Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Apprentice: A Risk Is Only Good When It Works

In this episode, we saw a side of the candidates that we really had not seen before. Literally! The candidate were charged with designing swimwear for Trina Turk, the idea was that it was to be modeled at a fashion show at Santa Monica Beach.
For Arrow, the team that lost, this was a chance to get out of "Tent City" the backyard campground set up for losers. Carey, says that this is his dream come true. He comes up with a loud pink tight short bathing suit for men. The candidates are horified. One candidate, Michelle, speaks up but it winds up annoying the rest of the team. Nicole, who has stepped up to be project manager takes a "laid back" aproach.
Kenetic, the other team has problems of it's own. Heidi, who gets to stay as project manager as long as Kinetic keeps winning, cannot seem to get along with Marisa. Kinetic, comes up with a safe conservative line that of course wins. Four of the candidates modeled the swimwear, with
Carey's design raising some eyebrows.
Being out in LA and with the tents, sometimes I tend to wonder if I am watching Survivor or The Apprentice.
The reward for Kenetic, an evening at the Playboy mansion was rather odd, maybe something that would have played better in the 70s. I wonder how that would have flown if Caroline was part of the crew.
Arrow comes to the boardroom amid the traditional boardroom gazes and Trump scolding. The team likes Nicole, dislikes Michelle and hates Carey's design. These 3 go to the boardroom where Carey is fired!

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PJ said...

I kind of liked Carey.
It's hard to see who will be strong players if The PMs do not change.