Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Boise State Two-point conversion to win Fiesta Bowl

Boise, ID has gotten more national attention in the last couple days than the last 20 years. First Miami plays in a bowl game there. Then the great, but unheralded Boise State Broncos take down perienial powerhouse Oklahoma in a heart stopping Fiesta Bowl.


steve said...

In the my thirty years of watching football I would have to say that the last two minutes of the fourth quarter and the overtime of the the Boise St/OU game was the most amazing sequence of plays that I have ever seen.

Dave Zarkin said...

I wish I could have lasted till the bitter end but I crapped out at 10:30pm. I may be the only Minnesotan sporting a BSU jersey that I bought last May while on campus. Quite an adventure, getting stuck in an elevator on my way to the student union in 95 degree swelter.