Monday, June 06, 2005

Ailing Burl

Please have Burl Barer in your thoughts and prayers, Burl who like me was raised in Walla Walla is having surgery to have a couple stints put into his arteries. As near as I can tell, that means they will try to widen a couple of arteries to help take pressure off of his heart. A couple of weeks ago Burl had a heart attack while on the shuttle to the Sea Tac Airport. By the sake of a miracle the shuttle was making a stop at Valley General Hospital , perhaps the driver had notice Burl looking funny (no jokes now) and could tell something was not right, more than likely though, it was a devine coincidence because if he was further away and paramedics were summoned, he would not have made it. Burl's Dad (my uncle Dave) had a history of heart trouble that he fought valiently until 20 years ago when we lost him. I would like to see Burl kick the smoking habit. That is up to him, but we certainly do not want to lose our Burl.


girl_sedated said...

Thanks for posting that about my Papa, Mike, I really appreciate it. As far as the smoking is concerned, I think he is doing pretty well on that front.

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm Burl, and I'm not dead yet.
Actually it was Stevens Hospital, but a life saving procedure at any location is still a blessing. I am back in Santa Monica. I just finished STEALTH for Sony Entertainment -- I wrote a novel based on the screenplay for publication in Japan. I dont read Japanese, but I'm sure the translation will be excellentt.

Anonymous said...

Hey Burl...I just came across this website looking for info on you as I grew up in Seattle listening to you on KOL and also staring and drooling at you (I'm a girl by the way) at the Trolley Club in Seattle across the street from where the Martin Cinerama is...anyway I just wanted to let you know that I hope you're okay and doing fine with your new stents (I now have 8 in one artery - all due to smoking) and so far I'm doing okay...I survived a cardiac arrest in 2001 just a month before 911...So,'s to thoughts and prayers are with you. Are you ever going to move back to Seattle? I didn't know you were an author and so I'll have to pick up one of your books to see if you're as good an author as you were a DJ and personality in Seattle. Love...Adele Hall