Sunday, June 12, 2005

It's a Brad and Angelina Thing

"Mr and Mrs Smith" is the story of Jane Smith and John Smith, husband and wife who could be mistaken for the dopey couple on the '90s show, Mad About You, except for one minor detail, they both have the same secret that they have kept from each other as well as their friends, they are hit-people. That's right, they are hired assasins.
Inspite of their grisly profession, they have a seemingly normal (almost hollywood cliche) maried life and that is where the laughs come in. They have the white picket fence and go to neighborhood parties and get along real well with their neighbors. Their troubles are regular marriage problems. That kind of changes at the end when it becomes your James Bond type flick, even though in the real world they are "bad guys". Even John's fellow hitman is your typical "bowl on Tuesday night" buddy. The only good guys in this flick are the clueless neighbors. Brad and Angelina make this movie worth seeing with their goodlooks and incredible chemistry.

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Danny Barer said...

It sounds like a cross between "True Lies" (in which the wife bemoans her blah marriage, not realizing her husband is a dashing secret agent) and "Prizzi's Honor" (in which the married couple does not realize that each is an assassin.)