Sunday, July 29, 2012

Review--Ken Levine's Latest Book

Part time Seattle Mariner announcer and full time TV writer Ken Levine has a new book out.  The Me Generaton By Me is a fun loving autobiography of growing up in the 60s.  Levine, who grew up as the son of a radio advertising sales in the San Fernando valley, presence a much different view of the decade of the 60s than the stereotype seen in movies like "Forest Gump" and "The Doors".  The whole decade was not all about hippies, psychedelics, and dropping out. 
Levine presents his unique view as an outsider (he was not really about joining cliques in school) of events like the meteoric rise of The Beatles, The Batman TV show, being a contestant on The Dating Game (which he was) and his experiences working in an LA record store and his visit to the set of Rowan And Martin's Laugh-In.  Levine's  writing style that helped make shows like Frasier, Mash, and Cheers popular, make this book a very entertaining read.   The book in either paperback or Kindle is available on Amazon.

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