Monday, June 27, 2005

Tom Cruise Feeding Frenzy

Everywhere you look there's Tom Cruise. Not because he has a movie out. Not because he has been engaged to a lady he's known for a few months at best. Now that Michael Jackson and his court ordeals are over we need someone to trash or should I say, the media needs someone to shoot it's arrows at. I can't say he didn't make it easy for them, his behaviour on the Oprah show was definitely outside the norm. Yes, he did take a cheap swipe at Brooke Shields (like that's never happened before) and yes. he may have lost his cool in an interview on the Today show, but so what?! Has Tom ever shot anybody? Has he hurt a child? Did he start a war?
I did not see Matt Lauer's interview with big Tom, but my guess is that the TODAY show is in a fight for ratings and one sure way to put your show high in the ratings is to agitate someone. Tom Cruise has certain beliefs just like Mel Gibson and many other people. If you would have Donny Osmond (a practicing Mormon) and talked about how some people have fun chugging beer, I think Donny may be a litttle upset. I do not adhere to any of Tom's beliefs, but I think he is entitled to have them. I certainly disagree with them, but there are much worst things happening in these troubled times.


steve said...

Tom Cruise has never shot anyone or harmed a child.

unfortunately Tom cruises opinions do carry weight with some people.

The question is how many people who need help won't seek it because Tom enabled them?

How many of these people will harm themselves or others around them?

Mike Barer said...

That's the whole point--the media is giving Tom too much say.

steve said...

It's funny I rarely get excited when I watch the news. I
saw most of the cruise interview
as I was flipped by keith olbermans
show on cnbc.
Right about the point where Tom said
"Mat, you don't know psychology I
I had the urge to jump through the tv screen and put him in a judo choke hold.