Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Apprentice: There's Something About Michelle

If you caught the last half hour of last week's show, you know that Arrow Corporation had zero respect for one team member. The candidates singled her out for being disagreeable and unable to make a decision at crunch time. This week, Michelle made her very first decision and when the heat was on, almost seemed to want to back away even from that.
Team Kenetic has won exemption from an entire task, Trump sees them as real winners, what Trump may be forgetting is that in the first season of the Apprentice, Protege won every task for several weeks and not one of them made the final two.
Everyone meets poolside at the Loewe's Hotel in Santa Monica, Kenetic gets to stay poolside for a day of pampering. That leaves Arrow, Trump splits them into two teams. Aaron enthusiastically volunteers to be project manager. Trump asks Michelle if she would like to be PM. She says yes in a rather "if I have to" tone.
This week's task is to run a "Starliner Bus Tour" James, the Seattle based software engineer comes up with the idea of having the Laker Girls cheerleading squad as a promotional gimmic. The team seems to be all together on what they want to do. James takes a tour himself to see what the tourists like and dislike. Michelle's team cannot figure out what to do, never mind that planning a tour in LA is like finding candy in Hershey PA, she is indecisive. Her idea of "A Day in the life of the Rich And Famous" falls through when she finds out that Hollywood is a dump and Beverly Hills is boring. The sad part is that she lives in Santa Monica. Hello? She makes her team stay up all night and then her tour is a big disaster. Aaron's team found that James, although full of ideas, is a lousy tour director. That is no surprise, how many software geeks are good at PR?
Aaron's team wins the task and their only reward is that they did not lose. We are all ready for an intense boardroom when Michelle decides to chuck it and quit. Trump grills her and it almost looks like she may change her mind. She does not and Trump decides to let her walk, her teammates fear that one of them could be fired. But Trump decides that the team has suffered enough.


PJ said...

I have to say I burst out laughing when Michelle said they were hoping to win by getting the "sympathy vote"
Too funny!

Mike Barer said...

Just for the record, Michelle commented on this blog some months back. She seems like a neat lady.