Saturday, January 13, 2007

No Business Like Snow Business

Snowy week here in Seattle. You may remember the blizzard last November when Seattle played Green Bay on Monday Night Football.
Well our second storm happened last Wednesday, you have to understand Seattle drivers. It is very rare that it snows even once around the Puget Sound area. There are enough Seattle drivers with no experience with the snow. Often, they drive much slower than normal, that is probably fine, but the worst is that they often just leave their cars, sometimes in the middle of the road. That makes no sense at all to me, especially when the temperature is rapidly dropping. Where are you going to walk to? Aren't you afraid someone is going to hit your car? If driving is miserable, walking would have to be 10 times worst.
Last Wednesday, we got back from work (Deb and I rode together) at 10:30. Deb had an appointment in the afternoon about two miles away and it took her 2 hours to get back. Nothing paralyzes this area more than snowfall in the late afternoon on a workday.


Dave Zarkin said...

With the hills in Seattle, snow storm driving is a non-starter. I doubt that you even have snow removal. You were lucky to get home at 10:30 pm. Even in Minnesota, we haave amateur drivers with the first snowfall of the season. Front wheel drive or all wheel drive is a must here for snow which we got now.

Dave Zarkin said...

You need once of those Bugattis that go 250 miles per hour. Let me see, you would be in the same traffic jam as the guy with the Chevy Cavalier. Forget that.