Sunday, May 05, 2019

The Original Congregation Beth Israel Of Walla Walla

It had no signage nor did it have a telephone, therefore, no listing in the local phone book.  The main door went to a living room type reception area.  The door on the right would went to the small sanctuary.  Their was a large kitchen in back,  used for Passover sedars, break fasts, etc.
There was an apartment on the second floor, originally the rabbi would live there.  Eventually, the temple would do away with having a paid rabbi and use volunteer lay leaders to run the service.   As I was young, the top apartment was rented to the anyone wishing to live there.
The original Congregation Beth Israel was located at Rose and Tukanon in Walla Walla.  The congregation moved to it's present location on Alder and Roosevelt in 1972, as the original temple was torn down with the rest of the block to make room for a new Elks Club building.

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