Saturday, January 20, 2007

I Must Really Love Politics

Last Wednesday evening would have been just perfect for heading home for a little R and R. Most of the snow was still on the ground and driving conditions were less than perfect. However there was a 5th District Democrats meeting and I had a chance to get back my position as 5th district representative to the State Board. A group of representives statewide who work on party policy. I had been the male rep (each legislative district and a number of counties send one male representative and one female rep), a couple years ago, but decided to step down because a veteran member wished to challenge me.
The meeting took place in Preston, which seems like the edge of the earth. In defense of Preston residents, many people feel that way about my town of Maple Valley. It was a dark night and I was going by directions off of e-mail. Preston is several miles east of Issaquah, about 30 miles from Bellevue where I work. When I found the meeting place, I drove up an icy road and grabbed one of the few remaining parking spots. It was all worth it as the members enthusiastically endorsed me for the position. A deep hearted Thank You to all my friends in the 5th District Democrats!

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