yesterday was exciting because the Cherry Crest Elementry School 2nd graders came to visit the Crossroads UPS Store. This is the third year they have shown up, always in late May. Deb always has games for the children to play and they enjoy playing with Rusty.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice--It's Bret vs Holly

The contestants are in the suite celebrating the fact that they are still in the game when the phone rings. Trump wants to see the candidates in the boardroom. They return to the boardroom where Trump says that he needs to fire someone right away. He asks everyone who they think should go. The consensus seems to be that it should be Maria. Maria makes a comment about Curtis that Trump finds disgusting, He wastes no time in firing Maria.
The four remaining candidates are Holly Robinson Peete, Curtis Stone, Bret Michaels, and Sharon Osborn. They are about to undergo a rigorous series of interviews with Apprentice Winners Bill Rancik and Joan Rivers. After the interviews Trump refers to the feedback from Rancik and Rivers. He determines that all the candidates are good but he can only take two the final task. He fires Curtis and Sharon. That leaves Bret and Holly to go at it.
The final task is to create a flavor of Snapple, then design a commercial and advertorial to go with it. Whoever does the best job is the new Celebrity Apprentice.
Teams are chosen Bret gets Summer and Daryl Strawberry. Holly gets Curtis and Maria. No rhyme or reason why they got to come back while Cyndi, Sharon, and the like had to call it a game.
While Holly (a somewhat abrasive candidate) looks like the early favorite. There is little doubt that most of the viewers will be pulling for Bret.

Mount St Helens Eruption

30 years ago, I was a student at Washington State University. I was working at my part time job at Radio Station KNOI, when I heard on our news feed that Mt. St Helens had erupted. Mt St Helens had been in the news lately, having a few minor flare-ups so I really paid little attention.
The sky began to darken, I thought that clouds were coming in, it got darker and darker untill all of a sudden, it was like nighttime at 5:00! Then the ash came down like snowfall. Only ash does not melt away.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Dog Has Facebook Page

Rusty has a fan page on Facebook. You can check it out here

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wa Hi Star Inducted Into Hall Of Fame

Wa Hi Blue Devil and WSU Cougar Women's Basketball standout Jeanie Eggart Helfer was inducted into the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) Hall Of Fame. The Wa Hi Blue Girls Basketball team was state runner up in Helfer's first two years at Wa Hi. They also finished third in her senior year. According to the Seattle Times, she was also the first female to receive an athletic scholarship to WSU. Helfer graduated Wa Hi in 1977, one year after I did.
Also inducted was star UW running back Joe Steele, who lived in Walla Walla as a youth, later moving to Seattle with his family. Steele also played his high school and college ball in the 70s.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Griffey Snooze Causes Uproar

While Tiger Woods is amerced in a scandal for sleeping with an unknown amount of women, Mariner Ken Griffey, Jr is making headlines for just sleeping. Veteran Seattle Times columnist Steve Kelley weighed in with his harshest critique of Griffey. The controversy started with this column by Mariner beat writer Larry LaRue.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice--The Requsite Apartment Fix-Up

The challenge is as old as the show itself. This week's task was for the teams, once again realigned, to fix up a two bedroom corporate apartment. Once again, Trump decides to realign the teams. Sharon and Maria last week spoke of their dislike for Curtis Stone, so Trump decides to put Curtis on their team, Bret goes to team Tenacity--a recipe for disaster if their ever was one. Control freak, Holly is Tenacity's PM. Sharon takes the reigns of the new Rock Solid.
Rock Solid continues to run smoothly in spite of or maybe because of the addition of Curtis. Sharon has a good idea of what corporate people want in their apartment. With the two most unique candidates, pop star Cyndi and Rock Star Bret, Holly is going crazy, but actually it is Holly who makes some unwise decisions on how to decorate. In the boardroom, I was hoping that Holly would be fired, but Trump considers Cyndi unmanageable and give her walking papers.

88 Year Old Betty White On SNL

No phony audience members or tricks needed. Betty White nails it in her monologue last Saturday as she hosted SNL.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Farewell To A Legend

Dodger Announcer Ken Levine pays tribute to the late Detroit Tiger radio announcer, Ernie Harwell. Click here

Bigger Dance--Last 4 Party

Another thing to scratch off the list. Tonight I attended the KJR Sports Radio Bigger Dance Final 4 party at the Acme Bowl. I do not talk about the Bigger Dance on this blog much. It is a guilty pleasure. It is a contest that starts after the college basketball tournament (nicknamed the big dance) is finished. It is a series of brackets set up like a tournament, but features famous women. You pick which woman will win and if you get the most points, you win a trip for two to any sporting event in the World. Not something you tell your Mother about (unless she also fills out a bracket), but a great prize. All of the rounds are voted on by listeners calling in until the final four in which the only way to vote is by paper ballot. After the final two are determined, it goes back to telephone voting on the following Monday to determine the Queen....
I met an old friend over there and we talked about old times. This year, the Bigger Dance was sponsor by Mike's Hard Lemonade.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice-- Another New Trump

Amongst the Rogue's Gallery of characters that make up the contestants, Olympic Swimmer Summer Sanders was the least exciting. Which means of course, she was probably the only one of the bunch that you really would consider hiring. In this competition, for the most part, she brought very little in the way of skill or management, a follower at best, bad TV at worst.

Last week, little Baron Trump was introduced to the viewing nation. This week, a Trump that I had not heard of, Eric (pictured above), would sit at a chair in the boardroom. I was totally unaware that this Trump even existed.

This week's task was to do a series of radio spots for Clockwork Home Services, a company that features fast home repair. Clockwork Homes Services consists of three companies, one of which was Ben Franklin Plumbing. This was a little odd because Ben was mostly associated with Electricity, but that's Mr. Sparky Electricians, and finally there is One Hour Heating And Air Conditioning.
Both teams were told to lay off the humor. Bret Michaels is project manager for Rock Solid, now with more girls than guys. That of course does not bother Bret. Tenacity, with Summer as project manager, takes a straight forward aproach, Bret on the other hand is going to be Bret. He makes references to the cliches about plumbers knowing that it could cost the team a victory and lead to his firing. The thing is that Bret does radio spots really well and Rock Solid wins the task.
Summer brings Cyndi and Curtis into the boardroom, abrasive Holly gets to go back to the Suite. Summer does nothing to defend herself as everyone on the team thinks that she should be fired. It leaves Trump no choice but to fire her.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Burl Barer--"The Day...."

Burl Barer took his readers down memory lane on his blog with this recollection from his youth.
"The older I get, the more I admire my parents and their friends, almost all of whom have passed away. My father was, above all, a good man. His honesty and integrity were without question, and his quiet kindness was a living example to me. There was only one time in my childhood when he broke my heart and reduced me to tears. That single event troubled me for years, and I never knew how to bring it up and resolve it.
About forty years after that event, my father and I were chatting and he asked me if there was anything he did, as my father, that I resented. “Yes, actually, there is only one, and I have never mentioned it. I also have never been able to let go of it ever since I was a kid.”
My father was immediately fascinated. “Tell me,” he encouraged. “Please, what was it?”
I was still a little kid - I was in grade school, and there was a party at our home. We had those often, and my parents would invite their friends. There would be food and drinks and wonderful conversations and eventually the men would play gin rummy. It was one of those nights, a lovely party, and in the living room Mr. Sam Taylor and Dr. Phillip Siegel were having a fascinating conversation about God, and our obligation to be of service to humanity. Every time Mr. Taylor said, “God” I found myself moving closer to him. I wanted to hear everything. I wanted to understand. I was drawn as if I were a a chip of iron and the word “God” was a powerful magnet.
As Mr. Taylor spoke, I inched closer. He saw my interest and encouraged me to move towards him. My dad happened to walk by, and noticing me standing in front of Mr. Taylor, said, ”Burl, move back. You’re standing too close to Mr. Taylor.” I dutifully moved back, straining to catch every word.
As much as I wanted to be a good boy, and keep my distance, I couldn’t resist. Bit by bit, I worked my way back until I was close enough to hear every word. It was then my father saw my manifest “disobedience.’
Dad lost his temper, swept me up and reprimanded me. “No, Dave,” said Mr. Taylor, “It’s all right. Really.” Too late. I was paddled on my little rear all the way down the stairs and into my bedroom where I sobbed and sobbed for what seemed an eternity.
My father listened to his adult son recount an episode he never remembered, and one I would never forget. “If it is not too late, “ said my father, “may I apologize? I was wrong. Please forgive me.” He meant it. Apology accepted. I hugged him, and held on tight. I still remember his arms around me, but most of all I remember his scent.
There are times when the longing to be with my father again almost overwhelms me. I replay memories of my childhood, adolescence, and adulthood -- significant events and insignificant moments. I watch old home movies occasionally, and there we are: my mom, dad, brother Stan and sister Jan. Then my nostalgia expands and encompasses grandparents and aunts and uncles, and friends of the family. All of them live on in my mind and my heart. There are times when time itself is malleable, my parents are young and vibrant, my brother and sister are living their high school adventures, and I’m the peculiar younger child standing amidst adults, fascinated by Dr. Siegel and Mr. Taylor talking about God.
“Tell me something funny you remember from when you were little,“ Dad requested, and the following brief anecdote popped into my mind. One Sunday evening my family had dinner at the Siegel home. They had a dog named Spot. After dinner, we watched Macbeth on the Hallmark Hall of Fame. When Lady Macbeth said “out, damn spot,” the dog got up and left the room
. "