Sunday, January 28, 2007

Apprentice: Arrow Stages Coup d'Etat

It was "Viva La Revolution" on the Apprentice tonight as the Arrow team was able to finally gather it's resources and win a task and send Kenetic out to tent city.
The show began with Trump calling the teams, like he does in every show, it's time to even things out. Arrow decides it wants Suryea, a dead serious focused player.
The task this week is to create and market a new menu entree for El Pollo Loco, a drive through Mexican Restaurant.
Kenetic has Marisa(pictured above), an excitable, somewhat creative lady who has somehow alienate her team much like Michelle did to Arrow. Marisa does marketing and gets frustrated because her ideas get vetoed consistently by Project Manager Heidi. Arrow pulls together, gets out their signs and balloons, and more importantly sends an outside sales force to hustle business. Arrow wins the task. The new member Suryea contributes very little except may a little more discipline, he does however get to stay in the mansion. Arrow's reward an afternoon at Malibu Beach to hear Andrea Bocelli, they then get treated to a fireworks display. Smug as ever, Kenetic packs up to move to the tents, they continue to degrade the other team for their cleaning habits. The boardroom is pretty clear cut. Marisa talks about her ideas, but does not know when to shut up. It becomes clear there is something wrong with her as far as she comes across as a 5 year old who needs a bathroom pass. Trump fires Marisa, while Heidi and Amy put their noses up and head to their new quarters.

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PJ said...

Great review as always.
I can't get the videos to work on the Yahoo Apprentice. I've been trying for a few days.....bummer.